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Purdue's chapter of Association of Communications Monthly Newsletter

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  • 1. Purdue University Student ChapterAssociation for Women in CommunicationsOffering communication studentsa welcoming place to grow,connect and succeed.http://web.ics.purdue.edu/~awc/index.htmlOCTOBER/2012Upcoming EventsLetter from the President10/24 From AWC Member to Indy500 Queen-Taylor Adams6:00pmHappy Fall AWC!11/14 General Meeting-The semester is already half over, can you believe it? With theInterviewing 6:30pmchanging color of the leaves and the falling temperaturesbrings the end of the semester. We only have two meetingsleft until we break before Christmas break! As we begin our11/28 AWC Holiday Party and second semester, we would like to add some new members toSocial 6:30pmour executive team. There will be some changes with Irenegraduating, from the Vice President position, and the additionof some new positions.I would like to go ahead and make you all aware of thesepositions, so you can begin thinking about possibly applyingfor them. I know you all would make awesome exec members.Continued on Page 3 Mission StatementThe Association for Women in Communications is a professional organization thatchampions the advancement of women across all communications disciplines byrecognizing excellence, promoting leadership and positioning its members at the forefront of the evolving communications era.

2. lorem ipsum dolorissue, date6 Tips to Success: Interviewing Tips AWC Social atAshleigh Shields Orange Leaf !AWC MemberMaking a great first impression is vitally important when it comes tohaving an interview. An interviewer wants to know what makes you thebetter candidate. Going through an interview can be nerve racking, notonly that, the process before the interview can be just be as stressful.There are a few important tips to keep in mind when it comes to before,during, and after an interview.RehearseIt is important to practice. Answering possible interview questions isshown to be beneficial. If you wish, there are many sample interviewquestions online. I would recommend using those to help you get an ideaof what to expect.ResearchMake sure you know a lot about the company or organization you arehaving the interview with. It is important to know why you would want towork there, and what they have to offer.Be PreparedMake sure you have a portfolio put together, and a nice properly writtenresume. Along with this, make sure you wear proper business attire toyour interview.PunctualityThis is a vital key when it comes to making a good impression during aninterview. I would recommend arriving around 15 minutes before yourscheduled time. As the famous saying goes, Better to be early than late.RelaxTry to relax before you go into an interview. You do not want to show,what could be your future boss, how you are easily stressed. Take a depthbreath and go in with an open mind.Thanks to everyoneFollow UpMake sure once you are done with your interview that within 24 hours to that came out, Wesend a thank you. Emailing your thanks works or you can send by mail.hope to see even more of you on 11/28 I hope you all take into account these 6 tips to a good interview. Aspreviously stated interviewing is a nerve racking process, so by following for our Holiday Party! these tips and being prepared can hopefully lessen the nerves. 2 3. lorem ipsum dolor issue, dateLetter from the President continuedWe will be looking for a new secretary, aswell as a special events coordinator andprogram coordinator. Be looking for anemail from us with the job descriptions andapplications. We will begin interviews inNovember and have our new exec membersby December. Think about joining the team,because we would love to have you and italways looks good on your resume. I hope tosee you all at our last two meetings!Rachel HibnerAWC President Check out these Industry Links! Did This Graphic Catch Your Eye? 8 Tips to Negotiate a Higher Salary Try using an Info graphic as part of your Twitter can Boost Grades next project or presentation they are rather eye catching. Improve your LinkedIn ProfileTips for the Perfect ResumeNykky RobinsonAWC Treasure/Secretary1. Heading: Name (14-20 font), address, e-mail, phone number2. Objectives are OPTIONAL! but if used focus on desired job title ex:"Seeking internship in publicrelations"3. Format for body of resume: 10-12 font size; no fancy font; 0.8-1" margin for top of document, 0.5"for bottom, right and left4. Employers focus on the top 2/3 of your resume. Put all the important information/relevant first5. Core Four when displaying experience: Company (organization), Position (role or title), Date(Month & Year) and Location (city,state)6. Under Core Four emphasize relevant skills used, contributions made and accomplishments7. Omit high school information after freshman year8. Do not put References Available Upon Request. They will ask for them in the interview3 4. President Public Relations Director Rachel Hibner Maggie King @rachelhibner @margaretcoyle29 Newsletter Editor/Multimedia Vice PresidentLauren Hausermann Irene Wang@Lelyse14 @irenew0201 Advisor Treasurer/Secretary Dr. Stacey Connaughton Nykky Robinson @nykkyrobinsonPurdue AWC, Beering, COM Office 2114100 N. University StreetWest Lafayette, IN 47907Join us: Association for Women inCommunications-Purdue UniversityLike us: Association for Women inCommunicationsTweet us: @ purdueAWCInterested in writing or taking photos for the newsletter? Email Lauren Hausermann atlhauserm@purdue.edu