PUNK A Sub-Culture. What is Punk? Punk is a sub-culture that centres itself on Punk Rock music. Punk...

download PUNK A Sub-Culture. What is Punk? Punk is a sub-culture that centres itself on Punk Rock music. Punk includes a diverse array of ideologies, fashions.

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Transcript of PUNK A Sub-Culture. What is Punk? Punk is a sub-culture that centres itself on Punk Rock music. Punk...

  • PUNKA Sub-Culture

  • What is Punk?Punk is a sub-culture that centres itself on Punk Rock music.Punk includes a diverse array of ideologies, fashions and other forms of expression such as: visual art, dance, literature and film.The sub-culture is largely characterized by anti-establishment views and the promotion of individual freedom.

  • Where did Punk originate?Punk Rock is a music genre that developed between 1974 and 1976 in the UK, US and Australia. It originates from Garage Rock and other forms of Protopunk (bands/soloists that were a precursor to Punk) and then begun to display similarities to mainstream 1970s Rock.Punk bands created fast, hard-edged music which were typically quite short with stripped-down instrumentation and often political anti-establishment lyrics.Here is an example of an early Punk Rock song!.....

  • 1970s Punk FashionPunk Fashion is the clothing, hairstyles, cosmetics, jewellery and body modifications of the Punk sub-culture.The fashions varied widely, ranging from Vivienne Westwood designs to styles modelled on bands like The Exploited.The Punk fashion was influenced by other sub-cultures distinct social dress such as: glam rock, skinheads, rude boys, greasers and mods.Punk has played its own part in influencing the styles of these sub-groups.Punks use fashion as a way of expression and making a statement.

  • Fashion continued....At times the punk fashion has been extremely commercialized and very well-known designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Jean-Paul Gaultier have used Punk elements in their designs.Initially, Punk clothing was hand-made but became mass produced and was sold in record stores and speciality stores in the 80s.Punk rock was an intention rebuttal of perceived excess found in mainstream music and early punk artist fashion was defiantly anti- materialistic- characterized by messy long hair and elaborate 1970s styles.Punk Clothing often incorporated everyday objects for aesthetic effect. Purposely ripped clothes were held together by safety pins or tape, black bin liners became dresses, shirts or skirts and razor blades and chains became jewellery.

  • 1980s PunkWhat many people recognize today as Punk Fashion emerged from the 1980s British Punk scene when Punk went through its Oi!/Street Punk and UK82 renaissance.The fashion in both the UK and US became utilitarianism anti-fashion that was raw, angry and intimidating.Elements of the 1970s Punk look never died away.Common punk footwear included, Dr. Martens boots, motorcycle boots and combat boots with bandanas, chains or studded leather bands.Jeans, tartan kilts or skirts were commonly worn but were often dirty, torn or bleach splattered.

  • 1980s Punk HairThe Punk hair is one of the most recognizable features of the Punk sub-culture.Hair was either shaved, spiked or in a Mohawk hairstyle. Tall mohawks and spiked hair were either bleached or in bright colours.Charged hair also emerged- it is where all of ones hair stands on end but is not styled in distinct spikes.Body piercings and tattoos also became extremely popular at the time, as did spike bands and studded chokers.

  • Punk Music StylesPunk sub-culture is centered on a loud, aggressive genre of rock music called punk rock.Punk Rock is usually played by small bands consisting of a vocalist, 1 or 2 electric guitarists, an electric bassist and a drummer.There are different types of punk rock genres: Garage Rock, that comes from the perception that musicians are young and amateurish, Pub Rock that was a reaction against progressive and glam rock and Heavy Metal that is characterized by loud distorted guitars, emphatic rhythms and dense bass and drum sounds with vigorous vocals.