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Publisher Research

Jack Liddle

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Circulation 40,203 (Jan-Jun '12)Readership 387,000 (April–Sept '12)

Target audience: 16-25 year olds

Price: £2.20

It has its own awards evening: TV and Radio station and website.

They been on the shelves for 29 years and is now the biggest music weekly in the world

Mission statementKerrang! will ensure that we are constantly appealing to our spectrum of readers. From the younger teenage readers who are more open to different genres of rock music – from emo to thrash etc, to the readers who respect Kerrang! as an authority when it comes to our scene’s heritage bands. Each issue will include a balance of bands and scenes to guarantee that we’re providing for our readers’ need for variety and their passionate appetite for their favourite bands as well as their desire to be introduced to new music within our world. We will focus on the BIGGEST things that are going on in our world each week, as well as guaranteeing that we are giving our main base of younger readers everything they need to get into, on top of this the interest in older, harder bands, cementing our role as an educator.

James McMahon - Editor

He began his career in 2002 as a freelance writer on NME and Metal Hammer, moving to become New Music Editor at NME in March 2006 and Features Editor in 2007. In July 2010 he stepped across as Film Editor on and moved to his current role in March 2011. Since July 2010, James has worked as a freelance contributor for national newspapers, including The Daily Mirror, Guardian and magazines including X Factor Magazine, Mixmag and NME. He’s also an Associate Lecturer in Popular Music Journalism at Solent University in Southampton.

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Circulation figures are around 15,005 copies and a readership of around 23,027 people. This is because it’s not as much in the public eye as kerrang is.

Ben Patashnik is the editor where he writes various articles for the publication every month as well as certain articles on the website for Rocksound.Target audience:- 15 - 24 year olds

Website: http://www.rock-sound.netAddress: Unit 22 Jack’s Place 6 Corbet Place Spitalfields London E1 6NNContact: Darren TaylorPostion: EditorTelephone: 020 7877 8770Fax: 020 7377 0455Email: [email protected] contact method:Publisher: Rock Sound LtdPrice: 3.60Target audience:- 15 - 24 year olds

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Q’s readership is around 378,000 people, an impressive figure for the middle class audienceIts been on shelves for 25 years where advertisers can use the trusted bands audience to sell productsPrice: is £3.90They have their own radio station as of 2008 but it’s only availible on digital TV They have they’re own music channel called Q TVCirculation :103,017Target audience: people in their 30's and 40's

Mission Statement

Q is the magazine that brings music alive. It draws together the biggest stars, the most exciting phenomena, the new artists that matter and a healthy dose of irreverence to create an unmissable widescreen picture of what’s really happening in rock and roll right now.

Every issue features agenda-setting star interviews, the month’s biggest moments in music, and fascinating investigations into the wider world of rock and roll. Each month Q’s comprehensive reviews section gives the last word on all the most important new releases and reissues – and feeds Q’s readers’ hunger for new music to enjoy.

Q’s reviews section is the ultimate critical overview of music. And magazine’s unrivalled access brings its readers up close and personal with the stars who set the agenda. Q is the ultimate rock and roll read.

Andrew Harrison - Editor, Q Magazine

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No other music magazine can tell MOJO readers something they don’t know about the music it writes about. Because of this, their readers have high respect & trust for it

Mission Statement

At MOJO we cover the good stuff. Our award-winning editorial team prides itself in delivering a magazine that is packed with insight, passion, and revelatory encounters with the greatest musicians of all-time, be they established or emerging musicians. The magazine is loved by its readers and artists alike because it engages them on the subject they love the most: music itself.

Every month MOJO brings you a definitive cover feature on an iconic act; a bespoke CD (especially compiled by the editorial team or a major musician in MOJO's world); and our famous reviews section, the Filter, which brings you 30 pages-plus of the best of that month's music, both classic and contemporary.

MOJO's previous guest editors range from David Bowie to Tom Waits via Noel Gallagher and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, showcasing the magazine's breadth and iconic status among musicians. From The Beatles to The Black Keys, from Led Zeppelin to Laura Marling, from Fleetwood Mac to Flying Lotus, MOJO is not only Britain's biggest selling music magazine, it is an immersive experience. At MOJO we invite you to lose yourself in music every month. Join us at for a daily download of what's going on or to simply find out more about our magazine.

Circulation: 114,183Website: http://www.mojo4music.comAddress: Mappin House 4 Winsley Street London W1W 8HFContact: Phil Alexander; Editor-in-ChiefTelephone: 020 7436 1515Fax: 020 7182 8596Email: [email protected] contact method: TelephonePublisher: Bauer Consumer MediaPrice: £4.10

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Spin has a circulation of 462,310

Its a monthly magazine costing £4.50 per month meaning its aimed at the middle class with a disposable income.

Published by Buzzmedia

Charles Aaron: Editorial Director From our first issue...

This is the beginning, again. You are holding the rebirth of a magazine established over ten years ago by undergraduate writers and artists at UIC. The landscape has changed significantly in the last decade. The Berlin Wall came down, "alternative" music became hip, the 70's were exhumed to combat the forces of fashion evil (Michael Jackson leather jackets and "Flashdance" ripped up sweatshirts), a Democratic president was elected, a Republican congress came into power, and I could go on.

As literary magazines go, Red Shoes Review was a dependably good publication, showcasing art and literature created by students. However, as I look to the end of the century with trepidation, I see the need for a magazine that will stay abreast of its time. The beginning of a millennium is ideal for visionary retrospection. I am forced to look back to see what is ahead. Consequently, an understanding of the cycles of human experience are recalled for the sake of art.

As much as "red shoes" has been around since Hans Christian Andersen's story of the uncontrollable footwear and as a motif for the likes of Moira Shearer, Kate Bush, and Elvis Costello, "still in spin" comes from as far in our past as the invention of the wheel. Perpetual angular momentum has implications both technical and socially applicable. The illustrious past of the wheel runs the gamut of significance from the creation of the Egyptian pyramids to mass transportation and traffic jams. The tradition is one of Ezekiel's wheel within a wheel and the roulette, spinning to wealth or poverty. As they say, things are always coming full circle.

The spinning of a wheel, therefore, has a multifaceted connotation. Primarily, there is the spinning itself, which is movement with an inherent direction that is cyclic. Being a cycle, there is an implicit permanence to the motion. The over-used "change is the only constant" is foundational to the worldview that Still In Spin embodies. This magazine plans to capture the inquisitive spirit of youth and convert it into art by way of showcasing works that seem most alive, resonating with vitality, irony, beauty or truth. Art that lasts has always been innovative and demanding--and often, because of its novelty, disturbing. It challenges, asking new questions, reaching further than its predecessors.

A university setting is the ideal intellectual soil for the artistic curiosity and experimentation that transcends old boundaries and creates new ones. An urban campus, particularly, can bring vastly different creators onto common ground for the purposes of a discourse by way of any medium at their disposal. It is both the playground and workshop of the mind. To this end, Still In Spin invites those of you with a penchant for adventure to join us on our romp and toil through the unknown . . . and beyond.Christian BurkChicago, 1995

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64% of buyers are male and 36% are female.

44%of readers tune into “Metal Hammer Riot” on an average of 2 hours and 46 minutes per week and 46% of readers also play the guitar.

45% of people that read this magazine partake in some sort of musical activity at home for pleasure.

59% of readers discuss an article with another person

Editor: Alexander Milas

Main audience: 18-19 year olds

Circulation: 48,977Website: 2 Balcombe Street London NW1 6NWContact: Jamie HibbardPostion: EditorTelephone: 020 7042 4000Email: [email protected] contact method: TelephonePublisher: Future EntertainmentPrice: 3.99

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Circulation: 28,354Website: http://www.futurenet.comAddress: Beauford Court 30 Monmouth Street Bath BA1 2BWContact: Mike Leonard ;EditorTelephone: 0122 544 2244Fax: 0122 548 2463Email: [email protected] contact method: TelephonePublisher: Future EntertainmentPrice: 5.25

Has been in shops since 1984. it’s the longest running guitar magazine in Europe.Published every month.

Writes about Alternative rock & Heavy metal.

Total circulation: 2008 - 31,917Total circulation: 2009 - 30,539

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Circulation: 42,235Website: http://www.mixmag.netAddress: 90-92 Pentonville Road Islington London N1 9HSContact:Nick Decosemo ;editorTelephone: 020 7520 8625Fax: 020 7520 8609Email: [email protected]: Development Hell LtdPrice: 3.85First Issue- 1st February 1983

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Circulation of 70,000+ copies a month. This is bigger than NME, Kerrang! and Metal hammer

Circulation: 62,699Website: http://www.futurenet.comAddress: 2 Balcombe Street London NW1 6NWContact: Sian Llewellyn; EditorTelephone: 020 7042 4000Fax: 020 7042 4473Email: [email protected] contact method: TelephonePublisher: Future EntertainmentPrice: 4.25

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Circulation: 10,866Website: http://www.futurenet.comAddress: Beauford Court 30 Monmouth Street Bath BA1 2BWContact: Louise King ; EditorTelephone: 01225 442 244Fax: 01225 446 019Email: [email protected] contact method: TelephonePublisher: Future EntertainmentPrice: 4.50

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Circulation: 15,046Website: Suite 6 Picadilly House London Road Bath BA1 6PLContact: Neil Worley; EditorTelephone: 01225 489 984Fax: 01225 489 980Email: [email protected] contact method: EmailPublisher: Anthem PublishingPrice: £7.00

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Circulation: 18,000Website: http://www.soundonsound.comAddress: Media House Trafalgar Way Bar Hill Cambridge CB3 8SQContact: Paul White ;EditorTelephone: 01945 789 888Fax: 01945 789 895Email: [email protected]: Sound On Sound LtdPrice: £4.99

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Magazine Publisher Other Magazines Published

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Big cheese Big Cheese Publishing Ltd. N/A

Rocksound Freeway Press inc. N/A

Metal Hammer Future Publishing Guitarist, Gamesmaster, total film, Rhythm

Q Bauer Media Group MOJO, Kerrang, Heat, Empire, Golf World

NME IPC Media (Time Inc.) Whats on TV, Nuts, Sports Illustrated

Total Guitar Future Publishing Guitarist, Classic Rock, Gamesmaster, Total Film, Rhythm

Guitarist Future Publishing Gamesmaster, Total Film, Rhythm, Total Guitar

MixMag Development Hell Ltd N/A

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Spin Buzzmedia N/A but buzzmedia owns websites such as Buzznet, Idolator, and Stereogum

Rhythm Future Publishing Gamesmaster, Total Film, Rhythm, Total Guitar, Guitarist

MOJO Bauer Media Group Q, MOJO, Heat, Empire, Golf World, Kerrang

Classic Rock Future Publishing Gamesmaster, Total Film, Rhythm, Total Guitar, Guitarist, metal hammer

Rhythm Future Publishing Gamesmaster, Total Film, Classic rock, Total Guitar, Guitarist, metal hammer

Music Tech Anthem Publishing Music Tech Magazine,Italia! , Calcio Italia, Sporting Legend, Taste Italia ,Guitar & Bass, Food Heaven

Sound on Sound SOS Publications Group N/A