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61 Publicity & Awareness

Publicity & Awareness

The planning of programs in 2014 of this division was mostly focused on the preparation of the Centennial Celebration. The Director chose the Sabah Forestry Department Centennial Celebration as the premier goal to be achieved in 2014 via his letter JPHTN:PP 100-4/1/Kl.62 (1) dated 16 Dec 2013.The making of the Grand Celebration began with the first meeting convened on 4 February 2014 to identify and discuss tasks and formation of working committees. The Kota Kinabalu waterfront was top on the list as the venue for the launching of the celebration. However due to heavy traffic congestion in the area, the Kota Kinabalu City Council (DBKK) advised the department to name a new venue and all agreed to have it at Padang Merdeka, Kota Kinabalu.

The first site meeting with officials from DBKK at the Padang Merdeka on 28th Mar 2014.

The department received 7 submissions of the logo design. 6 of the designs were from the officers of the department. With minor changes to the original design, the department agreed to endorse the design by Mr Desmond Foo as the official logo of the Centennial Celebration. The logo was used in all publicity materials with the tagline suggested by the Director himself For The Greatest Good, For The Greatest Number, In The Long Run. A very meaningful quotation from the first Chief of the United States Forest Service, Mr. Gifford Pinchot.

In addition to the responsibilities to head and supervise the tasks of the 4 committees: Reception and Protocol; Centennial Program Activities; Centennial Parade; and Publicity, the Head of Division, Mdm Masniah and 2 staff of the division were also actively involved in the Exhibition Committee and was responsible to provide historical materials on the first chapter of the exhibition: Guardians of the forests.

The announcement on the Centennial celebration was posted on the Sabah Forestry Department Website, leaflets, billboards and radio programs. The design of the billboards, posters and leaflets were prepared by the publication unit of Public Relations and Innovation Division.

The tasks required some research work on history and making references to old publications. Reading those old materials make one deeply appreciate the importance of documenting and preserving information to be shared with future generations.

Sabah Forestry Department

Annual Report 2014 62

Several meetings and discussion were also held with various agencies and organisations namely: RTM, Art Institute, Sabah Handcraft centre, NGOs, schools, the Environment Protection Department, State Cultural Board, State Archive Department, Wildlife Department, the Sabah Parks, Yayasan Sabah and Timber Association of Sabah to ensure the smooth execution of the multi activities that were lined up for the grand celebration.

Radio Interview programs were arranged with RTM to provide better publicity coverage on the centennial celebration. As a starter, Mdm Masniah gave a live on air interview to Tranxx FM Radio, Kuala Lumpur in Mid Oct 2014 and also with Radio Sabah (Bahasa Channel) on 7th Nov 2014. Interviews with Radio Deejays were made in 5 languages: English, Bahasa, Bajau, Kadazan and Mandarin on the 9 and 10 Nov 2014.

A series of coaching and practices are all it takes to give the parade teams the confidence and joy to give an impressive and energetic show on the night to the delight of all guests.

Earlier on the same day, the same team from the department worked with Miss Deanna Yusuf in another session of rehearsal for the opening of the HoB Conference to be held the following day.

Prior to the grand ceremony, Puan Masniah and teams browsed through the program with the Master of Ceremony, Daphne Iking to make sure that everything is in order and everyone understands the roles that they have been assigned to.

Puan Marianah and En Ezli Kuang Yu of this division teamed up with staff of Kota Kinabalu Forestry District Office to draw out visiting programs for school students. A total of 223 Students from 4 schools and 3 higher learning Institutes in Kota Kinabalu and Kota Belud (1) participated in the multi games activities organized by RTM, Environmental Action Committee and Balai Seni Lukis, Sabah which offered them attractive prizes and souvenirs. They were pleasantly surprised to visit the Centennial exhibition which was stunning, informative, unique and interesting. Dubbed as the once in a lifetime work experience, it was the biggest and grandest exhibition ever displayed by the department, so far.

63 Publicity & Awareness

Awards And Recognition

1. Anugerah Inovasi Ketua Menteri SabahIn January 2014 , the department through the office of Public Relations and Innovation submitted 2 Innovation Project Papers to the office of Deputy State Secretary (Administration) to be nominated to the Anugerah Inovasi Ketua Menteri Sabah 2013 competition. Both Project proposals entitled Malua Bio Bank and Reduced Impact Logging (RIL) for sustainable management and rehabilitation of forest were accepted by the organizer to be entered into the competition. However, the department decided to withdraw the Malua Bio Bank Proposal as to make it easier for the department to concentrate and be more focused on the RIL project: 5 government agencies: Sabah Forestry Department, Sabah Credit Corporation, Sabah Energy Corporation Sdn. Bhd., State Agriculture Department, and Sabah Health Department (Kudat) made it to the final stage. As the co-ordinator, this division was always on alert to provide more information to the organizer and to respond to their inquiries as quickly as possible.

The panel of 5 judges headed by Datuk Asnimar Sukardi, Deputy State Secretary (Administration) visited the department on 27 Mar 2014 to evaluate the presentation of the project. The evaluations were based on the technical feasibility, efficiency, innovation and economy and commercial viability of the proposals and the quality of the submissions.

The department was also given the privilege to give a presentation on RIL to the members of the national level Jawatankuasa Penyelarasan Permodenan Pentadbian Awam (JPPA) Bil2/2014 held in Penang from 8 9 Dec 2014. The departments team was headed by Mr. Albert Radin (Deputy Director, Forest Management Enterprise), Mr Paul Lohuji, Mdm Masniah, Mr. Roslan Lalete and Mr. Nigel E. Dato Balanjiu from PAI division.

2. Accountability Index in Financial ManagementThe Sabah Forestry Department was one of the 69 agencies in the country awarded with the 4-star Accountability Index in Financial Management by the National Audit Department. It is the highest rating for excellent financial management, based on the Accountability Index assessment system for 2013. The Award is in recognition of the Sabah Forestry Departments diligence and continuous improvement initiatives in strengthening its governance.

Sabah Forestry Department won the highest category of the Innovation Awards Anugerah Inovasi Ketua Menteri Sabah which offered attractive prizes that comprised of RM200,000, a trophy and recognition certificate. Datuk Sam Mannan proudly received the prizes on 12 December 2014 during the State Public Services Night held at the Banquet Hall in the State legislative Assembly building. He attributed the victory to the superb and strong teamwork amongst the staff and officers in the Forestry Department in particularly the RIL working committee.

Deputy Director (Development), Mr. Fidelis Edwin Bajau, received the award from YAB Dato Seri Haji Mukhriz Tun Mahathir, Chief Minister of Kedah Darul Aman, at the launching of 1 Malaysia Audit Day and Public Auditors Conference 2014 on 24 November 2014 at Alor Setar, Kedah. 20 top government agencies from Sabah comprising of Government departments, local Government and statutory bodies were recognised for their positive achievement in accountability and integrity in public fund management in the public service.

Anugerah Pengurusan Rekod Paling Menyerlah bagi tahun 2014 organized by the State Archives Department in conjunction with the Excellence Record Management for Excellent Department Award and the Best Record Officer . The award was received by Mr. Rahim Sulaiman (Deputy Director (Management) on 8 December 2014, at the Hotel Tabung Haji, Kota Kinabalu

Sabah Forestry Department

Annual Report 2014 64

Sabah Forestry Department won the Most Interactive Website in the Website Competiion (Government) 2014 organized by the Ministry of Resource Development and Information Technology, Sabah. Prizes comprised of cash RM8,000.00, Medal and Certificate and a Levo Smartphone. (please also refer to Report from ICT Division)


Datu Sudarsono Osman, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Resource Planning and Environment, Sarawak, headed a delegation of 9 officials from Sarawak Forest Corporation and Sarawak Timber Industry Corporation to visit the Sabah Forestry Department on 18- 19 February 2014.

US Ambassador to Malaysia, His Excellency Mr. Joseph Yun together with his wife Dr. Melanie Billings-Yun, visited the department in May 2014. The visit is a follow up effort to the agreement made between the United States President and Malaysia Prime Minister to elevate the relationship between the US and Malaysia in the area of education, business (economics), sustainable development and environment. The Forestry Department was also highlighted on the Portland-Kota Kinabalu sister city program by the Sister City Association President Ellen Schmidt. She said that one of the reasons Kota Kinabalu was chosen, was due to the similarities between the people