PST Merge Software - Merge Multiple Outlook PST Files

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Merge multiple Outlook PST files into single one using one of the best tools available in online market. It also provides you option to remove duplicate items after merging them into single file. There are many prominent features provided by PST Merge Software that makes you able to resolve all issues of merging PST files. If you think that merger of only contacts of multiple PST is not possible then think again. Because, our software PST Merge, has been embedded with a feature that allows the user to merge only contacts folder of different PSTs. To know more about how to merge contacts from two PST files into one you can take the free trial of software. In addition to allowing the user to merge only contacts of different PSTs into one, software has many other options available that let the user to customize the merge of PST as per their requirement e.g. Software offers three type of Merge Option • Join:- Allows user to join PST files and create a new folder for merged PST • Merge:- Option is used to merge similar folders into single PST file • Merge Contacts:- allows only contact folder of different PSTs to be merged In addition to that software even has the option to exclude deleted items to be merged as well as remove duplicate items when user tries to merge the different PST files.

Transcript of PST Merge Software - Merge Multiple Outlook PST Files

  • 1. Help Manual SysTools Pst Merge Tool To Merge Multiple PST Files

2. Overview of SysTools PST Merge SysTools PST Merge Tool To Merge Multiple PST Files. Note : Follow the Annexure A of the SysTools PST MergeStep1: After installing SysTools PST Merge software on your machine it will show the SysTools PST Merge.Fig 1.0 3. Step2: Click Add File or Add Folders to add pst files and the application will show list of all selected pst files as shown in Fig 2.0.Fig 2.0 4. Step2: Select any one option from given three options and in advance option select Remove Duplicates to remove duplicates for Join this option is not applicable and Exclude Deleted Items for excluding Deleted items folder.Fig 3.0 5. Step2: Click on Browse button for selecting the destination path where folder SysToolsMerge Which contains merged pst.Fig 4.0 6. For Join Option When user selects join option multiple file will get joined and create their own folder hierarchy Under a folder Personal folder.Step1. Click MergePstFiles button to join pst files which are selected.And the process starts,application also creates a tree view which shows folder hierarchy that has been created. As shown in fig5.0 7. Fig 5.0Step2. After successful completion of merging application will show window as shown in fig 6.0 8. Fig 6.0Step 3 : Click on ok and application will show progress summary as shown in fig7.0 9. Fig 7.0For merge option 10. Step 1 : After selecting pst files , merge option and the destination path as shown fig8.0Fig 8.0 11. Step2: Clck on MergePSTFile button to start merging process as shown in fig9.0fig 9.0 12. After successfully merging files application will show the following window as in fig 10.0Fig10.0 13. Step3: Click on OK button and it will show progress summary as shown in fig 11.0Fig 11.0Merge PST Information will give path of merged pst and duplicate.csv which contains information about duplicate entries. 14. Step4: Click on close button and application will ask whether to close application as shown in fig 12.0Fig:12.0 15. For Merge Contact Step 1: select pst file to merge , merge contact option and the destination path to merge only contacts As shown in fig 13.0Fig13.0 16. Step3 : Follow the same steps as in merge option . To close application click on close button and it will show the following window 17. Fig 14.0 Step3:Click on exit to close the application. 18. Annexure A Requirements ofOperating SystemSysTools PST Merge:Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (Supports both 32-bit/64-bit)Microsoft Outlook:Microsoft Outlook 2000/2003/2007/2010