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  • 1. P innacleS olutions I ncorporated

2. Executive Summary

  • Pinnacle Solutions Incorporated(PSI) is a privately owned corporation, founded in 1992, located in Springfield, New Jersey, USA.PSIs staff has an average banking and financial institutions experience exceeding sixteen years, enabling PSI to support you in successfully implementing complex software solutions for the wholesale and commercial banking sector.PSI has an uncompromising commitment to customer satisfaction, and PSI takes great pride in the professional quality of its work.
  • PSI is proud to offerSynergy , a state of the art web-based suite of integrated banking applications, to a select group of international financial institutions.PSI works with you to incorporate Synergy with your current infrastructure, integrating with your extensive investment in computer platforms and networks, so that you benefit from the next generation of IT architecture seamlessly. PSI provides functional and technical training and support, along with project management consulting.PSI focuses on understanding your environment, working with you to execute projects through technical, business process and work flow analyses. PSI has extensive experience integrating with standard banking applications including SWIFT, General Ledger, Data Warehouse, and electronic banking.

3. PSI Mission and Direction

  • Mission Statement
  • Provide software solutions and consultancy to international financial institutions
  • Strategic Direction
  • Provide the highest level of customer satisfaction
  • Provide integrated support for real-time customer risk management, treasury mid- and back-office, lending, trade finance, customer accounts and payments
  • Develop, market and enhance products servicing a select group of international financial institutions

4. PSI Consultancy Services

  • Project management
  • Requirements analysis and definition
  • Custom software development
  • Training users, management, operations
  • Test and live systems set up
  • Application Integration
  • Hotline (help desk) first or second level
  • Support emergency error correction
  • Maintenance non-critical error correction and SWIFT updates
  • Development customization, business driven enhancements, technical driven enhancements
  • Acceptance test and implementation support
  • Implement or convert new and acquired locations

5. Applications

  • Synergy is a web-based suite of integrated banking applications, currently
  • operational in international banks in over twenty countries:
  • Central Tables (Customer, Currency, SSIs, etc.)
  • Loans and Deposits
  • Funds Transfer (Payments and messages via SWIFT, bookings)
  • Accounts (DDA and Nostro)
  • Trade Services (Letters of Credit Issue, Import/Export/Standby, Financing, Collections)

6. Design

  • Synergy is an n-tier design
  • Web server, Application server and Database server
  • Developed using tools
  • Synergy design enables
  • Scalability
  • Transmission and receipt of data via standard XML protocol to/from front, back, or mid-office systems
  • Reuse of processing
  • Provision of data via views for head office reporting or data warehousing
  • Oracle and Microsoft SQL supported
  • Integration with other products Word, HTML, Excel, Acrobat
  • Internet or Intranet access to bank or customer information from anywhere

7. General Features

  • Dynamic accounting definition
  • On-line GL booking creation with inquiry via multiple filters and exportable
  • Inter-branch processing
  • Restricted access for Region/Location/Branch
  • Cross edits to minimize user mistakes and auto save features
  • SWIFT output that can be viewed and printed
  • Customizable, multiple language output to customer
  • Robust inquiries and reports, with option to export to Excel
  • Monitor for Operations and targeted transaction workflows
  • Customizable local data capture
  • Highlighting of modified information
  • Audit trail, history, and automatic archiving
  • View and print end of day reports and customer output
  • Customer output via e-mail, mail or fax

8. User Interface

    • Drop down finds for all table look ups
    • Drill down from filtered inquiry to deal data
    • Combined Inquiry and Reports
    • Attachment of electronic files
    • Cross edit for correctness of content
    • Save work in progress
    • Label names use common business terminology but may becustomized to your preference and your language
    • Profile customization
    • Open any function in a new window, keeping current window active

9. Navigation

    • Synergy employs multi level navigation with a fixed size entry page
    • Left window structure selection of functions
    • Tab strips within the entry page segregates information
    • Detail tabs for further data capture
    • Optional mouse-less input and shortcut keys
    • Switch between branches seamlessly based on user profile

10. User Administration

    • One individual username and password is assigned to each User
    • Each page is assigned a unique function number in the Function Table, enabling secure granting of function access to users
    • Assignment of these functions into Roles and Role Groups is fully integrated with the other Synergy applications and will be performed by your User Administration Group
    • Roles and Role groups are finally assigned to the existing Synergy Users
    • No additional username or password is necessary across applications and across locations and branches
    • Encrypted password control with strict rules on password content, history, and expiration

11. Central Tables

    • Enhanced customer data capture with dedicated fields (facilitates reporting, data warehouse)
    • Multiple output definitions (fax, e-mail, paper, SWIFT) in multiple languages
    • Customer address layout by country
    • On-demand reports for every table,with on-line display
    • Reports can be produced in Excel, Word or PDF
    • Every change is tracked by user, date and time and can be queried on-demand
    • Standard Settlement Instructions at Customer, Application and Product levels
    • Centralized account limit override

12. Loans and Deposits

    • Overnight, Term and Call loans and deposits
    • Prolongation
    • Rollover
    • Consolidated amendment
    • Future value processing
    • Cancel or reverse matured transactions
    • Amend matured transactions
    • Broker commission
    • Departmental profit and cost allocation
    • Principal and interest scheduling with business conventions
    • Prepay interest or settle separately at issue
    • Blocked deposits
    • Instruments maturing today and automatic prolongation
    • Transaction audit trail

13. Accounts

    • Fast account creation with defaults or using templates
    • Global fee and interest conditions
    • Unlimited back-value with interest conditions
    • Off-cycle, on-demand fee/interest settlement
    • Immediate account closing with interest and fees
    • Interest pooling
    • Stop payment checking, holds (pledged amounts)
    • Blocked functionality at account or customer level
    • SWIFT statements and advices, intra-day and overnight
    • Paper statements and advices
    • Interest profit or cost center allocation