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This is a presentation I gave for the Institute of Risk Management entitled "Protecting your Reputation in a Crisis"

Transcript of Protecting your reputation in a crisis irm webinar

  • 1. KRisk.coThe Institute of Risk ManagementProtecting your reputation in a crisis22nd September 2014Ann Wright, Rough House

2. KRisk.coA reputation once broken may possibly be repaired,but the world will always keep their eyes on the spotwhere the crack was.Joseph HallIt takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutesto ruin it.Warren Buffet 3. Does your company have a crisis communications plan?KRisk.coQuestion 1:1. Yes2. No3. Dont know 4. KRisk.coFactors to consider:o How valuable your reputation is to your businesso What would you do if criticism about you went viralo Whether you could cope if you were besieged by the mediao How your chief executive would handle an aggressive interviewero When your company last assessed how it manages crisis communications 5. Remember these? 6. Mistakes Acts of God Staff sickness Angry employeeKRisk.coProblems which might affect your reputation 7. KRisk.coThe impact of a damaged reputationo Poor saleso Diminished influenceo Job losseso Ridiculeo Failure & Closure 8. KRisk.coHow a crisis escalateso Word of moutho Newspapers, TV, radio (the media)o Online & social media 9. KRisk.coBe media savvy1. Hungry for information2. Instantaneous3. Publishes speculation4. Likes victims5. Looks for new angles 10. KRisk.coIn a crisis:1. Establish the facts2. Know your key audiences & what they need to hear3. Use different communications channels4. Deliver key messages5. Communicate frequently6. CAC Care, Action, Context 11. KRisk.coSuccessful companies 12. KRisk.coSuccessful companiesIdentifywhatmight gowrong inadvanceHaveproceduresto containdifficultsituationsHavepreparedkeymessagesHavetrainedpersonnelto handlethe media 13. KRisk.coSuccessful companies 14. KRisk.coStage one:Crisis communications strategy1. Audit existing emergency & crisis communications procedures2. Brainstorm the issues specific to your business3. Group risks into key categories4. Prioritise the most damaging5. Create communications action plans for these 15. KRisk.coCrisis communications strategy Stage two:1. Establish a chain of control2. Create clear procedures & areas of responsibility3. Refine current media and social media policies4. Develop a communications manual for all staff 16. KRisk.coCrisis communications strategy Stage three:1. Devise your key messages & holding statements2. Discover how to handle the demands of the media3. Undergo rigorous practice interviews 17. KRisk.coEssentials1. A clear chain of command2. Clear areas of responsibility3. Clear lines of communication4. Readily accessible contact details5. Access to additional phone lines & PR support 18. KRisk.coQuestion 2:Does your company have a social media policy?1. Yes2. No3. Dont know 19. KRisk.coThe impact of social mediao Freeo Open accesso Instantaneouso Forum for complaintso Impossible to control bad news goes viral 20. KRisk.coBreaking newso Citizen journalistso News often breaks first on Twittero Journalists on Twittero Journalists and news outlets poston Twittero Journalists monitor social media 21. KRisk.coThe benefits of social media in a crisiso Vital communications channelo Conveys information widelyo Immediateo Under your control 22. KRisk.coUsing social media in a crisisMonitor &respondUpdateregularlyStayconstructiveand factualQuashspeculationCo-ordinatewebsite &social mediaBe accurate& approved 23. Saving your reputation: Greggs 1 24. Saving your reputation: Greggs 2 25. KRisk.coSmart companieso Have a robust crisis communications policyo Have an integrated social media policyo Prepare key messages in advanceo Monitor what is being said about youo React quickly, factually, pro-actively & frequentlyo Have trained key spokespeople in advance 26. 020 8332 House MediaTrainingMedia trainingCrisis communicationsPresentation skillsMedia relationsPress releasesConsultancyCrisis strategyMedia strategyMessage developmentMedia relationsSocial mediaProductionVideosPodcastsBlogsArticles 27. KRisk.coThe Institute of Risk Management next 2 Day Course on:Course TitleWill take place on Dates in xxxTrainer details / companyPlease email the IRM Learning Team on for further informationThank you