Prospero’s Spell

Prospero’s Spell Class 12


Prospero’s Spell. Class 12. Build a storm, with thunder and lightening, Summon up rain grey and frightening. A thousand crackles of the thunder, Make it strong and powerful, not a blunder. Such rain to make a flood ten metres high, Daggers that finish you falling from the sky. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Prospero’s Spell

Page 1: Prospero’s Spell

Prospero’s Spell

Class 12

Page 2: Prospero’s Spell

Build a storm, with thunder and lightening,Summon up rain grey and frightening.A thousand crackles of the thunder,

Make it strong and powerful, not a blunder.Such rain to make a flood ten metres high,

Daggers that finish you falling from the sky.

Lightening so silver making you stare,But this storm’s as dangerous as a dragon’s lair.

Storm clouds as evil as the devil himself,Wiping the people off the boat and every book on every shelf.

Wind pushing every sailor off the boat,then drown in sea no chance to float,

Build a storm with thunder and lightening,Summon up rain grey and frightening.The air is covered with fog and mist;

This, is the Tempest.

Page 3: Prospero’s Spell

Gale, gale Twist the curve

Hurricane, hurricane Then tornado

Typhoon, typhoon Pour, pour

Thunder, lightning then blizzard Sky, sky turn to dusk

Light rumble Thunder roar

Mass break then snap Citizens die then never return

I have conjured my creation - the Tempest!

Page 4: Prospero’s Spell

From the gods of magic, make tears of rainfall, May the waves crash as strong as steel so the ship’s lost to people. May the clouds form and make thunder as loud as a pride of male lions’ roar Wash them to this forbidden island.

Page 5: Prospero’s Spell

Raging winds and lightning bolts,Crackling thunder without any fault.

Cloudy skies as dark as ash,Do not make the boat crash.

Thunder as loud as a lions roar,Make the rain to pour and pour.Perilous waves to rock the boat,

To help me get my revenge and gloat.

Rain, lashing down like a whip,To make all the people on the boat stumble and slip.

Hail stones as large as golf balls,Making people to cry and fall.

Thrashing waves that will shipwreck the boat,Tsunamis that will spray sea salt.

Conjure a tempest true,All these wicked things I will do.

Page 6: Prospero’s Spell

I am the great and powerful Duke of Milan.

I plan to put a terrible, awful storm on those who have disobeyed me.

They shall not be harmed but will only be shipwrecked.

Frightening, never defeated

Colossal, heart beating

Sky darkening, clouds closing

Storm come on them who have disobeyed me.

Rapid, high speedLively, courageous

Speedy, quickly Waves make them shipwrecked like there's no tomorrow.

Finally when this storm is over the ship will look as wrecked as a knocked down building .

When this is over my will be ten times stronger than a tempest.

Page 7: Prospero’s Spell

Storm, storm,

Hurricane, twister and blizzard,

Create a storm, create a storm,

To wreak the ship,

Thunder storm, powerful storm,

All storms,

Show your best, show your best,

Kill this ship, kill this ship, till it wreaks.

White-out, white-out, gale,Thunderstorm, twister, twister and

typhoon,Show your hardest, show your hardest,

On the ship, on the ship.

Now I’m finished, now I’m finished,Keep this storm, keep this storm,

Forever and forever.

Page 8: Prospero’s Spell

Wind coil, water loop.

Rain tumble, lightning beam glow and flash.

Thunder bang crackle pop.

Make a storm make it huge

Sky purple, black and blue.

Hail fall like sharpened daggers

Thunder roar like a fierce lion

Lightning zap into the sea, breaking ships and causing havoc put all of these into one

and make

The Tempest.

Page 9: Prospero’s Spell

Rise, tumultuous thunder and perilous lightening,

Rise storm and be frightening,Squalling rain and forceful wind,

To make them pay for what they have sinned.

The storm will make them pay,The storm will destroy,

The storm will wash them all away.The tempest is as strong as steel,

The tempest is as fast as lightening. I have conjured up a tempest!

Page 10: Prospero’s Spell

Rain appear in the sky Brew a storm for me tonightWind blow horrifically Make the wind as deadly as a snakeThunder bang and boom make lightning frizzleClouds crash and bang, And sizzle. Rain gush and pour and make the wind stronger.Ghastly waves spout and evil sea flow,Hail stone fall high from the clouds, as dreadful as can be.Lightning crackle and sputter,Soak and snap the sail of the boatDamage the boat and make it sink.Rain appear for me tonight and create a ghastly, dreadful tempest that will destroy the boat upon the sea.

Page 11: Prospero’s Spell

Torrential rain,Which causes a lot of pain,

Terrifying thunder,And soul-sucking wind.

Gigantic waves,Making the sky as dark as a cave,Trees swaying from side to side;

They are being destroyed by a ruthless tide.

The cloudless sky is rumbling,Causing the floor to shake in horror,

Volcanoes erupting,The beautiful paradise is corrupting.

People are rapidly drowning,Sailors are enormously worrying,

This is the effect of the lethal tempest, worrying to which I am going to conjure.

Page 12: Prospero’s Spell

Make the calm relaxing sea Turn into a raging tempest

Make boats bounce From wave to wave Cracking swaying

On to land Make the lightning and rain

Shoot from the sky.

Create a swirling wind Shake the boat to shore

Make all the survivors cry Take all my foes on to shore

Where they can suffer and cry Now raise and do as I say!