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  • RBTTextfeldOriginal-Infomaterial unserer Partnerschule!

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    KAI symbolizes many things in Japanese. The many meanings of KAI represent our desire for you to not merely

    learn Japanese language and culture, but to have many and varied experiences in Japan. We want you to attain

    personal growth and to learn skills that you can apply throughout your life. At KAI, we believe that learning a

    language is the beginning of a journey. By partaking in this journey, you develop more than just academic skills.

    You develop skills of communication, cultural awareness and worldliness. We believe that this journey will not

    only enrich your life but will enhance your opportunities in your future.

    We are very happy to welcome you to our school.

    I wish you every success on your new journey with us!


    Hiroko Yamamoto, DirectorKAI Japanese Language School

    World ComfortEverybody Encounter Ocean Understanding

  • 3Why KAI? Why Tokyo?In Japan today, there are about 400 Japanese language schools. Around 90%

    of the students studying in those schools are from the East Asian countries

    such as China and Korea. Since a large number of them are studying in order to

    enter universities and colleges in Japan, most of the Japanese language schools

    design their curriculum to prepare the students for higher education. Although

    highly focused, these schools tend to lack balance in their student body and in

    their goals.

    KAI Japanese Language School stands alone amongst others. We maintain

    an excellent balance of students from all over the world. This prevents any

    one country group dominating the student population. This truly international

    atmosphere fosters a creative learning environment where students can achieve

    varied goals, whether academic or personal. Since our founding in 1987, KAI has

    continually developed innovative teaching methods for both Asian and non-Asian

    students. KAI has the know-how to teach Japanese language and communication

    skills to a wide range of learners, each pursuing Japanese for different purposes.

    With utmost care, KAI supports students in attaining their goals and helps them

    with their dreams. Support for our students extends beyond the classroom.

    Assistance with study methods, life in Tokyo, accommodation, academic

    counseling and future career advice are all part of the KAI experience.

    This is why KAI wins students' trust.This is why KAI is internationally renowned.This is why KAI is unique.

    Tokyo is one of the most dynamic cities in the world.

    Tokyo is not only the capital and largest city of Japan but

    also the headquarters for much of the Japanese business,

    media, art and entertainment industries. The Greater

    Tokyo Metropolitan Area is the largest metropolitan area

    in the world with over 35 million people. This size helps to

    create a virtual beehive of creativity and diversity of style.

    In Tokyo, one can find traditional Japanese arts

    juxtaposed with some of the most modern technology on

    the planet. There are futuristic skyscrapers set next to

    serene shrines and temples. This blend of new and old

    never ceases to amaze visitors.

    But with all of its size and vibrancy, Tokyo remains a

    highly livable, human city. Once off of the main business

    and shopping avenues, Tokyo quickly transforms into a

    series of small neighborhoods. In these neighborhoods,

    one can see a calmer version of the capital. A place where

    grandmothers tend their gardens, parents walk their

    children to school and people ride bicycles to and fro

    going about their daily routine. In Tokyo, you can choose

    the pace and lifestyle that suits you.

  • 50+ COURSE (18 lessons/2 weeks)

    1 2


    BEGINNER400 lessons (6 months)Daily conversation / Basic grammar

    Hiragana & katakana / 300 Kanji characters

    INTERMEDIATE600 lessons (9 months)More universal topics / Strengthening grammar

    Expanding vocabulary / 1200 kanji characters

    ADVANCED600 lessons (9 months)Advanced topics / Strengthening speaking & writing skills

    Preparation for future study / 2000 kanji characters

    PRACTICAL CONVERSATION COURSE 15 & 20 (60 or 80 lessons/4 weeks)

    KAI SUMMER TEEN PROGRAM FOR 13 TO 17 YEAR OLD (27 lessons/2 weeks)

    GENERAL COURSE (200 lessons/10 wks)















    5 Upper 5

    5 UpUppeperr 55


    A2 B1 B2 C1




  • 4 weeks per term15 or 20 50-minute lessons per weekMaximum 12 students per classCourse can be joined on any Monday except for complete beginnersCollege student visa is unavailable

    The Practical Conversation Course focuses on improving the learner's Japanese conversation skills in a fun, exible and efcient manner. Students have the option to choose the textbooks in either hiragana (Japanese) or roman alphabet. This exibility helps students to quickly begin using Japanese in conversation. This course uses visual breakdowns of sentence structure. This allows students not only to understand the grammar intuitively but also to rapidly begin using it in their own sentence construction. The Practical Conversation Course 20 is the Practical Conversation Course 15 coupled with one additional reading & writing lesson every day.


    GENERAL COURSE10 weeks per term20 50-minute lessons per week or moreMaximum 16 students per classCourse starts in January, April, July and OctoberCollege student visa is available

    The General Course is for students who wish to master the Japanese language. It is designed to develop and create a balance between the four skills of language: Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. The curriculum includes learning kanji (Chinese characters used in Japanese) and students are required to learn set numbers of kanji in each level (2,000 characters in total for 2 years). KAI allocates more time for kanji lessons to benet students coming from countries that do not use them.

    Lessons at KAI utilize uniquely developed educational materials designed to improve the students' understanding and receptiveness to different cultures. Digital texts, audio and visual materials are used so that students can learn more efciently and improve their language skills at a rapid pace, all part of a digital learning solution we call KAI

    DLS (see below).

    At KAI, we also have a personal learning initiative called Palette. In addition to core lessons, certain days are reserved for elective classes where students can choose to study various topics of interest.Optional "bite-sized" brush-up classes, JLPT preparation and business Japanese classes exist for students looking to hone their Japanese skills or to prepare for their future career opportunities.

    KAI Japanese language school is continually striving to embrace innovative, modern learning techniques. With KAI DLS (Digital Learning System), were taking our biggest leap forward.

    Students studying in a course using KAI DLS receive a mobile internet-connected, study-ready iPad for digital learning in and out of the classroom*. Our original, paper-based materials have been transformed for a better learning experience and KAI is committed to progressively enhancing the platform with new apps and materials.

    * Subject to usage agreement. iPad must be returned upon completion of studies at KAI.



  • 2 weeks, 18 50-minute lessonsMaximum 10 students per classCourse starts in March and NovemberCollege student visa is unavailable

    KAI offers customized lesson programs to both individuals and corporate clients based on their specic requirements.

    4 weeks in July, 3 weeks in August or 7 weeks total20 50-minute lessons per weekMinimum 3 students, Maximum 12 students per class in July and 15 in AugustCollege student visa is unavailable

    3 weeks in August20 50-minute lessons per weekMinimum 3 students, Maximum 15 students per classCollege student visa is unavailable

    2 weeks in August27 50-minute lessons per programMinimum 3 students, Maximum 15 students per classCollege student visa is unavailable

    Grammar & Conversation Course

    JLPT Preparation Course

    KAI Summer Teen Program for 13 to 17 year olds

    This special 2-week course is exclusively designed for people over 50 to satisfy their high standards and expectations. It's an ideal mixture of language and culture, and of course excitement and fun! It's sure to make your stay in Tokyo unforgettable.

    Apart from the morning language lessons dedicated to the 50+ course participants, the course includes 10 cultural activities as well as 6 lunches, 6 dinners and an IC card "Suica" worth 3,000 JPY, which can be used for transportation and shopping at various stores.

    Accommodations such as a single room at a comfortable hotel in Shinjuku area and airport transportation can be arranged for a fee. In addition, an optional 2-day Kyoto tour can be arranged on request (minimum 3 participants).

    Individual Lesson ProgramThe Individual Lesson Program offers a course that is tailored to the students needs. The course contents, learning pace, texts, time and location are all planned out between the student and our staff. The student