Prosecuting Intellectual Property Cases

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Prosecuting Intellectual Property Cases. Arnold H. Huftalen Assistant U.S. Attorney U.S. Department of Justice [email protected] When Do U.S. Authorities Bring Criminal IP Charges? How Does the US Prosecute? Recent IPR Prosecutions. Some Enforcement Issues. AGENDA. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Prosecuting Intellectual Property Cases

  • Prosecuting Intellectual Property CasesArnold H. HuftalenAssistant U.S. AttorneyU.S. Department of [email protected]

  • AGENDAWhen Do U.S. Authorities Bring Criminal IP Charges?How Does the US Prosecute?Recent IPR Prosecutions.Some Enforcement Issues.

  • When Do U.S. Authorities Bring Criminal IP Charges?Majority of IP enforcement actions in U.S. are civil, not criminal Effective civil systemBurden of proof more difficult in criminal casesCivil = preponderance of evidenceCriminal = beyond a reasonable doubt

  • Factors Affecting Decision to Prosecute

    Federal Law Enforcement PrioritiesNature and Seriousness of Offensescale of infringement (scope, amount of loss, harm)commercial purposehealth/safety issuesOrganized Criminal InvolvementAdequate alternative non-criminal remediesAdequate Civil Enforcement; Repeat Offender; Deterrent EffectOther: culpability, cooperation with investigation, subject to prosecution elsewhere

    When Do U.S. Authorities Bring Criminal IP Charges?

  • How Are IP Cases Prosecuted in the U.S.?

    Computer Crime & Intellectual Property Section (CCIPS) in Washington, D.C.Computer Hacking and Intellectual Property (CHIP) Coordinators in all 94 U.S. Attorney OfficesOffice of Consumer LitigationFederal Law Enforcement AgenciesVictim Industry Partnerships

  • CCIPS39 Attorneys in Washington, DC13 Dedicated to IPRWork daily with prosecutors in U.S.Work regularly with prosecutors around the world

  • CHIP CoordinatorsCHIP Coordinators in all 94 DistrictsCreated in 2001Prosecute crimes; provide technical assistance within district; provide multi-district assistance; provide training and community outreach

  • OFFICE OF CONSUMER LITIGATIONU.S. DOJ Civil DivisionHandles civil & criminal cases involving intellectual property laws that protect public health and safety

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)Bureau of Immigration & Customs Enforcement (BICE)Customs & Border Patrol (CBP)U.S. Postal Inspection ServiceU.S. Secret ServiceU.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)U.S. FEDERAL LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES

  • VICTIM INDUSTRY PARTNERSHIPSExamplesMicrosoftCiscoMotion Picture Association of America (MPAA)Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)

  • RECENT IPR PROSECUTIONSCounterfeit Computer Network HardwareCounterfeit PharmaceuticalsWarezCounterfeit CDs & DVDsCounterfeit Luxury Goods

  • COUNTERFEIT COMPUTER NETWORK HARDWAREFebruary 2008Joint U.S & Canada investigation400 seizures$76,000,000 counterfeit network hardware seized

  • COUNTERFEIT PHARMACEUTICALSCholesterol lowering medicationsAntibioticsLifestyle medicationViagra & Cialis

  • WAREZ-Software PiracySignificant U.S. prosecutionsOperation Buccaneer Operation Digital PiratezOperation BandwidthOperation FastLinkOperation Higher EducationOperation Site DownOperation Summer Solstice

  • To CouriersDistributionSupplierWAREZ GROUPS

  • OPTICAL DISC PIRACYOperation Remaster-20062 charged500,000 pirated music CDs5,500 high-speed, high quality stampers

  • ONLINE MUSIC PIRACY2003-2008Apocalypse Crew (APC) 15 convictionsPre-release musicGlobal distribution within hours

  • LUXURY GOODSCounterfeit watchesCounterfeit handbags & wallets2005--VirginiaMore than 50,000 handbags & wallets seized Worth more than $2,000,0002006--MassachusettsMore than 20,000 handbags & wallets seizedWorth more than $1,400,000

  • SOME ENFORCEMENT ISSUES . . .Large scale infringement without profit motive (WAREZ)Proof issues: quantity and identity of infringing itemsDisclaimers by distributorsObtaining assistance of victimsIs defendant responsible for infringement: control over content and maintenance of infringement facility

  • OTHER ENFORCEMENT ISSUESU.S. Balancing rights of customers, inventors and content providersIncreasing IP enforcement resourcesTraining of prosecutors and agentsCharging IP offensesEducating (victims and public)

  • OTHER ENFORCEMENT ISSUESInternationalSame issues as domesticInternational cooperative agreementsUniformity of criminal violationsCoordinationCumbersome formal legal processInformal contacts

  • QUESTIONSThank you,

    Arnold H. HuftalenAssistant United States AttorneyU.S. Department of [email protected]