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Props Survey

Props SurveyBy Katie Reed

Question 1

Question 1 was based on one of our main props being a briefcase and whether it would be effective or not. Using survey monkey I collected 32 responses from different people. If rounded, 81% of people would agree that a briefcase would be effective. However 19% of the responses disagreed that a briefcase is efficient in a film, with the genre being an action. I asked this question as the briefcase in The adjustment bureau is effective throughout the film.

Question 2

My question 2 was, Do you think an excess amount of props would lead the audience to be confused? Our responses evidentially show that more people said yes than no. With the responses being yes, 73% would agree that an excess amount of props would lead to confusion. Although 27% said they would disagree to this question. Taking these answers in from the 30 responses I got, In our film we havent used a large amount of props, however enough to know what is going on.

Question 3

My Question 3 was, Do you think key props such as binoculars will help give ideas to the audience due to the military connotations of them?Collecting 29 responses 72% of people would agree that binoculars would be effective within our film. Due to the large amount of responses which were yes, we used binoculars as one of our props.

Question 4

Question 4- Like the film 'Killer', boats are evident, if boats were used in our opening sequence what do you think this signifies about a character?

The comments on the right are my responses to the question 4 above. I took action to the comments and as a group we decided to go ahead with using a boat as one of our other props. Someones comment was On a mission. This is indeed the plot of our film, someone after another. So the connotations of a boat can show the representation of somebody, maybe through wealth, hobby, mission etc.

Question 5

Question 5 being on the right with the results, demonstrates that 75% of the responses would agree that if many passports were shown on the screen, the audience would believe that they were fake. Having 20 responses, 5 of them answered no to the fact that they could be fake. Considering over half agreed that they could be fake, we used only a couple of passports.

Question 6

The responses that I collected through survey monkey show that 95% of people would agree that props are a significant part of a film. Due to this high number, we added extra props in our film to make it more effective to watch, however not too many as this may cause confusion for the audience, evidentially shown in question 2. Only 5% (if rounded) of the responses said no, due to the other 95% of people saying yes to the question, being a significantly high number, as a group we took action upon this to make sure we had the right amount of props.

Question 7

What props do you associate with an action/adventure film? From my question 7 I asked in my survey, many answered that guns would be a appropriate and are well associated with the genre of an action film. Any form of weapons were also another response given which is evident on the right of this page. As we arent allowed to use any dangerous weapons in our opening sequence, we instead decided that some appropriate props included a briefcase.

Question 8

What would you associate with lots of crumpled paper within a briefcase, in an action/adventure film? These are some responses that I gathered from this particular question. The top answer (on the right) is very useful for my group as we can gather what people would think of lots of crumpled paper in a briefcase. Some have said that the person who is carrying this information is within the business industry and another said that they are looking for something. In our opening sequence it is based on spies looking for somebody so this type of response was useful for us.

Question 9

The question (shown on the right) shows that out of my 20 responses 35% of people said yes to the fact that boats are used to much in action films. Although as 65% disagreed and said that they werent used that often, I have taken on board these responses and as a group we decided that we would have a boat scene in our opening sequence. However only a couple of shots would be shown, so the prop of a boat doesnt look over used.

Question 10

How would you feel about an unexpected event saving a character from a hopeless situation (deus ex machina) in an action/adventure film (For example- Shaun of the dead)?

This is another question I tested in my survey. Some people said that it is cheesy, but others disagreed and commented that it would be a good idea. From these comments our plot has a surprising situation, however not to the extreme of a hopeless situation.