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  • 1. When shooting a scene we had to be carefulof what meise en scene we were trying togive audiences. Connotations areeverything, for example the dark backgroundwhen shooting the old man adds to hisenigma. The casual modern clothes alsorepresent the time line.

2. The suit used was to denote age and experience, but alsoprofessional. I also made enigma by leaving audiences towonder if he was old or dead, I left it to viewer digression. The casual clothes represent 2011, which is a contrast tothe old man. The colours denote the youth and theold, the good times and the reflecting times 3. The candles can be used to connote manythings:Death, romance, religion, love, fire, nature, these connotations add to the enigma of theirscene therefore they give a different certaincharacter to the scene when used. 4. The Jack Daniels bottle was more so to keep thesong from looking like a pop song by keeping theconnotation of JD to show a sad individual. Drinkingand the hoodie represent a man a man who is sadand lost.