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project for halic, galata bridge

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  • Istanbul is under a constant change. Historic monuments are under restoration,old city centers are being gentried, new city centers and towers are rising, new trans-portation systems are being constructed.

    The result of this activity is a city seen in scooldings. Seeing the minarets of Suleymaniye Mosque in scaolding is striking, as they are surrounded by a cloud of steeltubes. The mosque, transforms from an object into a drawing and is subject to change any moment.

    Below is the restoration scaolding that lled the interior of Hagia Soa, rising from the base, touching to its dome. Its transparecy, ambitious volume and unusualrelationship with the mosques architecture streches our imagination.

  • It is curious what would it be like to be in the scaolding, be in that cartesian steel cloud, looking out to the city through this curtain.

    The photograph below is a shot from a dockyard . The industrial tools become aframe to the everyday cityscape, forming a relationship between what seems timelessand what is temporary.

  • In the history of Halic, it is written that the rst bridge was made of connecting boats to each other from one side to the other. Above is a collage of a historic shot of Halic and a contemprary shot from a subway bridge construction on Halic.

    The proposal is a ctional construction site on the the bridge head located on Haskoy. It is a cloud of tubes that extent from the bridge head to the water. It is a sca-olding that draws attention to the gap, to the possible ll between the two sides, to its state of being a ruin and its potential future gentrication.

  • bridge head

    bridge head



    Into the scaolding, into to this ctional construction site, a public space is carvedin, which takes people to the level of the water. This space may be considered as a theater and stage, as an exhibition space, or as a lounge area.