Promotions Unit

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Transcript of Promotions Unit

  • 1. Advertising CampaignUNIT PROJECT
  • 2. Learning Targets I can give examples of how successful companies have a different marketing mix for different products. I can understand why marketing is vital to companies because it stimulates sales revenue. I can successfully identify the target market for a product or service.
  • 3. What is Advertising? Any form of paid promotion Delivers a message to many people at the same time So what is PROMOTION? The primary way businesses communicate with prospective customers Used to inform consumers about features/benefits & encourage them to buy
  • 4. Creating an Ad Campaign Series of advertisement messages that share a single idea and theme Ads appear in different media across a specific time frame Determine: Champion Theme Central message in promotional activities DECA Event: AD CAMPAIGN
  • 5. Consumer Promotions Sales strategies to get buyers to buy product or service Types: Coupons Premium deals Incentives Product samples Sponsorships Promotional tie-ins Product placement Loyalty marketing programs Point of purchase displays
  • 6. Coupons Certificates for cash discounts Stores accept & send them to a manufacturers headquarters or clearing house to be sorted Redemption centers reimburse stores for face value + charge a handling about 8 per coupon Apps for your phone
  • 7. Premiums Low cost items provided at discount or for FREE Build product loyalty Attract new customers added value 3 Types: Factory packs = free gifts placed in product packages (cereal) Traffic builders= pens, key chains, coffee mugs @ store or events Coupon plans= ongoing programs (customer sends in soup labels)
  • 8. Product Samples Free trial sizes Especially important in promoting new products Drug manufacturers to doctors and dentists
  • 9. Sponsorship People, events, gro ups, or a physical location
  • 10. Promotional Tie-ins Arrangements between 1 or more retailers or manufacturers Both benefit from combing resources
  • 11. Product Placement Brand name products in movies, TV, sporting events, or in commercials for another product Transformers
  • 12. Loyalty Marketing/FrequentBuyer Programs that reward customers for patronizing
  • 13. Point-of-Purchase Displays Designed primarily by manufacturers to display their products Placed in traffic areas for in store advertising
  • 14. Creating an Ad Campaign
  • 15. Pay per click (PPC)
  • 16. Analyzing Web Marketing Data
  • 17. Social Media MarketingPlatforms Facebook Twitter YouTube Blogosphere