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Presentation on promotion mix its method and new methods adopted by business and importance of social media in promotion

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  • 1. Meaning of PROMOTION An action taken by a company's marketing staff with the intention of encouraging the sale of a good or service to their target market. For example, product promotion performed by a typical business might take the form of advertising the product in question via print or Internet ads, direct mail or e-mail letters, trade shows, telephone and personal sales calls, TV and radio ads, billboards, posters and flyers. The word promotion is also used specifically to refer to a particular activity that is intended to promote the business, product or service. A store might advertise that it's having a big promotion on certain items, for instance, or a business person may refer to an ad as a promotion.

2. Promotion Mix DefinitionInnovative combination of promotional ideas like print or broadcast, person-to-person selling, direct marketing, etc., used for particular product or for multiple products. 3. Promotion MixadvertisingInternet Marketingpersonal sellingPromotion Mix publicitysales promotion 4. Methods of AdvertisingPrint Advertising Broadcast Advertising Outdoor Advertising Public Service Advertising Product Placement Advertising Cell Phone & Mobile Advertising Online Advertising 5. Methods of Personal Selling Sales Calls Telephone selling Internal selling Entertaining 6. Methods of Sales Promotion Refunds Discount Product Combination Lucky Draw Full Finance @ 0% Samples or Sampling Contests 7. Methods of INTERNET PROMOTION Search engines Linking strategies Viral strategies E-mail publishing Networking Paid advertising 8. Factors That Affect The Promotion MixType of Product Stage in the Product Life Cycle Target Market Characteristics Actions of Competitors Available Funds Buyer Readiness Type of Distribution 9. Analyze the Marketplace Identify Target MarketSet Promotion Objectives Develop Promotion BudgetChoose Promotion Mix 10. Objective: To Inform (Awareness)To increase the top-of-mind awareness level for AMUL butter from 16 percent to 24 percentObjective: To Persuade (Attitudinal)To increase the percentage of parents who feel that AMUL butter is the best butter for their children from 22 percent to 35 percentObjective: To RemindTo remind consumers that AMUL butter is the creamiest butter and is available at their nearest grocery and convenience stores 11. Comparison between Promotion medium now(present) and in pastPromotion in 1990Promotion medium At present 12. Sweepstakes are a form of gambling where the entire prize may be awarded to the winner.[1] Originally it applied to horse races but the term is now used for various lotteries and marketing competitions. 13. 2013 14. Brand promotion through sms 15. cell phones will reach 7.3 billion by 2014. 16. Social Media: Brand Promotion 17. Social Media: Brand Promotion & Reputation ManagementSocial Media Conversation Types Social Networks are ongoing conversations. There are three types of social conversations. Long Conversations = Facebook, MySpace Short Conversations = Twitter Distant Conversations = Blogs, Message Boards, etc. 18. Social Media: Brand Promotion & Reputation ManagementEstablish a Presence on Facebook The Largest Social Network (over 300 million users) The Fastest Growing Advertising Network (contextual, relevant) The Best Free Tools for Promoting Your Business: Pages (Promote Products, Discussions, More, etc.) Groups (Promote Products, Discussions, More, etc.) The Best Place for Open Discussions (outside your website) The Mobile Application (iPhone, Blackberry) The Best Way to Build Community for Your Brand Carryover Users to Your Website (FBConnect) Friend Recommendations (growth user base) Shared Content (increased exposure) I predict Facebook will become the Google of social networks 19. Social Media: Brand Promotion & Reputation ManagementFacebook Advice / Best Practices Promoting Your Brand / Products / Services Establishing a Fan Base / Group Members Frequent Communications w/out Overdoing it Discussion Boards Wall Posts Know When to Message Keeping Your Customer Base Happy Fast Service + Resolutions = Happy Customers 20. Social Media: Brand Promotion & Reputation ManagementEstablish a Presence on Twitter Extremely Fast Growing Social Network Extremely Open for Connecting w/ New People (vs.- Facebook) Free Tool for Promoting Your Business: Promote Your Content (RSS Feeds) Find New Customers (One on One Discussions) Support Existing Customers (One on One Discussions) Locate Potential Consumers (Advanced Search Tools) Open Discussions (keep your tweets balanced) The Mobile Applications (iPhone, Blackberry) As Twitter continues to Evolve, we continue to find new uses 21. Social Media: Brand Promotion & Reputation ManagementTwitter Advice / Best Practices Making Friends & Finding Followers Promoting Your Brand / Products / Services Personal Communications @replies and DMs (be transparent, consistent) Pushing Content via RSS Feed Dont overdo your automated content Show that you are real people Keeping Your Customer Base Happy Fast Service + Resolutions = Happy Customers 22. Social Media: Brand Promotion & Reputation ManagementMonitor Distant Conversations Keep Google Eyes (Constantly Search for Your Brand) Blogs / Websites (Opinions, Reviews, etc.) Forums / Message Boards (Support, Reviews, etc.) Your Competitor Presence (Where are they?) Socially Bookmark / Tag Your Content (Digg, Delicious, etc.) 23. Thank You Made by:-Abid Siddiqui B.B.A 2nd year