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Analysis of Promo Package
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Analysis of Promo Package

The typography on the front of the album with the word Die is red which connotes blood and death, making this uncomfortable to look at seen as a baby is positioned central above this. The typography with the black and red text used on the album very much contrasts the white background, this draws all the attention to the text which is what is wanted with a clear political message being directed to the audience.The black baby signifies fragility and innocence, with the words ready to die just below, the baby is positioned so you read the words ready to die and then see the baby and sympathize. The character blocking of the baby is central giving prevalence to the baby.The white background is used to signify a message, with everything on the front of the album now being very clear. This also reinforces the fact that a direct message is being sent from the from of the digipak.

The Digipak for the Ready to Die album is very much a polysomic text with many interpretations potentially being made. But what is certain is that there is an avant-garde message being sent from the digipak, this approach from a hip-hop album is very much unconventional as there is a political message being sent, this can be proven through the word Die being juxtaposed next an innocent black baby. The different potential messages being sent out could potentially be for black equality with an innocent black baby being central to the front of the digipak sending a strong message of sympathy.Another potential message being sent out is that black people have got to be ready to fight and to die with their lives never being easy with them having to fight for to achieve anything in life. The black baby could signify the start of this journey.I believe Biggie Smalls is trying to highlight inequality and the fact that black lives matter and uses a baby which connotes innocence as ploy for sympathy and for all races to take note as if it wasnt a young baby and a middle aged man it may not draw as much attention to it. He also demonstrates this with his lyrics.

Analysis of Biggie Smalls Juicy Video

Within the video many semiotic texts can be seen with signifiers such as bars and single beds connoting prison, this tells the audience that Biggie Smalls was in and out of prison at a young age.

This now starts to construct Biggie Smalls meta narrative as hes emphasizing a message he didnt always have an easy life But this is then strongly contrasted with the pool party in the video, throughout the video it mixes between the 'hood' and the party, with a clear message being sent out that he's made it but hasnt forgotten his roots and the people in his local community.

At the pool party Biggie Smalls is seen with other people from his original working class community this suggests he's a man of loyalty with him not forgetting his past and who helped him become the person he is.

Dyers TheoryDyers Theory about extraordinary and ordinary is made evident in the video as you see two very strongly contrasted lifestyles, with one of wealth and riches and another of poverty and depravation. The Street corner in the video very much presents Biggie Smalls as ordinary as many of us can relate to being on a street corner in a local town.

The extraordinary lifestyle is highlighted when he is at the pool party in a mansion emphasizing an extravagant celebrity lifestyle. A much more distant relation to everyday people.