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  • 1. Prom Night (2008)

2. About This film is another cross genre, starting with a chic flic andturning into a horror. Because of this, it is helpful for me toanalyse in order to relate, help with conventions, and researchinto more depth for my own trailer of this genre. 3. In the opening shots to the trailer, the audience are shown three medium shots,introducing the main characters, in the same location of the hairdressers. The maincharacter is shown using the rule of thirds to show the mise en scene and also thefact she is having her hair done, and the other two characters use the same shotthrough the mirror to show the characters. 4. This shot shows a shot reverse shot, showing the girl walking down thestairs. The camera is placed at a low angle looking up to the girl in the dress,showing her dominance within the scene. We are then shown a wide shot,revealing a reaction of a character who is the girls prom date, and theparents of the girls emotions, looking not at their daughter but at the male.This shows the stereotypical caring parents who make sure the male islooking after their precious daughter. The way this shot is shown is that themale is closer to the camera, so the audience automatically look towardshim, he dominates the shot. 5. The camera is placed from a low angle, looking up towards the building. Thisis to show the amazement of the building and its magnificence, and also toemphasise its huge sizing. Just prior to this, we see the characters getting outof the limo looking upwards, the camera takes over their position so it is as ifthe audience are in the characters eyes, we are not missing out on any of thescene, there is no element of surprise. 6. When the horror kicks in to the trailer, 55 seconds in, it is introduced throughthe dim lighting which is very sudden. This is discomforting compared to thepreviously lit scenes, and the audience can see that there is a disturbance tothe equilibrium (Todorov). The wide shot lets the audience see that all of thecharacters within the scene are also shocked with the sudden change oflighting. 7. When the horror genre is present, there is the mysterious person or creature whichis creating the danger. In this trailer, nothing is revealed to the audience. But weare shown close ups of parts of this males body. The elements that we are shownseem to create a male gendered person, due to the suit being worn and the voiceheard. This shot shows the dominance of the dangerous man, as he is placedabove the audience and the camera. The element of surprise is present due to theaudience wanting the camera to pan upwards and show other parts to his body,but this is not shown. The audience want to see more. 8. When the narration in the background of the trailer turns to the past tense,and there is a character telling a story to another, the video footage turns toblack and white. This helps add the vintage, mature sense to the clips, as aprompt to the narrative as well. 9. This shot is placed behind a closed door. This shows an element of surprise.We cant see the face of the character in the scene who is speakingthroughout, we are placed in the eyes of the dangerous man within the film.It is as if the man is ready to pounce out behind the door, and the audienceis made to wait in anticipation. We want the character to turn around to seeus, but this does not happen. 10. Between shots, writing has been edited to help the audience understand thenarrative. The clich saying to die for is used in realism. The producershave purposely put this as a pun, not of a connotation of something else, butactually the denotation. To actually DIE. This is a clever technique used.Other edited transitions throughout are used. The main transition is a veryquick edit, flicking from one shot to another at a very fast pace. This reflectsthe pace of a horror film, building up tension and suspense.