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  • 1. PROM RULESAll school rules apply to theProm, since it is a school event.This means no smoking, drinking,foul language, etc.

2. PROM RULESYou must be dressed appropriately oryou will not be allowed into the prom. Guys tuxedo or suit (jacket, tie, dress slacks, dress shoes) Girls dress or evening gown No Sneakers or Work Boots!!! 3. PROM RULESYour money will not berefunded for any reason. 4. PROM RULESEveryone must bring photo identification to getinto the prom. High school students may bring a current school ID. Non-Big Spring students, including alumni, must bring a photo ID with a birthdate printed on the card OR a current school ID. 5. PROM RULESPlease refrain from parking in numbered spots as theyare reserved for those who live on base.If you choose to leave early, you must sign out, reportdirectly to your car and leave base immediately. 6. PROM RULES All vehicle occupants must have a photoidentificationThe driver must: Show proof of current drivers license, Vehicle registration Current car insurance 7. PROM RULESWithout this information you will notbe admitted on base or the Prom. Therewill be no refunds if you forget to bringthis information! 8. PROM RULESYou will not be admitted tothe prom without yourassigned ticket!!!! 9. PROM RULESThere will be NO ADMITTANCE tothe prom after 8:00 p.m.If you cannot make it to prom by thistime, you need prior approval from theadministration. 10. PROM RULESBig Spring School Districtis not responsible for lost orstolen items. 11. PROM RULESWhen you exit the prom, youmust sign out and you will notbe allowed to re-enter. 12. PROM RULESParents will NOT beadmitted to the prom.