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  • 15325 E. Los Robles Ave. Hacienda Heights, CA 91745Volume XLVI, Issue I April 13, 2012 Circulation 2200

    Every time adults or even newfreshmen make references to their highschool days, it seems the topic of promalways comes into the conversation. Itmakes current high school students havemany questions about it such as Howam I going to prepare for such a largeevent? or What if that day goes wrongfor me? The subject of prom is so pecu-liar that it may spark emotional thoughtsamong high school students with strainsof stress or everlasting memories for themto keep.

    Most high school students onlygo to prom once in their high school ca-reer since only juniors and seniors areadmitted and many juniors are bombardedwith difficult class work and are unwill-ing to pay the large-scale price in timeand money to attend prom. Therefore,there are very few experienced prom-goers. Instead, everyone is in the darkabout what to expect. However, they havebright ideas about what prom will be like.Samantha Esparza, junior, explains, Well,I have never been to prom, but it seemslike quite the event where everyone getsto have their special moment and an oc-casion where a person actually gets that

    By Connor LeeConqueror Staff Writer

    PromPromPromPromPromBon Voyage

    On Saturday, March 24, the LosAltos Academy of Engineering set forthon their journey to the John Deere cor-porate building to compete in the IONMini-Urban Challenge. The Mini-UrbanChallenge is a competition where teamsbuild a robot that moves by itself to spe-cific places on a city-like map. The mapconsists of various stop signs, left turns,right turns, and parking spaces. The ro-bot must move to 6 different designatedplaces during the time period that it is

    g i v e n .While thecompeti-tion is on-going, theteam mustproblem-solve in a45 minute

    time period any problems that occur.Another part of the competition is a pre-sentation period where the teams presenttheir robot in front of judges on theirapproach to the competition.

    The LAAE had two teamswhich competed in the challenge. Thefirst team, LAAE 1, consists of sevenpeople: Marcos Avila, sophomore;Samuel Chia, senior; Kimberly Hsu,sophomore; Kevin Morales, sophomore;Nicholas Pung, junior; Ivan Wang, jun-ior; and JerryWang, sopho-more. The sec-ond team,LAAE 2, con-sists of twopeople: MichaelChang, freshman; and Kenny Hirsch,freshman.

    In the competition, the teamshad assigned areas where they would beable to make any last minute changes.Practice for the presentation period wasalso included for the teams. In the com-petition, both LAAE 1 and LAAE 2 com-peted and were successful. LAAE 1 ini-tially brought in the best presentationaward, but later they won second placeand were given a stipend to fund theirtrip to Washington D.C. to compete inthe nationals held at the National Mu-seum of American History on May 26.


    By Nicholas PungSports Editor

    high school experience. Another jun-ior, Darren Liu, stated, Prom seems likea great time for boys and girls to havethe time of their life and create life-last-ing memories. Similarly, Leanne Luong,junior, said, Prom is the last dance forseniors to attend together and spend onelast night with one another, for friendsto bond and for memories to be made.Some students do not know what willcome their way that night but are ec-static about finding out. Jessica Islas,senior, said, Although Ive never beento prom, Im super excited for this years.

    Amongst the hype and excite-ment over the coming and experience ofprom, there are certain students who seesome apparent negatives. Luong added,Its not necessary and very expensive.Most people who attend prom buy ex-travagant dresses if they are girls or rentfull tuxedoes with matching ties for theirdate if they are guys. In addition to that,they may plan to take professional pho-tos, ride in a limo, and also prepare cor-sages. Islas explained, I just think it iscrazy how so many girls stress out overit as if it was a test or something! Its anight to have fun and enjoy senior year,

    not a competition to see whose dresscosts more or who got the biggest limo.Another senior, Lemuel Chun, has somesigns of nervousness for what is to comethat night. I think prom will be an amaz-ing event to attend, but I have high ex-pectations now.

    In the end, prom is one of thefinal events to attend before graduationand therefore it has the main purpose ofproviding for an amazing and simply funnight. Kielthone Lim, senior, excitedlysaid, Prom is a time to get to have funwith friends. Its time to dress up andbring out all the swag you got! Donthold back! Swag it out! Swag to the left!Swag to the right! Another senior whohas gone to prom before, Vanessa Castro,explains, You can tell those who are se-niors. Its a once in a lifetime thing. Itsour prom, our last dance, so lets makethe best of this night. Even after prom Ithink we want the night to continue, be-cause in a way we dont want to say byeto high school. Its a bittersweet thing.You can tell that its just one of thosenights you will remember for the rest ofyour life. All juniors and seniors areencouraged to attend.

    On March 16, Los Altos Renais-sance held their annual Mr. Conquerorin the gym. Throughout the night, eachcontestant tried to woo the judges bydoing a variety of things. In the formalwear portion, all the guys tried to showtheir style wearing custom dress shirtswith slacks and unique shoes while be-ing accompanied by a girl of his choice.In the swimsuit portion, contestants triedto woo the judges wearing swimsuits thatthey created.

    Those events led to the finalround where contestants would partici-pate in a talent show. In the end, therewere five students who were picked tobe in the semifinals for Mr. Conqueror:

    Good luck to all who plan totake summer school this summer! Usu-ally classes taken during the summercram a year of work into six weeks. Thisyear, however, teachers only have fiveweeks to do the cramming. To achievethis, there will be 2 three-hour periodswith a lunch break in between. Add thatto some AP summer assignments and asport summer camp or two and you getone fun summer.

    The shortened time is becausewe will be starting school earlier for the2013 school year. At first glance, thisappears to be horrible, but it may actu-ally be for the benefit of students forseveral reasons. One reason is that thefirst semester will end at winter vaca-tion. There will be no need to worryabout forgetting information over thebreak. Worrying about and studying forfinals over the vacation will not be anissue. Teachers may even decide againstgiving students an assignment becausethey will not be learning any new mate-rial.

    Another reason is standardizedtesting. Most tests like the CAHSEE andthe CST must be given to all of Califor-nia at a specific time in the year. Becauseschool starts earlier, teachers are allowedmore time to prepare their students forthese important tests, which in turnmeans better results. Many students donot know that better scores means morefunding from the state. This money goesto the students by making improvementsto the school. This is especially trueabout AP tests. Students on the EastCoast are allowed almost a month moreof time to study for their tests becauseschools start earlier. This in turn canmake the difference between a two anda three, getting credits for a collegecourse or having to retake the courseagain.

    SummerSplash EditorBy John Andraos School

    March 24 marked a special dayfor Los Altos and the cheer squad. Cheersquad attended a competition at KnottsBerry Farm. There was a total of 64 teamscompeting overall, but in their division,they competed against 8 other teams andplaced second. This is a very specialhonor as this was their first competitionin several years.

    Coach Alison Wills expressedher emotions as, I am very proud of thegirls as they worked so hard and put alot of time into this. Its very exciting andemotional to have the girls place this wellafter so many years. I am very contentand excited to see what the future bringsfor cheer and participate in more compe-titions throughout the coming years.

    Assistant Principal of Instruc-tional Services Steve Cazares, who is aLos Altos alumnus, stated, Mrs. Wills

    Levi Gomez, Lemuel Chung, HectorDuarte, Chico Ortiz, and FernandoRodriquez came through. Gomezsoothed the judges by singing a songwhich was loved by all. Chung caughtthe attention of everyone in the crowdas well as the judges by playing the uku-lele, the guitar, and the piano, along withbreakdancing in front of the crowd.Duarte made the crowd laugh as he worea flamingo ring around his waist anddanced while providing a comic feel tothe gym. Ortiz also created a dancewhich he executed skillfully. Rodriguezalso created a dance which made thecrowd laugh throughout his perfor-mance.

    is absolutely fantastic with taking overcheer and getting them involved in com-petitions. It has been years since cheerhas competed and its great seeing theprogram being turned around. Mrs. Willsis great in supporting them and the girlsare very dedicated, which makes the pro-gram great. They strive for an opportu-nity to compete and Mrs. Wills has donea great job.

    Wills plans to enter the girlsinto more competitions but expenses area problem. Cheerleader Leann Valdiviastates, We were all very shocked anddelighted at the same time. I felt veryhappy and proud to be a part of theteam. Cheer as well as dance teamsnext competition will be at nationals onMay 5. Cheer will also be a part of thedance concert on the April 18-20, socome out and watch!

    In the semifinals, the contes-tants were to go into the crowd andgather money for a Los Altos student inneed of assistance. As Chris Reeder, Re-naissance advisor, told the story of whatwas happening, everyone else pulledout their wallets. This