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  • 1. CCHS Faculty and Administration will beenforcing the Prom Dress Code. We want you to have fun, and we wanteveryone to be dressed appropriately. Each student is welcome to have theirdress pre-approved by Mrs. Conroy inthe Deans office. It is the responsibility of CCHS students toinform their dates of the guidelines.

2. Gowns must be of appropriate length (no shorter than 5 inches from the middle of the knee) and not form fitting.Examples ofAppropriateDresses 3. TooTooshort &short & Too too tighttoo Shorttight 4. Slits on dresses and skirts must be modest and adhere to length requirementExamples of appropriate dresses 5. Slits toohigh on leg. 6. No plunging necklines and/or backs Examples ofappropriate dresses 7. Plunging necklinePlungingback 8. No bare midriffs and/or sides Examples ofappropriate dresses 9. Bare midriffsand sidesBare sides & plunging back 10. There are many beautiful dressesavailable that meet our requirements fora Catholic high school dance. If you are altering your dress to meet ourrequirements, fabric inserts must be sewn,not pinned, on the dress. Dresses must meet requirements withoutcover-ups (shawls, jackets, sweaters,etc.). 11. More examples ofappropriate dresses 12. Tuxedo or suit (dress pants, button upshirt, tie, and jacket) Dress shoes and socks Hair well groomed; face clean shaven No hats, earrings, canes or costumes 13. Have Fun!Stay Safe!Make Good Choices!PROM 2012