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Professional English. Meetings. Introduction. A meeting is a planned assembly, or An arranged gathering of people for a certain purpose. In organizational setting. Meetings are a primary process for organizational life For many people, attending meetings is what they do most of the time. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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DAR2012Introduction A meeting is a planned assembly, or An arranged gathering of people for a certain purposeDAR2012

DAR2012In organizational settingMeetings are a primary process for organizational lifeFor many people, attending meetings is what they do most of the time


DAR2012ImportanceIt will depend on your meeting skills to be recognized for your contributions.

DAR2012People usually do not like meetings

7Types of Meetingsinformation-sharingproblem-solvingdecision-makingplanningfeedback: reacting / evaluatingcombination DAR2012Informal Meeting

DAR2012Formal Meetings

DAR2012Names of MeetingsAnnual General Meeting (AGM)/(EGM)Board MeetingsSenior Management MeetingsStaff Meetingsetc.

DAR2012Documents for MeetingsNoticeAgendaMinutesDAR2012Noticea notice is to let people know the purpose, date, time and location of a meeting. A notice can be: memo; letter; poster; emailDAR2012

DAR2012AgendaAn agenda is a detailed plan of the items to be discussed at a meeting, given before the meeting starts (sometimes at the same time of the notice of the meeting)DAR2012Agenda FormatAgenda formats vary widely depending on the complexity of the meeting and the technology to be usedDAR2012Basic elements of an agenda:date, time, and placepurpose of the meetingtopics to be addressedparticipantsDAR2012A formal agenda should have: the word Agendathe name of the organization/ group/ or person calling for the meetingthe date and time of the meetingthe venueApologiesDAR2012cont'dMinutes of the Last MeetingMatters Arising Meeting Topics: listAny Other Business (AOCB)Date and time of next meeting

DAR2012Agenda sampleAgenda sample from Microsoft

DAR2012MinutesA written report of a meeting that identifies who was present, summarizes discussions, records specific decisions and action points. Minutes are also known as protocols or informally notes. DAR2012

DAR2012Minutes are sometimes important legal documents.Minutes are not meant to be a verbatim!Minutes follow the format of the agenda used for the meeting

DAR2012Note: the trend nowadays is to use meeting minutes recording software: they record and prepare all minutes in real-time.


Formal minutes should contain:

The title of the meeting. The date and time of the meeting. A list of all those present under the title present. A list of all those absent but who have sent their apologies, this list should come under the title apologies. DAR2012cont'dConfirmation that the previous meeting's minutes have been agreed. Any amendments arising from the previous meeting's minutes should be written down. Any matters arising from the previous minutes. Items should be listed in order as taken in the meeting.

DAR2012cont'dThe date of the next meeting.Headings can be in a numerical system of the report format.

DAR2012Minutes sample

Minutes sample from Microsoft

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