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Proctor Creek OWLS '14 Presentation

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  • 1. 1City of AtlantaMayor Kasim ReedDepartment of Watershed ManagementProctor CreekWatershedInitiativesJo Ann J. Macrina, PE, Commissioner

2. Proctor Creek Watershed2 3. Watershed Prioritization3 4. CSO Consent Decree Compliance4 5. Proctor Creek Watershed5 DWM Activities 319 Grant for Boone BlvdGreen Street Stream walks WQ data collection Watershed Improvement Plan Spill response program Future BMPs Future Green Infrastructureprojects FOG education Pilot multifamily greaserecycling program 6. Urban Waters Federal PartnershipThrough our partnership, we will revitalize urban waters and thecommunities that surround them, transforming overlooked assets intotreasured centerpieces and drivers of urban revival. www.EPA.gov6 7. Boone Boulevard Green Street Identified by neighborhood stakeholders in ParkPride study Conceptual design Fall 2014 Cost estimate $1.8M Funding: EPA 319(h) grant, InvestAtlanta, othersources TBD7 8. 8Mimms Park Proposed park amenities Lead contaminated soilremediation cost estimated$2.4-3.6M Opportunities for greeninfrastructure 9. Proctor Creek Watershed9