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Transcript of Proceedings of the Second ; Vol. 2 · M.ShahjahanMondal Md.Sirajul Islam 651 xni. ... Signatur des...


    Session 8: Coastal Zone Management

    Role of Coastal Forest to Reduce Storm Surge Area in


    Coastal Zone Plant Diversity ofCyprus

    Social Supremacy and Location of Cyclone Centre: ADeterminant of Social Vulnerability Analysis in a CoastalUnion ofBangladesh

    Solar Distillation - A Low Cost Small Scale Fresh Water


    Integrated Participatory Water Management Approach forSustainable Development of a Coastal Polder

    Effect of Climate Change induced Disasters for Hariya and

    Sandwip Island in Bangladesh

    Investigation ofAlternative Systems for Coastal Protection

    at West Coast ofPeninsular Malaysia

    Numerical Modeling of Urban Flooding due to Storm Surge

    Gias Uddin Ahmed

    Salih Gucel

    Costas Kadis

    C. Kounnamas

    Aykut GuvensenMunir Ozturk

    Joachim VogtBishawjit Mallick

    Apurba Swatee


    Kh. Md. Shafiul Islam

    Md. Amirul Hossain

    A.H.M. Kausher

    Md. Mobassarul Hasan

    Umme Kulsum Navera

    Manjur M.Z. Ahmed

    Zahirul Haque Khan

    Md. Mobassarul Hasan

    Yoshihisa Kawahara

    Yukihiro Kinashi

    Tatsuhiko Uchida

    Session 9: Catchment Processes, Ecosystems and Quality of Environment

    Characteristics ofCloud Systems in and around Bangladesh

    during Monsoon Season

    Experimental and Numerical Study on Dune Developmentand Transition under Unsteady Discharge Condition

    Shunsuke Tsushima

    Yusuke Yamane

    Torn Terao

    Fumie Murata

    Masashi KiguchiTaiichi Hayashi

    Akihiro ToyamaSatomi YamaguchiWandee Thaisiam

    Ichiro Kimura

    Yasuyuki Shimizu












  • Modeling of Stage Discharge Curve of Indian River by

    Support Vector Machines

    An Algorithm for Derivation of Design Rainfall TemporalPatterns for Short and Long Duration Storms

    Impact Assessment of Sea Level Rise on Coastal Flooding

    and Livelihood

    Environmental Challenges and Management of Water

    Pollution through Drainage Improvement Adjacent to Dhaka

    Mega City: A Case Study of DND Project

    Session 10: Agricultural Water Management

    A Study on Tubewell Spacing for Groundwater Managementin Bangladesh

    Water Saving and Cost Reduction in Boro Rice with

    Alternate Wetting and Drying Irrigation Technology

    Assessment of Vulnerability of Drought and its Remedial

    Measures for Sustainable T. Aman Rice Production in the

    Selected Locations ofBangladesh

    Improvement ofDrainage Condition for Proper Operation of

    Irrigation and Drainage System - A Case Study ofNaotara

    Siphon in Teesta Barrage Project

    Sustainable Water Management for Irrigation Developmentusing Surface Water and Groundwater Interaction Model:Case Study for Chalan Beel Area

    Study on the Irrigation Water Management in CyimpimaDeveloped Swamp of Rwamagana District in Rwanda

    Session 11: Flood Management

    1-10 Day Flood Forecasts under the Climate Forecasts

    Sanjay Giri

    Arun Goel

    Ataur Rahman

    Mazharul Islam

    Touhid Bhuiyan

    Rubayat Alam

    Zahirul Haque Khan

    M. Sharif I.I. Amir

    Shume Akhter

    Murshed Ahmed

    Md. Mustafa Kamal

    A.S.M.T. Chowdhury

    A.F.M. Afzal Hossain

    S.M. Shah Newaz

    M.A. Karim

    Sabina Sadek

    Md. Rezaul Hasan

    Abul Fazal M. Saleh

    A.F.M. Afzal Hossain

    S.M. Shah Newaz

    M.A. Sattar

    Mst. Irin Parvin

    Md. Hazrat Ali

    A.F.M. Afzal Hossain

    Zahirul Haque Khan

    S.M. Shah Newaz

    Md. Jakir Hossain

    Sabina Sadek

    S.M. Shah Newaz

    A.F.M. Afzal Hossain

    Canisius KayiteraSuresh Kumar Pande

    Abu Saleh Khan


  • Application Network (CFAN) Project Md. Sohel MasudMd. Saiful Hossain

    Developing Flood Vulnerability Index for the Improvementof Knowledgebase for Flood Preparedness

    Reduction ofVulnerability to Flood for Proposed Dhaka-

    Chittagong Expressway Project, Bangladesh

    Development ofRIC-NAYS, A Free System for SupportingNumerical Simulation of Flow, Bed Deformation and Bank


    Flood Level Estimation and Conceptual Design of Barrier

    using Mathematical Model

    An Integrated Approach of Flood Damage Assessment ofDhaka City using Modelling and GIS

    Anjuma T. Khan 555Abu Saleh Khan

    A.K.M. Zeaul Hoque

    Abu Saleh Khan 563

    Md. Sohel Masud

    Md. Yousuf Mamun

    Wahid Palash

    JiroMiyatake 571

    Yasuyuki Shimizu

    Kunio Ezaki

    Yoshikazu Yoshida

    N.K.M. Nanseer 579

    L.V. Talagala

    Farhana Ahmed 589

    Zoran VojinovicArthur MynettMalik Fida A. Khan

    Session 12: Agricultural Water Management

    Review on Water Management in Coconut

    Water Management in Chilli and Sweet Pepper: A Review

    Shallow Tube Well Irrigation Business in Bangladesh: Field

    Study in Ghatail Thana of Tangail District

    Effect of Irrigation with River Water Containing HeavyMetals on Soil and Rice Yield in Dhamrai Upazila, Dhaka

    Assessment of Optimal Yield and Crop Plans in VedavathiSub-Basin ofKrishna River

    Irrigation Intervention as a Tool ofSocio-EconomicAdvancement: A Case Study ofthe Kawraid River RubberDam Project, Gazipur, Bangladesh

    Session 13: Flood Management

    Weather Insurance for Farmers: A Proposed Methodology

    Narayan Chattopadhyay 597

    Amit Baran Sharangi

    Amit Baran Sharangi 605

    Narayan Chattopadhyay

    Pradip Kumar Sahu

    Md. Alauddin Hossain 613

    Md. Abul Ala Moududi

    Masudur Rahman 623

    M. Shahjahan Mondal

    A.D. Thube 633

    D.K. Srivastava

    Abu Jafar Md. Saleh 641

    M. Shahjahan Mondal

    Md. Sirajul Islam 651


  • for Insurance against Crop Damage in the Context of


    Sensitivity of Flood Damage Evaluation for Different

    Settings in Flood Vulnerability Assessment

    Design Streamflow Estimation for Ungauged Catchments in

    Victoria: Uncertainty Analysis using Boot Strapping

    Natural Dam Failure and Estimation of Resultant Flood


    Improvement ofExisting Water Quality Index in Selangor,Malaysia

    Development ofLeast Maintenance Household SurfaceWater Treatment Filter

    Session 14: Water Information Management

    Sediment Assessment in Reservoirs using Satellite Remote


    Assessment of Meteorological Drought using SPI Model and

    GIS in Qom, Iran

    GIS Application to the Groundwater Table Study of BarindArea

    Performance of Flood Control Works around Dhaka Cityduring Major Floods in Bangladesh

    Flood Inundation Map ofBangladesh using MODIS SurfaceReflectance Data

    Mizan R. Khan

    Julian Eleuterio 661

    Anne Rozan

    Sylvain Payraudeau

    Ayub Hossain 669

    Ataur Rahman

    Khaled Haddad

    Hajime Nakagawa 677

    Ripendra Awal

    Kenji Kawaike

    Yasuyuki BabaHao Zhang

    A.A. Mamun 687

    S.N. Hafizah

    M.Z. Alam

    Md. Saiful Islam 697

    Quazi Hamidul BariMst. Nasrin Akter

    Md. Forhad Hossain

    Prakash C. Swain 705

    H.J. Shiva Prasad

    J.B. Mahapatra

    H. Yazdanpanah 713S.H. Tabatabaei

    Md. YousufMamun 723

    Rubaida Islam JoyaMd. Tarikul Islam

    Tanvir Ahmed

    Sujit Kumar Bala 729A.K.M. Saiful Islam

    Jahir Uddin ChowdhuryMd. Rezaur Rahman

    M. Anisul HaqueM. Shah Alam Khan

    Mashfiqus Salehin

    A.K.M. Saiful Islam 739

    Sujit Kumar Bala


  • M. Anisul Haque

    Development ofthe Flood Inundation Map, Flood Hazard Roxana Hoque

    Map and Assessment using Microwave Remote Sensing and Daichi Nakayama

    GIS Hiroshi MatsuyamaJun Matsumoto