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Transcript of PROCEEDINGS OF › dms › tib-ub-hannover › 503559598.pdfS.M. Fatcmi-Varzanch, A. Zarci-Hanzaki,...



    ,,ESAFORM 2005"

    Volume II


    Prof. Dorel BANABIC

    TIB/UB Hannover 89126 679 487

  • ESAFORM 2005 Conference, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

    FP007(Keynote paper)

    FP185(Keynote paper)











    Extrusion and drawing technologies and modelling

    Fast Material Forming 541

    N.D. Cristescu

    Measurement of Temperature and Pressure During Thin-Strip Extrusion 545

    W. Wajda, P.T. Moe, S. Storen, M. Lefstad, R. Flatval

    Effect of Strain-Hardening Exponent on the Occurrence of Central Burst in 549Aluminum Wire Drawing Process

    S.M. Koohpayeh, A. Karimi Taheri

    An Innovative Experimental Procedure To Investigate Seam Welding In 553Aluminum Extruded Profiles

    A. Ghiotti, S. Bruschi, T. Dal Negro

    Flash Formation In Conform Extrusion 557

    T. Manninen, P. Ramsay, A. S. Korhonen

    3D FEM Analysis of Seam Welds Formation in Aluminum Extrusion and Product 561Characterization

    L. Donati, L. Tomesani

    An Upper Bound Analysis of Forward Extrusion through Rotating Dies 565

    X. Ma, M.R. Bamett

    Development of a Laboratory Hot Extrusion Apparatus for Tribology and 569Rheology Parameters Identification

    R.E. Loge, M. Minvielle, E. Cini, A. Le Floc'h, E. Felder

    Finite-Element Modelling of Hydrostatic Extrusion of Magnesium 573

    G. Barton, R. Kopp

    An Experimental and Numerical Study of Induction Heating 577

    P.T. Moe, W. Wajda, S. Stsren, M. Lefstad, R. Flatval

    Radial Gear Extrusion Modeling: Analytical, Numerical and Experimental 581Approach

    P. Skakun, M. Skunca, M. Plancak


  • Contents

    Superplastic forming of aluminium and magnesium alloys

    FP047 Optimum Variable Strain Rate Deformation Paths for Superplastic Forming of 587

    (Keynote paper) AA5083 using Multiscale Stability Criterion

    N. Thuramalla, M. K. Khraisheh

    FP017 Finite Element Simulation of Warm Deep Drawing of Magnesium Alloy AZ31 591


    H. Takuda, T. Morishita

    FP035 Superplastic Response in Coarse-Grained Al-Mg Alloys 595

    A.R. Chezan, W.A. Soer, J.Th.M. De Hosson

    FP059 Microstructural Evolution During Superplastic Forming of Coarse-Grained Al-Mg 599


    W.A. Socr, A.R. Chezan, J.Th.M. Dc Hosson

    FP061 A Unified Interpretation of Hubble Flow, Plastic Flow and Super Plastic Flow 603

    J. D. Mufloz-Andrade

    FP068 Hot Deformation Characteristics of AZ31 Magnesium Alloys 607

    S.M. Fatcmi-Varzanch, A. Zarci-Hanzaki, A. Araic

    FP070 AA5083-SPF: From Bulge-Testing to Automotive Body Parts Forming 611

    M. Vulcan

    FP077 Tensile Ductility of Aluminium-Magnesium Alloys Sheets at Elevated 615


    D. GliSic, M. Popovic, E. Romhanji

    FP149 High Temperature Characterization of a 2024 Aluminium Alloy by Tensile Tests 619

    and the Blow Forming Technique

    D. Sorgentc, L. Tricarico

    FP043 On the Failure of Superplastic PbSn60 Alloy in Biaxial Tension Tests 623

    G.Giuliano, L. Carrino and S.Franchitti

    FP046 Deformation Characteristics of AZ31 Magnesium Alloy under Various Forming 627

    Temperatures and Strain Rates

    F. K. Abu-Farha, M. K. Khraisheh

    FP192 Aspects Concerning Superplastic Behaviour of Some Aluminum Alloys 631

    A. - L. Rus, T. Canta, D. Frunza

    FP050(Keynote paper)

    Nanostructuring metals by severe plastic deformation

    3D-ECAP of Square Aluminium Billets

    A. Rosochowski, L. Olejnik, M. Richcrt



  • ESAFORM 2005 Conference, Cluj-Napoca, Romania








    Effect Of The Strain Inhomogeneity On The Microstructure Evolution During 641Bidirectional Compression Of IF Steel Using MaxStrain Technology

    R. Kuziak, V. Podvysockyy, M. Pietrzyk, D. Ferguson

    Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Equal Channel Angular Pressing of 6451230 aluminium alloy

    D.A. Gnevashev, P.A. Petrov, M.A. Petrov, S.A. Stebunov

    Ultrafine Recrystallized Grains by Severe Shear Deformation During Hot Rolling 649of P-Titanium Alloy

    T. Sakai, K. Nakamura, Y. Saito

    The Influence of the ECAP Temperature on Superplasticity of Aluminium 653Allloys

    R.K. Islamgaliev, N.F. Yunusova, R.Z. Valiev

    Processing of Ultrafine-Grained Structure in the Ti-6A1-4V Alloy by Severe 657Plastic Deformation

    I.P. Semenova, L.R. Saitova, G.I. Raab, R.Z. Valiev

    Nanostructuring of Ti in Long-Sized Ti Rods be Severe Plastic Deformation 661

    G.H. Salimgareeva, I.P. Semenova, V.V. Latysh, R.Z. Valiev

    The Influence of the ECAP Temperature on Microstructure and Mechanical 665Properties of a Magnesium Alloy

    O.B. Kulyasova, R.K.Islamgaliev

    FP289(Keynote paper)

    FP274(Keynote paper)

    FP231(Keynote paper)




    Rapid prototyping and rapid tooling

    Initial Experimental and Numerical Investigations into a Class of new Strategies 671for Single Point Incremental Sheet Forming (SPIF)

    M. Bambach, J. Ames, M. Azaouzi, L. Campagne, G. Hirt, J.L. Batoz

    Achievable Accuracy in Single Point Incremental Forming: Case Studies 675

    J. R. Duflou, B. Lauwers, J. Verbert, Y. Tunckol, H. De Baerdemaeker

    The Application of Rapid Prototyping Technologies for Manufacturing the 679Custom Implants

    P. Berce, H. Chezan, N. Bale

    An Approach in Manufacturing of Medical Implants 683

    P. Raos, A. Stoic

    Microstructural and Hardness Investigation in Welding Based Rapid Prototyping 687Process

    R.A. Mufti, M.P. Mughal, A.A. Khan, H.F. Junejo, M. Siddique, I. Khan

    Optimization of Sheet Incremental Forming Process by Means of FE Simulations 691

    E.Ceretti, A.Attanasio, C. Giardini


  • Contents







    Finite Element Analysis of Laminated Tools for Sheet Metal Stamping 695

    M. Oudjene, F. Mercier, L. Penazzi, J.L. Batoz

    Application of the Neural Network Technique for Reducing Springback in 699Incremental Forming Processes

    G. Ambrogio, L. Filice, F. Gagliardi, F. Micari, D. Umbrello

    Experimental validation of the Finite Element Simulation of the First Stroke in 703Single Point Incremental Forming

    K. Watzeels, Y. Tunckol, C. Henrard, J. Gu, H. Sol, J. Duflou, A.M. Habraken

    Deep-Drawing Die Controlled by a Multi-Point Die-Support System 707T. OhashiEffect of FEM Choices in the Modeling of Incremental Forming of Aluminum 711Sheets

    S. He, A. Van Bael, P. Van Houtte, Y. Tunckol, J. Duflou, C. Henrard, C. Bouffioux,A.M. Habraken

    Active Elements Tools Made By Selective Laser Sintering

    N. Bale, P. Berce, R. Pacurar


    Machining and cutting technologies and modelling

    FP023 Metal Forming Simulations using Recent Advances in the Natural Element 721

    (Keynote paper) Method

    J. Yvonnet, D. Ryckelynck, P. Lorong, F. Chinesta

    FP026 Numerical Investigation of Effect of Hard Turning on Residual Stress 725

    (Keynote paper) Distribution of Shot Peened Surface

    X. Cheng, J. Hua, D. Umbrello, R. Shivpuri, F. Hashimoto

    FP057 On the Finite Element Simulation of Thermal Phenomena in Machining 729(Keynote paper) Processes

    L. Filice, D. Umbrello, F. Micari, L. Settineri

    FP089 Simulation Analysis on Chip Breaking Process by Grooved Tool 733

    T. Shirakashi, J. Shinozuka, T. Obikawa

    FP120 High Speed Experimental Analysis of Orthogonal Cutting using Hopkinson Bars 737

    and Optical Deformation Measurements

    P. Guegan, Y. Guetari. A. Poitou

    FP125 Simulation of The Blanking Process of Aluminium Sheet Using the Engineering 741

    Software DEFORM

    W. W. Wenzl, S. Treml

    FP129 Study of the X-FEM Method Possibilities for the Simulation of Machining 745

    Y. Guetari, S. Le Corre, N. Mofs

    FP145 Comparison of Different Fracture Models for the Metal Blanking Process 749

    V. Lemiale, J. Chambert, P. Picart


  • ESAFORM 2005 Conference, Cluj-Napoca, Romania







    A Finite Element Three Dimensional Approach to Metal Evaporative Laser 753Cutting: Temperature Field Non-Linear Model

    P. Carlone, C. Cataldo, G.S. Palazzo

    Simulation of Drilling Process Base on Energy Approach 757

    T. Matsumura, 1. Hori, T. Shirakashi, E. Usui

    Experimental and FEM Study of the Temperature Field During Superficial 761Grinding

    A. Aguiar Vieira, A. Monteiro Baptista, R. Natal Jorge, M. Lages Parente

    Dexel-based Milling Simulation 765

    K. Tracht, B. Denkena, M. Clausen, J.-H. Yu

    2D Orthogonal Cutting Simulation of Cl5 Steel 769

    L. Donati, G. Tani, L. Tomesani

    Numerical Modeling of the Chip Geometry in end Milling Operation 773

    M. Ancau





    Constitutive models for polymers

    Deterministic Approach of Multi Bead-Spring Polymer Models 779

    A. Ammar, F. Chinesta, D. Ryckelynck

    Constitutive Model for Amorphous Polymers Based on the Quasi Point Defect 783Theory

    R. Rinaldi, R. Gaertner, M. Brunei, E. Vidal-Salle, L. Chazeau

    Hyper Elasticity and Strain-Rate Dependence of Behaviour in Amorphous 787Polymer in Stretch-Blow Moulding and Thermoforming

    N. Billon

    Constitutive Modeling of Polymers Solutions in Simple Shear and Oscillatory 791Tests

    A. Marin, A. Calin, C. Balan

    FP113(Keynote paper)

    FP121(Keynote paper)

    FP278(Keynote paper)

    Structure development of polymers

    Effect of Short Branches on the Crystallization of Potyamides 797

    P. Van Puyvelde, S. Acierno

    a-relaxation in polyethylene as a function of crystal thickness 801

    T. Kazmierczak, A. Galeski

    Heat Transfer and Crystallization During Fast Cooling of Thin Polymer Film 805

    G. Lamberti, F. De Santis, V. Brucato, G. Titomanlio

  • Contents

    FP028 External Calibration in PA 12 Tube Extrusion: Influence on Microstructure and 809

    Mechanical Properties

    A. Carin, J.-M. Haudin, M. Vincent, B. Monassc, G. Bcllct, N. Amouroux

    FP039 Contribution to Numerical Modelling of Polymer Crystallization 813

    J.-L. Chcnot, J. Smirnova, J.-M. Haudin and B. Monasse

    FP130 Structural and Melting Studies on Photocrosslinked Polyethylene 817

    V. Barboiu, M. Avadanci, C. V. Grigoras

    FP 159 Rheological Study of the Early Crystallization Stages 821

    S. Aciemo, S. Coppola, N. Grizzuti, D. Vlassopoulos

    FP195 Flow Induced Crystallization of Polymers at Elevated Pressures 825

    M.H.E. van dcr Beck, G.W.M. Peters, H.E.H. Mcijcr

    FP198 Crystallization and Properties of Plasticized Poly(L-lactide) 829

    R.Kulinski, E.Piorkowska

    FP268 Determination of the Crystallization Kinetics of a PBT/PET Blend in Relation to 833

    the Behaviour of the Constituents

    V. La Carrubba, A. Stocco, S. Piccarolo, V. Brucato

    FP021 Tabu Search Method Used In Macromolecular Designee 837

    T. Rusu, V. Bulacovschi

    FP 106 On the Effect of Chain Ends and Chain Stiffness on the Second Virial Coefficient 841

    of Polysulfone - Theoretical Aspects

    A. Filimon, S. loan, E. Avram

    FP 108 Crosslinked Structures in Solution of poly(ether urethane)s 845

    M. Lupu, S. loan, D. Macocinschi

    FP 112 The Role Of Compatibilizers In The Structure Development Of Polymer Blends 849

    E. Van Hcmelrijck, P. Van Puyveldc, P. Moldcnacrs

    Link between process and final properties

    FP036 Development of a Neural Network to Predict the Final Geometry of Forged 855

    Rings after Cooling

    S. Casotto, S. Bruschi, F. Pascon, A. M. Habraken

    FP138 Numerical Implementation of a Fatigue Criterion Taking into Account the Grain 859Flow OrientationN. Caillct, P.-O. Bouchard, Y. Chastcl

    FP173 Dimensional Stability and Mechanical Properties of Mouldings Featuring Novel 863Morphologies Produced with by Active Shear Rotation During InjectionMoulding

    C.A. Silva, J. C. Viana, A. M. Cunha


  • ESAFORM 2005 Conference, Cluj-Napoca, Romania



    Influence of Process Parameters on Friction Stir Welding Conditions - 867Application to 6061 T6 Al Alloy Thin Plates

    F. Gratecap, G. Racineux, A. Poitou

    Melt Manipulation Techniques in Non-Conventional Injection Moulding: 871Structure Development and the Mechanical Properties

    A. D. Kouyumdzhiev, J. C. Viana, A. M. Cunha

    FP051(Keynote paper)

    FP148(Keynote paper)

    FP287(Keynote paper)









    Polymer Processing and Modelling

    Numerical Simulation Of Plastic Sheath Coating Of Telephone Wires 877

    E. Mitsoulis

    Role of Process Simulation in Liquid Composite Moulding 881

    V. Neacsu, A. Gokce, P. Simacek, J. M. Lawrence, S. G. Advani

    Modeling of Anisothermal Dynamic Crystallization in Injection Molding 885

    J. Smimova, L. Silva, B. Monasse, J.-M. Haudin, J.-L. Chenot

    Influence of the PET Chain Structure on its Stretch Blow Moulding Ability 889

    E. Deloye, J.-M. Haudin, N. Billon

    PET under Uniaxial and Biaxial Tension Loading: Models Validation by 893Comparison Between Uniaxial and Biaxial Data's

    L. Chevalier, Y. Marco

    Determination of the Spatial Distribution of Molecular Orientation in Injection 897Molded iPP

    R. Mendoza, G. Regnier, L. David, R. Fulchiron, C. Rochas

    Multilayer Film Blowing Process. Numerical and Experimental Results 901

    E. Gamache, J-F. Agassant, Y. Demay, P.G. Lafleur

    3D Finite Element Modelling of the Stretch Blow Moulding Process 905

    C. Champin, M. Bellet, F.M. Schmidt, J.-F. Agassant, Y. Le Maoult

    Vectorial Algorithm for Bi-phasic Simulation of the Powder Segregation in 909Metal Injection Moulding

    Z.Cheng, T.Barriere, B.Liu, J.C.Gelin

    Experimental Study and Simulation of Heterogeneous Anisotropic Elastic 913Properties of Injection-molded Fiber-Reinforced Polymer

    D. Liksonov, T. Barriere, N. Boudeau, J.C. Gelin, L. Maslov

    Determination of the Volumetric Thermal Expansion Coefficient of Glass Fiber 917Reinforced (GFR) Thermoplastics through Pressure-Volume-Temperature (PVT)Measurements

    V. La Carrubba, M. Butters, G. Struijk, W. Zoetelief


  • Contents




    Evolution of Morphology During Processing of Thermoplastic Polymers: the 921Injection Moulding Process

    G. Titomanlio, I. Coccorullo, R. Pantani, V. Speranza

    Optimisation of Infrared Heating System for the Thermoforming Process 925

    M. Bordival, S. Andrieu, F.M. Schmidt, Y. Le Maoult, S. Monteix

    Film Blowing and Characterization of PA6/LDPE Blends 929

    F.P. La Mantia, N. Tzankova Dintcheva

    Composite forming technologies and modelling

    FP012 Strain Field in the Picture Frame Test: Large and Small Scale Optical 935

    (Keynote paper) Measurements

    S.V. Lomov, A. Willems, M.Barburski, T.Stoilova, I.Verpoest

    FP076 Modelling the Effects of Blank-Holder Pressure and Material Variability on 939

    (Keynote paper) Forming of Textile Preforms

    A. C. Long, J Wiggers, P Harrison

    FP094 Spring-Forward in Composite Plate Elements 943(Keynote paper) g w i j s k a m P j £ A D L a m e r s , R. AkkermanFP139 Consistent Preprocessor for the Unit Woven Cell for Meso-Macro Analyses of 947

    (Keynote paper) Fabric Forming

    G. Hivet, B. Laine, P. Boisse

    FP025 Development of a Simplified Finite Element Model for Draping and Wrinkling of 951

    Woven Material

    A. A Skordos, C. Monroy Aceves, M. P F Sutcliffe

    FP062 Mechanical Analysis of 3D Braided Fiber Reinforced Composites Based on 955

    Homogenization and Elastic-Plastic Constitutive Laws

    J.-H. Kim, M.-G. Lee, H. Ryou, M.-H. Lee, K. Chung, T. J. Kang, J. R. Youn

    FPO79 Towards Real Time Manipulation of Virtual Fabric Reinforcement - Extending 959

    and Enhancing Kinematic Drape Simulation Tools

    S.G. Hancock, K.D. Potter

    FP087 Finite Element Forming Simulation of NCF Considering Natural Variability of 963

    Fiber Direction

    W.R. Yu, P. Harrison, A.C. Long

    FP100 Influence of Material and Process Parameters on Segregation Phenomena During 967

    Compression Molding of GMT

    P. Dumont, L. Orgeas, C. Servais, V. Michaud, D. Favier, J.-A. E. Manson

    FP101 Development of a RTM Mould Filling System Integrating Simulation, 971Optimisation and Control TechniquesF. Sanchez, J.A. Garcia, F. Chinesta, G.Salvador, Ll.Gascon


  • ESAFORM 2005 Conference, Cluj-Napoca, Romania














    Flow Of Non-Newtonian Viscous Fluids Through Fibrous Media: Experimental 975And Numerical Study

    Z. Idris, C. Andre, C. Gcindreau, L. Orgcas, J.-F. Bloch, L. Dcbovc

    Micro-Deformation Of Foam-Composite Sandwich Structures During Curing 979

    S. S. Chcon, S. H. Chang

    FE Modelling of Micro-Deformation of Carbon Fabric-Metallic Foam Sandwich 983Structures

    S.S. Chang, S.S. Chcon

    Kinematics of Intra-Ply Slip of Textile Composites During Bias Extension Tests 987

    P. Harrison, M.-K. Tan, A. C. Long

    Drape Simulation of Non-Crimp Fabrics 991

    R.H.W. ten Thijc, R. Locndcrsloot, R. Akkcrman

    Permeability Of The Woven Fabrics: A Parametric Study 995

    B. Laine, G. Hivct, P. Boissc, F. Boust, S. V. Lomov

    Experimental Study on Woven Composites with Different Temperature 999Trajectories

    H. S. Cheng, J. Cao, N. Mahayotsanun

    Simulation of Double Dome Stamping of Twill Woven Fabric Composites 1003

    X. Li, J. A. Sherwood, L. Liu, J. Chen

    Biaxial Tensile Tests on Glass/PP under Optical Strain Measurement 1007

    A. Willems, D. Vandepitte, S. V.Lomov, I. Verpoest

    Simulations and Experiments in Continuous Fibres Composites Forming 1011

    J.L Daniel, D. Soulat, P. Boissc

    Measurement of the Transverse and Longitudinal Viscosities of Continuous Fibre 1015Reinforced Composites

    P. Harrison, T. Haylock, A.C. Long

    Mechanical Analysis of 3D Braided Fiber Reinforced Composites Based on 1019Homogenization and Elastic-Plastic Constitutive Laws

    J.-H. Kim, M.-G. Lee, H. Ryou, M.-H. Lee, K. Chung, T. J. Kang, J. R. Youn

    Technological Parameters Optimisation for High Compression Strength of Parts 1023Made of Melamine and Clay Compounds

    L. Hancu, D. Pauncscu, H, Iancau

    FP266(Keynote paper)

    FP048(Keynote paper)

    General and special topics

    Experimentation and FE Simulation of a Flow Forming Process

    C.C. Wong, J. Lin, T.A. Dean

    Three-Dimensional Finite Element Modelling for an Uterus Surgery

    A. Paccini, Y. Tillier, J. Dclotte, M. Durand-Reville, J.-L. Chcnot




  • Contents












    Behaviour of Friction Stir Welded T-Components under Loading 1037

    G. Buffa, L. Filice, L. Fratini, F. Gagliardi

    Two Simple Models for Exploring a Novel Flexible Ring Rolling Process 1041

    T. F. Stanistreet, J. M. Allwood

    Simulation of Deformation in Mannesmann Piercing Process 1045

    K. Komori

    Power Evaluation in a Hot Rod Rolling Process 1049

    F. Capece Minutolo, M. Durante, L. Giorleo, A. Langella

    Requirements for the Design of Roll Materials for Wire Rod Rolling 1053

    S.-E. Lundberg

    High Magnetic Field Effect on Texture of Low GNO Silicon Steel 1057

    C.M.B. Bacaltchuk, G.A. Castello-Branco, H. Garmestani, C. Iskandar, P. Koo, A.Kasseh, R. Abourialy, O.S. Es-Said

    Clad Sheet Rolling Analysis by the Modified Slab Method 1061

    F. Farhat-Nia, M. Salirai

    An Investigation to the Alpha Phase Dynamic Globularization in Ti-6A1-4V 1065Alloys

    A.R. Shahab, A. Zarei-Hanzaki, M. Mastoori, S.M.H. Hoseiny, H. Azizi-Alizamini

    3-D Finite Element Modelling of Macular Translocation 1069

    Y. Tillier, C. Falcot, A. Paccini, G. Caputo, J.-L. Chenot

    A cost model for the Friction Stir Welding process 1073

    R. Di Lorenzo, L. Fratini

    The Components of Logarithmic Strain Tensor in Material Forming and 1077Comparison with the Components of Conventional Strain

    V. Ungureanu

    FP174(Keynote paper)

    FP276(Keynote paper)



    Semi-solid processing

    Thixoforming of Steel: Experiments on Thermal Effects and Micromechanical 1083Modelling

    P. Cezard, R. Bigot, V. Favier, M. Berveiller, M. Robelet

    Study of liquid fraction evolution of semi-solid steels for thixoforming 1087

    J. Lecomte-Beckers, A. Rassili, M. Carton, M. Robelet

    Pseudo-Semi-Solid Thixofroming of Ceramics Matrix Composite 1091

    Y.-S. Cheng, S.-J. Luo, Z.-M. Du

    Semi-Solid Forming of Steels 1095

    A. Rassili, C. Geuzaine, P. Dular, M. Robelet, J. Demeurger, D. Fischer


  • ESAFORM 2005 Conference, Cluj-Napoca, Romania







    Twin roll casting of Al-16%Si hypereutectic aluminium alloy strip 1099

    T. Haga, M. Ikawa, W. Hisaki

    Semi-sold roll casting of AZ31B magnesium alloy by a horizontal roll caster 1103

    H. Watari, T. Haga, K. Davcy, M. Sato, N. Takada

    Flow Visualisation for Semi-Solid Alloys 1107

    H.V. Atkinson, P.J. Ward

    Rheological properties of semi-solid metallic alloys 1111

    M. Modigell, L. Pape, M. Hufschmidt

    SLC™ - Sub Liquidus Casting: An Economical Route to Rheocasting 1115

    J. Jorstad, M. Thieman, R. Rogner

    Semisolid roll casting of wire-inserted composite strip 1119

    T. Haga, K. Takahashi, W. Hisaki