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Transcript of Proceeding of the 1999 International Conference on ... · UB/TIB Hannover 89 119 802 988 TOC. Table...

  • Proceeding of the1999 International Conference on Incineration and

    Thermal Treatment Technologies

    Orlando, Florida U.S.A.

    Lori B. CohenConference Coordinator

    University of California, Irvine

    Joyce FeldmanTechnical Chairman

    Environmental Consultant

    Anthony R. EicherTechnical Vice-Chairman

    James G. TripodesOversight Chairman

    University of California, Irvine

    Sponsored byAir & Waste Management Association (AWMA)American Academy of Environmental Engineers

    American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

    Coalition for Responsible Waste Incineration (CRWI)Health Physics Society (HPS)

    Institution of Chemical Engineers - United Kingdom (IChemE)Institute for Professional Environmental Practice (IPEP)

    Institution of Mechanical Engineers - United Kingdom (IMechE)Korea Associate Council of Incineration Technology (KACIT)National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS)

    UK Environmental Agency - United KingdomUnited States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA)

    United States Department of Energy (U.S. DOE)

    UB/TIB Hannover 89119 802 988


  • Table ofContents

    SESSION 2 HYDROTHERMAL OXIDATIONChair: Maribel Soto, Office of Naval ResearchCo-Chair: Eugene L. Keating, Geo-Centers, Inc.

    Hydrothermal Industrial Waste Water and Sludge Treatments 1Frangois Cansell, Institut de Chimie de la Matiere Condensee de Bordeaux (ICMCB); Patrick Beslin,Association Pole Environnement Sud Aquitain (APESA)

    Hydrothermal Oxidation of Radioactive Combustible Waste 7Laura A. Worl, Steven J. Buelow, David M. Harradine, Robb Lanning, Dennis D. Padilla, James H. Roberts,Xiaoyan Shao, Los Alamos National Laboratory

    Test Results From Hydrothermal Oxidation of Shipboard Excess Hazardous Materials 15P.J. Crooker, K.S. Ahluwalia andZ. Fan, Foster Wheeler Development Corporation; G.M. Meagher,GenCorp Aerojet

    Hydrothermal Oxidation (HTO): A Systems Engineering Approach to Technology Validation 21Virginia L. Morris, Arthur D. Little, Inc.; Maribel Soto, Office of Naval Research

    Hydrothermal Oxidation Development For Air Force Applications 25James P. Elliott, David Hazlebeck, Michael H. Spritzer, General Atomics; James A. Hurley, Stanley A. Rising,Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL/MLQE)

    SESSION 3 COMBUSTION RESEARCHChair: Tom Ho, Lamar UniversityCo-Chair: Shigekatsu Mori, Nagoya University

    Incineration of Biomass in a Pilot Scale Vortexing Fluidized Bed Combustor 31Chien-Song Chyang, Hou-Peng Wan, Kuo-Liang Wang, Chung Yuan Christian University

    Simulation of Processes for Thermal Disposal of Wastes 41PetrStehlik, Radim Puchyr, Technical University of Brno; Jaroslav Oral, EVECO Brno, Ltd.

    Combustion Test of Refuse Derived Fuel in a Fluidized Bed 49Guilin Piao, Shigeru Aono, Ryohei Yamazaki, Shigekatsu Mori, Nagoya University; Motohiro Kondoh,Toyota Motor Corporation

    Thermal Desorptionof PAH's and Pentachlorophenol 53Wendell R. Feltman, ASTEC SPI Division

    SESSION 4 THERMAL TREATMENT OF INDUSTRIAL & MUNICIPAL WASTESChair: Prakash Acharya, IT CorporationCo-Chair: Thomas B. Niehoff, Air Products (PLC) GmbH

    Low Density Ceramic Filter Elements and Their Application to Waste Incineration 59G. Elliott, A. Startin, Scapa Filter Media UK Service Center

    Conversion of Soil Remediating Incinerators into Industrial Waste Incinerators 65Prakash Acharya, George H. Hay, IT Corporation

  • Thermal Treatment and Energy Recovery From Municipal and Industrial Wastes by a Private Waste ManagementCompany in Japan 77Yoshinobu Sato, Yasunari Okino, Misao Igarashi, Tsukishima Kikai Co., Ltd. (TSK)

    A Pilot-Scale Incinerator for Evaluating the Combustion of Co-fired Plastics 83Chad Sheng, Sukrut Thipse, Hongyun Sun, Joseph W. Bozzelli, Michael R. Booty, Richard S. Magee,New Jersey Institute of Technology; David Hoecke, Enercon Systems

    Petroleum Waste Thermal Desorption Process 89Bassam A. Mekari, International Product Recovery, Ltd.; Steve Mortensen, Harper International Corporation

    Demonstration of Incineration of Cow Cadaver Under Field Condition in the Suburb of Brno (Czech Republic) 95LA. Sobolev, S.A. Barinov, E.M. Timofeev, M.I. Ojovan, G.A. Petrov, K.N. Semenov, V.M. Tivanskiy,A.G. Petrov, Scientific and Industrial Association "Radon"; H. Bitt, K. Cidlinsky, Sr., K. Cidlinsky, Jr.,Bitt Technology

    SESSION 5 VITRIFICATION TECHNOLOGIESChair: Larry Paul, Haynes International, Inc.Co-Chair: Tim Rivers, MSE Technology Applications, Inc.

    Flash Vitrification of Fly Ash 99Ivan Milosavljevic, Jean Michel Samaniego, Air Liquide; Gerard Antonini, Philippe Sajet,Universite de Technologie de Compiigne; Philppe Buchet, Gaz de France; Francis Duchateau, TIRU;Jean-Pierre Perotin, STMI

    Leaching Characteristics of Waste Glass Forms Containing Two Different Incineration Ashes 103In-Tae Kim, Won-Zin Oh, Joon-Hyung Kim, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute; Kyu-Seong Lee,Yong-Chil Seo, Yonsei University; Ja-Kong Koo, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

    Immobilization of Incinerator Ash in a Synroc-type Form 109Tatiana Lashtchenova, Sergey Stefanovsky, Scientific and Industrial Association "Radon"


    Thermochemical Treatment of Nuclear Reactor Graphite Wastes: Thermodynamic Analysis 115Michael I. Ojovan, Olga K. Karlina, Vsevolod L. Klimov, Galina Yu. Pavlova,Scientific and Industrial Association, "Radon "

    NOx Generation During GB Nerve Agent Incineration 121CM. Mihlfeith, Marland Stanley, EG&G Defense Materials, Inc.

    Decontamination of Concrete by the Surface Heating 127Victor M. Tivansky, Olga K. Karlina, Arcady G. Petrov, Michael I Ojovan, Igor A. Sobolev,Scientific and Industrial Association "Radon"

    VITRIFICATION TECHNOLOGIESChair: James Donnelly, Kvaemer Metals

    The Experimental Study of Vitrification of Incinerated Ashes by Plasma Energy 131Hyun-Seo Park, Hwan-No Lee, Kyu-IIJi, Jun-Sub Chang, Won-Young Chang, Hyung-Jin Kim, Tai-Hyoun Kim,Yong-Hae Ji, Jae-Woo Lee, Samsung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.


  • Alteration Reactions and Volume Stability of MSWI Bottom Ashes 135G. Pfrang-Stotz, Forschungzentrum Karlsruhe (ITC/TAB); J. Reichelt, Universitdt Karlsruhe (ISE)

    GENERALChair: Ivan Milosavijevic, Air Liquide

    Incineration of Radioactive Waste Graphite Sludge in a Transferred Arc Plasma Furnace 141N. Cerquiera, S. Megy, C. Vandersteendam, J.M. Maronnet, Limoges University; C. Girold,CEA/DCC/DRV/SCD/LDPI

    Capitalizing on the Basics of Environmental Control 149Jonathan Butcher, Jr., NCE Corporation; William Wagner, Hospital Waste Management, Inc.

    Ex-Situ Thermal Treatment of Contiminated Soils Using Indirect Thermal Desorption 153Janice K. Macintosh, Stephen A. Warren, Maxymillian Technologies, Inc.

    SESSION 6 GASIFICATION & PYROLYSISChair: Kevin J. Whiting, Independent ConsultantCo-Chair: Mark Swientoniewski, Bechtel Environmental, Inc.

    Direct Generation of Electrical Power Using Biomass Sludge Manure, Poultry Litter and Municipal Wastes as Fuel 159Robert G. Graham, CHx Engineering Co.

    A New Technology for Treatment of PVC Waste 163C. Jaksland, E. Rasmussen, T. Rhode, NKT Research Center A/S

    Waste Char Combustion in Oxygen Enriched Air 169E. Henrich, S. Biirkle, S. Rumpel, 1TC-CPV, Forschungzentrum Karlsruhe; R. Reimert, EBI,Universitdt Karlsruhe

    Solid Waste Gasification Perspectives 177K.J. Whiting, Independent Consultant

    Gasification and Combustion of Wastes Using High Temperature Air 183Kunio Yoshikawa, Tokyo Institute of Technology

    SESSION 7 CONTAMINANTS OF INTERESTChair: Kevin Bruce, Arcadis-Geraghty & MillerCo-Chair: Gary Hinshaw, Midwest Research InstituteStabilisation of Heavy Metals in Incinerator Fly Ash 189P.H. Lee, V. Nasserzadeh, J. Swithenbank, C. McLeod, B.B. Argent, Sheffield University; J.V. Laming,Hotwork Engineering Ltd.

    Metals Removal Efficiency as a Function of System Reed Rate and Gas Cleaning Train Design 193Rick Ullrich, WastePro Engineering, Inc.

    Thermodynamic Study of the Behavior of Uranium and Plutonium During Thermal Treatment Under Reducingand Oxidizing Modes 199T.C. Ho, T.H. Kuo, J.R. Hopper, Lamar University

    Emissions of Poly chlorinated Biphenyls as Products of Incomplete Combustion From Incinerators 207P.M. Lemeiux, C.W. Lee, J.D. Kilgroe, J.V. Ryan, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

    Dioxins and Furans in Incineration: Experimental and Modeling Study 213Ivan Milosavijevic, Pluton Pullumbi, Air Liquide


  • Studies to Reduce Uncertainties Associated With Temperature and Metal Content Dependence of Dioxin/FuranConcentration in MSWIFly Ash 219John Etheridge, Arun Kumar, Dana Miles, Charles Waggoner, Robin Wiser, Tom Meaker, Jay McCown,Mississippi State University

    Dioxin/Furan Formation and Removal During High Temperature Offgas Filtration in a Pilot-Scale Incineration System 225C.G Whitworth, S. Babko, R. Rees, S. Johnson, K. Reick, M. Trimble, J.L. Montgomery, DM. Battleson,Clarence G. Whitworth, MSE Technology Applications, Inc.

    SESSION 8 DEMONSTRATED TECHNOLOGIES, RADIOACTIVE WASTEChair: Rolf Hesbol, INDAR ABCo-Chair: Rik Vanbrabant, BelgoprocessStudsvik Processing Facility Pyrolysis/Steam Reforming Technology for Volume and Weight Reduction andStablization of LLRW and Mixed Wastes 235J. Bradley Mason, Thomas W. Oliver, Marty P. Carson, G. Mike Hill, Studsvik, Inc.

    Burning of a-Suspected Radioactive Waste, After Characterisation by the NDA-IPAN/GEA-System, Into theCILVA fi, y-Waste Incinerator 241Jan Deckers, Paul Luycx, Belgoprocess

    Compliance Assurance Strategies for Mixed Waste Incinerators 245W.R. Seeker, B. Springsteen, W. Clark, Energy and Environmental Research Corporation; D. Eaton,Lockheed Martin Idaho Technologies, Co.; C.C. Lee, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

    Treatment of Solid Wastes With Molten Salt Oxidation 251Peter C. Hsu, Kenneth G. Foster, Timothy D. Ford, P. Henrik Wallman, Bruce E. Watkins, Cesar O. Pruneda,Martyn G. Adamson, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

    Completion of the INEEL's WERF Incinerator Trial Burn 257Curtis Branter, Dennis Conley, Shannon Corrigan, David Moser,Lockheed Martin Idaho Technologies Company

    Design, Construction and Start-up of the World's Largest Incinerator for Radioactive Waste at Centraco, France 263Frederik M0ller, Envikraft A/S; Alexis Grimaud, Socodei S.A.

    Liquid Waste Treatment and Handling Options Aboard U.S. Navy Ships 267Stuart H. Brown, Mark Pechulis, Naval Surface Warfare Center

    SESSION 9A COMBUSTION STRATEGY IMPLEMENTATION IN REGION VIChair: Bill Schofield, Focus Environmental, Inc.Co-Chair: Tony Eicher, Focus Environmental, Inc.

    Trial Burn and Risk Burn Testing for 17 Hazardous Waste Combustion Units at The Dow Chemical CompanyTexas Operations Facilities 273Kenneth R. Hanchey, Leslie E. Fan, The Dow Chemical Company; Anthony R. Eicher, Walter C. Lin,Focus Enviromental, Inc

    Results of Risk Burn Data For Boilers and Industrial Furnaces in Louisiana 277Charles W. Handrich, Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality

    Trends in Risk Assessment Results in Texas 283Bill Schofield, Anthony R. Eicher, Focus Environmental, Inc.

    Sensitivity Analysis of the Surface Roughness Length Parameter in a Hazardous Waste CombustionRisk Assessment Case Study 287Ryan Clausen, Emmanuel Wada, Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality


  • A Risk Assessment in Texas: The Port Arthur Experience 293Harold Byerly, Chemical Waste Management, Inc.; Steve Cook, Cook-Joyce, Inc.; Mike Fuchs,Radian International

    Combustion Source Risk Assessments: Lessons Learned in Louisiana and Texas 303William Fuller, Annette Shipp, Alberto Tohme', Holly Bartow, The K.S. Crump Group, Inc., ICFKaiser

    POSTER SESSION II CONTAMINANTS OF INTERESTChair: Paul Lemieux, U.S. Environmental Protection AgencyCo-Chair: Mike Budin, RMT/Four Nines

    Effect of Chlorine on the Fate of Hazardous and Radioactive Metals in Waste Thermal Process 311Hee-Chul Yang, Jae-Hee Lee, Jeong-Guk Kim, Won-Zin Oh, Joon-Hyung Kim, KAERI

    Capturing of Multi-Component Vapor-Phase Metals Using the Bed of Inorganic Sorbents 319Hee-Chul Yang, Won-Zin Oh, Hyun-Soo Park, Joon-Hyung Kim, KAERI; Jong-Sung Yun,Chungnam National University

    Catalytic Destruction of Chlorinated Aromatic Compounds in the Flue Gas of Incineration Plants Over Metal Oxideand Noble Metal-Supported Catalysts 327J. Furrer, M. Stoll, R. Bechtler, H. Seifert, Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe GmbH; G. Schaub,Universitdt Karlsruhe

    Separation of Chlorobenzene by Means of the Carbon Entrainment Process at the Kaso Facility 333J. Furrer, H. Barth, R. Bechtler, R. Kaempffer, A. Linek, R. Oberst, H. Seifert,Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe GmbH

    EMISSIONSChair: Joseph J. Santoleri, Santoleri Associates

    Heat Recovery and VOC Oxidation Process in Porous Media Bed with Two-Directional Flow 337Kang-Ju Lee, Inha Technical Junior College; Young-Sik Jeong, Jae-Ou Chae, Inha University

    The Effect of Promoters Addition on Stationary NOx Removal by NH3 over V2O/TIO2 345Keon Joo Lee, Kwon Mo Yang, Sangji University

    A Low Flow Rate Test Stand For Process Simulation and Calibration of Optical Diagnostic Instrumentation 351R. Arun Kumar, John A. Etheridge, J.P. Singh, Hansheng Zhang, Dana Miles, Casey Henry,Mississippi State University

    High Vacuum Indirectly-Heated Rotary Kiln for the Removal and Recovery of Mercury From Air PollutionControl Scrubber Waste 355Greg G. Hawk, Randy A. Aulbaugh, Scientific Consulting Laboratories, Inc.

    Field Testing of Regenerable Sorbents for Recovery of Mercury From Flue Gases 361Thomas Broderick, Craig Turchi, Jason Albiston, ADA Technologies, Inc.

    SESSION 10 PLASMAChair: Tim Rivers, MSE Technology Applications, Inc.Co-Chair: Ralph Keonig, Merlin Company/Boulder, Inc.

    Thermal Plasma Vitrification Treatment of Various Waste Surrogates 367J.P. Chu, W.H. Chuang, W.Y. Sung, National Taiwan Ocean University; C. C. Tzeng, Y.Y. Kuo, Y. J. Yu,Institute of Nuclear Energy Research


  • Thermal Plasma Assisted Combustion of Diesel Fuel Mixtures 373David A. Counts, Steven H. Peterson, Geo-Centers, Inc.; Bruce D. Sartwell, Naval Research Laboratory

    Plasma Arc Technology Development for Radioactive Waste Treatment 377Chin-Ching Tzeng, Deng-Lain Lin, Youn-Yen Kuo, Tsair-Fuh Huang, Yuh-Jenq Yu, Heng-Yi Li,Ping-Chun Kuo, Tsung-Min Hung, Institute of Nuclear Energy Research

    Plasma Afterburner for Incineration Gases 383Christophe Girold, Jean-Pierre Charvillat, Commissariat a VEnergie Atomique (CEA)

    Transportable Plasma Energy Pyrolysis System (PEPSTM) Demonstration System Capabilities and Initial Testing 389Jay Ramamurthi, Douglas Jamieson, Mindy Morack, Vanguard Research, Inc.

    SESSION 11 INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES/HAZARDOUSChair: Jack Brady, Andersen 2000, Inc.Co-Chair: Tom Ho, Lamar University

    The Power of Plasma: Commercialization and the Environment 395Trevor N. Mustoe, Forest W. Liang, David S. Caffey, Callidus Technologies Incorporated

    Regenerative Thermal Oxidation of Non-Conventional Emissions 397Gerard Gosselin, Jean O. Gravel, Biothermica

    Detoxification/Vitrification of Secondary Materials for Small Plants 401Larry Penberthy, Penberthy Vitrification, Inc.; James Hopkins, Harper International Corporation

    Actively Controlled Afterburner for Compact Waste Incinerator 405T. Parr, K. Wilson, R. Smith, K. Schadow, Naval Air Warfare Center; J. Cole, N. Widmer, R. Seeker,Energy and Environmental Research Corporation

    Efficient, Modular Microwave Plasma Torch for Thermal Treatment 413Kamal Hadidi, Paul Woskov, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Numerical Simulation of a Liquid Waste Vortex Incinerator 419Thomas Marino, Stuart Brown, Naval Surface Warfare Center

    SESSION 12 MEASUREMENT TECHNIQUES AND ISSUESChair: Jeffery V. Ryan, U.S. Environmental Protection AgencyCo-Chair: Beth Antley, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

    Diagnostic Field Measurements on a High-Temperature Industrial Furnace 423M.J. Plodinec, R.L Cook, R. Arunkumar, R.A. Green, L.L. Gresham, P.R. Jang, J.S. Lindner, J.C. Luthe,M.J. McCarthy, DM. Miles, D.L. Monts, O.P. Norton, W.P. Okhuysen, J.P. Singh, F.Y. Yueh, G.A. Zikratov,Mississippi State University

    The Application of Traditional Data Quality Objectives (DQO) to the Measurement of Unspeciated Mass:Techniques and Observations 431Patti B. Carswell, Donald C. Wasmund, William C. Anderson, Quanterra Analytical Consulting Services

    Calculation of Combustion Gas Flow Rate and Residence Time Based on Stack Gas Data 439Anthony R. Eicher, Focus Environmental, Inc.

    Characterization of Organic Emissions From Hazardous Waste Incineration Processes Under the New EPA DraftRisk Burn Guidance: Measurement Issues 443Jeffrey V. Ryan, Paul M. Lemieux, Karen Pollard, Rosemary Workman, Beth Antley Jeffrey Yurk, U.S.Environmental Protection Agency

  • Analysis of Trace-Level Organic Combustion Process Emissions Using Novel Multidimensional GasChromatography-Mass Spectrometry Procedures 449Wayne A. Rubey, Richard C. Striebich, University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI);Jeffery V. Ryan, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

    Development of Offgas Sample Collection Methods for an Emissions Inventory of a Highly Acidic RadioactiveWaste Thermal Treatment Process 457R.D. Boardman, N.R. Soelberg, L.J. Young, D.V. Croson, Lockheed Martin Idaho Technologies Company

    SESSION 13 OPTIMIZATION AND CONTROLChair: Mike Aident, IT CorporationOptimization of Design and Operational Parameter in the Rotary Kiln 467Seok-Wan Kim, Kyungsan University; Ja-Kong Koo, KA1ST

    Temperature Mapping of a Heterogeneous Combustion Chamber by Infrared Thermographic Image Processing 473D. Manca, M. Rovaglio, F. Rusconi, Dipartimento di Chimica Industrial ed Ingegneria Chimica "G Natta"

    Evaluating the Combustion Operational Parameters that Impact the Destruction and Removal Efficiency ofHydrogen Cyanide 481Thomas M. Moran, Solutia, Inc., Anthony R. Eicher, Chris E. McBride, Focus Environmental, Inc.

    SESSION 14 U.S. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE AND U.S. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGYPROGRAMSChair: Richard Kimmel, U.S. Department of EnergyCo-Chair: Gene Nolting, Naval Surface Warfare CenterPrototype Detonation Test and Destruction Facility (PDTDF) 487Lester Y. Pitcher, Karen Thorpe, General Physics Corporation; Edward Newell, Aberdeen Proving Ground

    Current Status of Development of Plasma Arc Systems for Destruction of Navy Wastes 493Steven H. Peterson, David A. Counts, Geo-Centers, Inc.; Bruce D. Sartwell, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory;Eugene E. Nolting, Jon Cofield, Naval Surface Warfare Center

    Development of a Plasma Energy Pyrolysis System (PEPS) to Treat Complex Military Waste Streams 499Ed Smith, Hany Zaghloul, U.S. Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratories (USACERL)

    Installation of the Hybrid Plasma Induction Cold Crucible Melter 505Dana McGee Miles, Mississippi State University; Vitaliy Gotovchikov, Russian Research Institute of ChemicalTechnology; Naum Gurvitch, ESTEL; John A. Etheridge, R. Arunkumar, William Gene Ramsey,Mississippi State University

    Development of System and Performance Criteria for Replacement of the "Mil-Spec" Solid Waste IncineratorOnboard U.S. Navy Warships 511William K. Upton, Peter S. McGraw, Naval Surface Warfare Center

    U.S. Navy R&D Vision for Shipboard Thermal Destruction of Solid and Liquid Wastes 519CarlM. Adema, Anthony T. Rodriguez, U.S. Navy; Christopher H. Crane, Geo-Centers, Inc.

    Thermal Denitration of High Alkali Nitrate Liquid Waste by a Bench-Scale Rotary Reactor 527Jenn-Hai Pao, Richard D. Boardman, Douglas W. Marshall, Lockheed Martin Idaho Technologies Company


  • SESSION 15 INNOVATIVE & EMERGING EMISSIONS MONITORING SYSTEMS /TECHNOLOGIESChair: Nina Bergan French, Sky + Ltd.Co-Chair: Steve Priebe, Idaho National Environmental Engineering Laboratory (INEEL)Paniculate Matter Continuous Emission Monitor Test Performance in a Moisture-Saturated Flue Gas 533Ronald E. Bastain, Focus Environmental, Inc.; Richard H. Lambert, Eli Lilly and Company

    The Effect of Averaging Time on Compliance with PM Standards When Using Continuous Emission Monitors 541M.E. Keener, Coalition for Responsible Waste Incineration; R.H. Lambert, Eli Lilly and Company;R.E. Bastian, Focus Environmental, Inc.

    Second Generation Continuous Sampling System for Hazardous Element Compliance Assurance Based onXRF Analysis 547J.A. Cooper, B.E. Johnsen, Cooper Environmental Services; R.H. Lambert, K. Beach, J. Owens,Eli Lilly and Company

    Development of a Real-Time Jet-REMPI Based Monitor for Dioxins 553David R. Crosley, Michael J. Coggiola, Gregory W. Faris, Harald Oser, SRI International

    Implementation of Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy as a Continuous Emissions Monitor for Toxic Metals 559Steven G. Buckley, Howard A. Johnsen, Kenneth R. Hencken, David W. Hahn, Sandia National Laboratories

    Accurate and Sensitive Metals Emissions Monitoring with an Atmospheric Microwave-Plasma Having aReal-Time Span Calibration 565Paul P. Woskov, Kamal Hadidi, Paul Thomas, Karyn Green, Guadalupe Flores, MIT Plasma Scienceand Fusion Center

    Demonstration of a Continuous Emission Monitor for Total Mercury Measurements at the DOE Oak RidgeTSCA Incinerator Facility 573Ronald L. Baker, Robert J. Peters, Aldora Technologies; Inge Skegg, Werner Sigl, Perkin Elmer ProcessAnalytical Division; J.E. Dunn, Jr., Bechtel Jacobs Company, LLC; Luther V. Gibson, Lockheed Martin

    SESSION 16 EMISSION & VOC CONTROLChair: Peter Falcone, T-Thermal/Selas Fluid Processing Corp.Co-Chair: Rick Ullrich, WastePro Engineering Co.

    Technology Evaluation for Removing Mercury Vapor from Incineration Offgas Abatement Systems 581John Montgomery, Dan Battleson, Clarence Whitworth, Sergei Babko, Steve Bryson, Steve Johnson,MSE Technology Applications, Inc.; Tom Brodrick, ADA Technologies, Inc.; Robert Brunette,Frontier Geoscience, Inc.

    Removal of Products of Incomplete Combustion with Carbon 589James J. Cudahy, Richard W. Helsel, Focus Environmental, Inc.

    Results of Emission Testing at a Medical Waste Incinerator Using Dry Injection / Fabric Filter APC Technology 595John Mazuik, Jr., Church & Dwight Co., Inc.

    Design Considerations for Air Pollution Control Equipment on Plasma Torch and Vitrification Type Hazardousand Radioactive Waste Processors 601Tracy L. Holloway, Andersen 2000 Inc.

    Thermal Oxidizer Issues Associated with Plant Expansions and Acquisitions 607Richard Kratz, RMT/Four Nines, Tara Lanier, Ashland Chemical Company

    Process Production Increases Through Oxidizer Control Modification 615Donald L. Corwin, Therm-A-COR Consulting


  • Condensation and Removal of NOx Precursor Vapors Via Ceramic Barrier Filter Cake 621James F. Zievers, Paul Eggerstedt, Jeffrey Miller, Industrial Filter & Pump Mfg. Co.; Elizabeth C. Zievers,Universal Porosics, Inc.

    SESSION 17A PART 1 MULTI-PATHWAY RISKChair: John U. Bell, SAF-RISK, LCCo-Chair: David A Weeks, Center for Toxicology and Environmental Health L.L.C.EPA's New Human Health Risk Assessment Protocol (HHRAP) How does it Compare? 627Douglas G. Smith, Betsy Ruffle, Marcus C. Garcia, Michael T. Mills, ENSR Consulting and Engineering

    EPA's New Human Health Risk Assessment Protocol (HHRAP) Strategic Issues 635Douglas G. Smith, Betsy Ruffle, Marcus C. Garcia, Michael T. Mills, ENSR Consulting and Engineering

    Consideration of the Uncertainty Associated with Air Modeling in the Understanding and Management of RisksFrom Combustor Emissions 639John U. Bell, Susan A. Ferenc, SAF-RISK, LC

    Incineration of Explosives-Contaminated Soil and Reactive RCRA Waste at the Former Weldon Spring OrdinanceWorks, Missouri, USA 645Jason M. Leibbert, William B. Empson, Daniel L. Mroz, Francis E. Bales, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers;Alan J. Zupko, Nancy P. Johnson, Roy F. Weston, Inc.

    Mixed Waste Facility Risk Assessment 651William Smith, Steven Goldenberg, Fred Feizollahi, ATG Inc.

    SESSION 17B PART II MULTI-PATHWAY RISKChair: Douglas Roeck, ENSR Consutling and EngineeringCo-Chair: Melvin Keener, Coalition for Responsible Waste Incineration

    Examination of Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Hazadrous Waste Combustion Risk Assessments 661David A. Weeks, Center for Toxicology and Environmental Health, LLC

    Ecological Risk Assessment for Hazardous Waste Combustors 665William P. Desmond, Bryan D. Matthews, Tetra Tech EM Inc.

    Lessons Learned in Application of EPA's Human Health Risk Assessment Protocol (HHRAP) 675Jeffrey J. Yurk, Cynthia J. Kaleri, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

    SESSION 18 ENERGETICSChair: Konstantin Jannakos, Forschungszentrum Kalrsruhe GmbHCo-Chair: John McFee, IT CorporationSafe Disposal of Pyrotechnic Ordnance Using a Plasma Treatment System 681Mike Lasher, MSE Technology Applications; Gary Mescavage, U.S. Army Research Developmentand Engineering Center

    Performance of a Batch Feed Furnace for Agent GB Decontamination 689Craig M. Young, Andrew D. Papadakis, Elizabeth Han, Kerm Jackson, EG&G Defense Materials, Inc.

    Cofiring as an Alternative to Landfill Disposal of Solid Rocket Motor Washout Material 697Steven G. Buckley, Gian C. Sclippa, James R. Ross, Glenn Mower, Larry L. Baxter,Sandia National Laboratories

    Xl l l

  • Mobile Plasma Treatment System 705Patrick V. Cashell, Krag D. Films, MSE Technology Applications, Inc.

    In Situ Low Temperature Thermal Desorption of Explosives-Contaminated Equipment and Facilities 711William J. Kelso, Parsons Engineering Science, Inc.; Wayne E. Sisk, U.S. Army Environmental Center;Mark S. Montgomery, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

    High Temperature Combined Decontamination Method for Metals 717S. Khrabrov, L. Mamaev, P. Poluektov, V. Tikhomirov, SRC RF VNIINM; M. Ojovan, O. Karlina, V. Tyvansky,A. Petrov, Scientific and Industrial Association "Radon "

    SESSION 19 DEMONSTRATED TECHNOLOGIESChair: H. Nugent Myrick, SARP IndustriesCo-Chair: Jim Renfroe, GTX, Inc.Experience with Thermal Treatment of Hazardous Industrial Wastes in the Czech Republic 721Jaroslav Oral, Zdenek Hajny, EVECO Brno, Ltd.; Petr Stehlik, Technical University of Brno

    Plant Test Concerning Combustion Characteristics in Mixed Combustion of RDF and Coal in Fluidized-Bed Boiler 729Motohiro Kondoh, Michichiko Hamai, Masataka Yamaguchi, Toyota Motor Corp.; Shigekatsu Mori,Graduate School of Nagoya University

    The Start-Up Plan GTX Hazardous Waste Incineration 735Tom Fancett, Jim Renfroe, GTX, Inc.

    Demonstrated Thermal Desorption Treatment Technology Experience for Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Material 747Shadi Nikfarjam, ASTEC / SPI Division

    Disposal of Paper Mill Wastes by Fluidized Bed Incineration: Operating Experience 753K. Mok, S.H. Pak, Hansol Paper Co., Ltd.

    Replacement of a Multiple Hearth by a Fluid Bed Incinerator The Greensboro Case History 759Arthur White, T.Z. Osborne, WWTP; Dale Mayrose, John F. Mullen, lnfilco Degremont, Inc.

    SESSION 20 MATERIALS ISSUESChair: Chirstopher B. Leger, Praxair, Inc.Co-Chair: Brian Baker, INCO Alloys International, Inc.

    Metallic Components Used in High Temperature Thermal Treatment Systems 765Larry Paul, Rodger Seeley, Haynes International

    High Temperature Corrosion of Iron-Base and Nickel-Base Heat-Resistant Alloys in aSimulated Waste Incineration Environment 773Brian A. Baker, Gaylord D. Smith, INCO Alloys International, Inc.

    Refractories to Contain Fluorinated Waste Streams 779Michael A. De Lucia, H. Edward Wolfe, Harbison-Walker Refractories Company

    Corrosion Resistant Material Options for Environmental Equipment 785Larry Paul, Raul B. Rebak, Paul Crook, Haynes International

    Corrosion Resistance of Candidate Heater Sleeve Materials for Application in the Slag Pit of aChemical Agent Incinerator 791S. K. Sundaram, M. R. Elmore, Battelle


  • SESSION 21 MEETING EMISSION STANDARDSChair: Melvin Keener, Coalition for Responsible Waste IncinerationCo-Chair: Douglas Roeck, ENSR Consulting and EngineeringAchieving Compliance with the Emission Requirements in the European Community Directive on Incineration ofHazardous Waste 92/C130/01 (COM 92(9)) in a Pharmaceutical Application for Disposal of Hazardous Liquid,Solid and Sludge Waste Materials 797Tom Van Remmen, Andersen 2000 Inc.

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