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  • 7/27/2019 Primus Guide


    Home Phone Plus Guide

    calling features and services tips and instructions

    My Home Phone

  • 7/27/2019 Primus Guide


    Primus Local Home Phone Plus

    Inside your guide toPrimus Local Home Phone Plus

    Services included with Primus Local Home Phone Plus:911, 411, 711, 0, 611 pg 1

    Primus Local Home Phone Plus Calling Features:My Home Phone Service Portal pg 2

    Directory pg 2Find Me Follow Me pg 3

    Call Treatment pg 3Hold Music pg 4Calling Line ID pg 4Language pg 5

    Alternate Number pg 5Call Display pg 6Call Display Blocking (*67) pg 6Call Forwarding pg 7Call Hold pg 7Call Screening pg 8Call Transfer pg 9Call Trace pg 9

    Call Waiting pg 9Visual Call Waiting pg 10Conference (5-way) Calling pg 10Do-Not-Disturb pg 11Last Call Return pg 12Privacy Guard pg 12Speed Dial pg 13Telemarketing Guard pg 13

    Turn Telemarketing Guard On or Off pg 13Change call screening options pg 14Add to the Allowed Friends & Family List pg 14Adding an Inadvertently screened caller to the allowed list pg 14Add a number to Denied Telemarketing List pg 14Remove a number from your Friends & Family or Denied list pg 15

    Voice Mail pg 15How to set up your voice mailbox pg 15How to change your password pg 15How to record a personal greeting pg 16How to retrieve messages pg 16Voice mailbox main menu options pg 17

    Troubleshooting your service pg 18

  • 7/27/2019 Primus Guide


    Services included with

    Primus Local Home Phone Plus

    In addition to your current phone number, telephone directory listing and reliable local calling,

    the following essential services are included:

    Emergency Service 911

    911 service allows you to directly dial the digits 9-1-1 and be connected to the closest local

    Emergency Service Bureau to report emergencies.

    Directory Assistance 411

    To reach an Operator who will provide you with name, number and address information on

    listings, dial 411. 411 calls are charged at pay-per-use rate that varies by region.

    Message Relay Service/Telephone Device for the Deaf 711

    Message Relay Service provides deaf, deafened, hard of hearing and speech impaired customers

    with the ability to communicate through the use of TTY (teletypewriter).

    TTY to TTY dial 711TTY to Voice dial 711

    Voice to TTY dial 1-800-855-0511

    Local Operator Service 0

    The local Operator can be reached by dialing 0. The Operator will provide basic information,

    including dialing instructions and country code details.

    *Charges may apply

    Repairs 611If youre having any problems with your service, simply dial 611 and youll be connected with

    the Repair Centre.


  • 7/27/2019 Primus Guide


    Calling Feature Options

    My Home Phone Service PortalMy Home Phone Service Portal is an easy to use online tool that allows you to manage your

    phone service over the web, weather you are at home or away.

    With this online tool you get access to enhanced features that allow you to:

    View and download your call history Check and manage your voice mail

    Add call forwarding options and manage them remotely

    Manage, forward, prioritize or reject incoming calls

    Create and maintain a directory of contacts

    Log onto to enjoy these features

    DirectoryMy Home Phone portal allows you to create directory of your contacts,

    e.g. by exporting directories from other applications, such as MS Outlook.

    Add a Directory Record

    1. Login to My Home Phone portal

    2. From the Directory tab clickAdd Record

    3. Enter the required information, and then click the Add Record button to create a

    new Personal Directory Record.

    4. Repeat to add multiple records

    Import RecordsYou will first need to have a CSV file created from Outlook in order to import your

    Directory records.

    1. Login to My Home Phone portal

    2. From the Directory tab click Import Records

    3. Click the Browse button to select the CSV file you wish to upload

    4. Once you have chosen the correct CSV file click open from the pop up window

    5. If there are duplicate entries check the Replace duplicates check box

    6. ClickImport Records to complete the upload.

    2 Outlook Express is not currently supported

  • 7/27/2019 Primus Guide


    Calling Feature Options

    Find Me Follow MeFind Me Follow Me allows you to create list(s) of phone numbers, such as your office or cell

    phone numbers, that will ring simultaneously or sequentially if you are not answering on your

    Home Phone Line.

    Click on the Concierge tab Select Find Me - Follow Me

    Click on Add Find Me Record

    Enter the required information, and then click the Save Record button to record

    your Find-Me List configuration

    Under function click [List]

    Click on Add Number to create your phone number list

    Enter the required information, and then click the Save button to create a new

    Find-Me Number

    Once you have created a new Find-Me List go to Add Call Treatment to enable your

    Find Me Follow Me feature

    Call TreatmentCall Treatment feature, accessible via the My Home Phone portal allows you to setup different

    treatment rules for your incoming calls, based on their caller ID.

    The options available are:

    Call Block

    Forward to Number

    Forward when Busy Forward when No Answer

    Forward to Voice Mail

    Priority Call

    Urgent Call

    Find Me


  • 7/27/2019 Primus Guide


    Calling Feature Options

    To set up a Call Treatment

    1. Login to the My Home Phone Portal

    2. From the Concierge tab select Add Call Treatment

    3. Select Show more >> for complete instructions

    Hold MusicFrom the My Home Phone portal you can change your on-hold music selection that the otherparty will hear when you place them on hold.

    From the Concierge tab select Add Call Treatment

    Select one of the following on-hold music options

    - Jazz (Default)

    - Spotlight Trance

    - Easy Listening Music

    - Spring Ireland

    - Edo Bridge Japan- This Little Light of Mine

    - No Hold Music

    - Play hold music quietly

    Press save button

    Calling Line IDWith the My Home Phone portal you can select how you would like your name to appear

    when you call other people from a predefined list.

    Click on the Concierge tab

    Select Calling Line ID

    Choose a name display from the list and press the save button


  • 7/27/2019 Primus Guide


    Calling Feature Options

    LanguageThe language option allows you to control what language is heard; English or French, for the

    feature prompts.

    Click on the Concierge tab

    Select Language Select the language you will hear when accessing your Home Phone features (Voice Mail, etc.)

    Select the language others will hear when calling your Home Phone number when certain

    features are enabled (Privacy Guard, Do Not Disturb, etc.)

    Press the save button

    IMPORTANT! This selection will only apply to your Home Phone features and will not

    influence the language preferences for 911 service, customer communications or billing.

    To change these language settings, please contact our Customer Care team.

    Alternate NumberHave a fax machine? Need a business line? Have a teenager that wants his or her own line?

    With Primus Alternate Number, you can assign up to three additional telephone numbers

    each with its own unique ring to your existing line. This feature is also often known as

    Ident-A-Call or Distinct Ring.

    Even though you may have up to three telephone numbers, you still only have one line.

    Call Forwarding and Alternative Number

    When using Call Forwarding on a line with the Alternate Number feature, it is important toremember that the Alternate Number will always follow the main line. If the main line has

    been Call Forwarded and a call comes into the Alternate Number it will ring through as the

    same destination.

    Call Waiting and Alternate Number

    Primus Home Phone Service does not support Deny Call Waiting on secondary numbers. For

    example, if your secondary number is engaged and a second call to this number arrives, it will

    receive a Call Waiting reminder (beep) if the main number has the Call Waiting feature.


  • 7/27/2019 Primus Guide


    Calling Feature Options

    Note: Call Waiting may cause an interruption in fax and data transmissions. If you are using a

    secondary line for a fax machine or dial-up Internet, you may want to use the suspend call

    waiting procedure before placing your call to avoid these interruptions. (See Call Waiting)

    Call Display

    With Call Display, youll see whos calling before you answer the phone. Screen your calls,avoid interruptions or ignore unwanted calls completely you decide! Calls from customers

    who use Call Display Blocking will be displayed as Private Name/Private Number.

    How to use Call Display

    Youll either need a telephone with a call display screen or a separate call display unit

    connected to your telephone.

    When you have a call, simply wait for the start of the second full ring,The name and

    number of the caller will appear on the call display screen.You will also see the date and

    time of the call if your display supports this function.

    Call Display BlockingFor greater privacy and security, you can use Call Display Blocking to block the delivery of

    your name and phone number or a per call basis. If the person you have called subscribes to

    Call Display, your call will be identified as Private Name/Private Number.

    How to use Call Display Blocking

    1. Press *67 and listen for a dial tone

    2. Dial the number you want to call

    If you never want to display your name and number to people you are calling,

    you can subscribe to Permanent Call Display Blocking.

    6 The callers name may not be available in certain geographic areas.

  • 7/27/2019 Primus Guide


    Calling Feature Options

    Call ForwardingNo matter where life takes you, you can always be reached when you want to. Call

    Forwarding directs your incoming calls to any phone you designate. So you can receive calls

    made to your home phone at the cottage, at work, on the road, or anywhere else .

    How to use Call Forwarding1. Press *72

    2. Follow the voice prompts

    3. If you want to verify and test that your calls are being forwarded to the

    correct number after set up, press 1 and follow the instructions.

    4. Press 2 to activate call forwarding without a test call

    How to cancel Call Forwarding

    1. Press *73

    2. Hang up

    When Call Forwarding service is turned on and someone tries to reach you, your telephone

    will ring once.You cannot receive calls but you can make outgoing calls.

    See Call Treatment on pg 3 for advanced call forwarding options.

    You can also manage Call Forward via the ConciergeTab of My Home Phone portal.

    Call HoldHands full? Call Hold lets you free up your hands and put your caller on hold. Simply pressthe LINK, FLASH or HOLD button once. To reconnect the caller, press the LINK, FLASH or

    HOLD button once again.

    7 Customer is responsible for toll charges.

  • 7/27/2019 Primus Guide


    Calling Feature Options

    Call ScreeningCall Screening will help prevent you from receiving repeated, annoying phone calls. Callers on

    your call screen list will hear a polite voice message that you are not accepting calls right now.

    You can easily turn Call Screening on and off, and add or delete numbers from your list at any

    time. A maximum of 12 call screen numbers is allowed at any one time

    How to use Call Screening

    1. Press *60

    2. Choose from the following options and follow the prompts provided:

    Turn Call Screening on or off: press 1

    Block the number of the last call you received: press 2

    Block a new number: press 3 + telephone number

    Hear the current list of blocked numbers: press 4

    Remove a blocked number: press 5 + telephone number

    Repeat menu options: press

    *How to turn off Call Screening

    1. Press *60

    2. Listen to the voice prompts

    3. Press 1 and listen for the confirmation message

    4. Hang up

    Call Screen service does not screen out Unknown Numbers, for handling such numbers, please

    see Privacy Guard on pg 12.

    You can also manage the screening of your incoming calls with My Home Phone

    portal. From the Concierge Tab select Add Call Treatment to personalize how your

    incoming calls are handled.


  • 7/27/2019 Primus Guide


    Calling Feature Options

    Call TransferCall Transfer lets you transfer a live existing call to another number

    During the call, press the flash button

    Press *08

    Enter the phone number you want this call to be transferred to Hang Up

    Call TraceIf you have received a threatening or harassing phone call, an additional safety feature you can

    initiate is Call Trace. When a Call Trace is initiated, a special record will be printed at our head

    office. We will only release the details of the Call Trace record to the appropriate law

    enforcement officials.

    How to use Call Trace

    1. Press *57 immediately after you receive an offending call and hang up

    2. You must then file a complaint regarding the offending call with local police

    Using Call Trace service does not guarantee that the Police will accept your case or follow up

    on a Call Trace request.

    Call Waiting

    With Call Waiting, youll never have to miss an important call because youre on the phone youll know when another caller is trying to reach you. And your callers wont hear a busy signal.


  • 7/27/2019 Primus Guide


    Calling Feature Options

    How to use Call Waiting

    If youre on the phone, a quiet beep will let you know that another caller

    is trying to reach you.

    You can put your original call on hold while you take the new call by

    pressing the hang-up, LINK or FLASH button.

    You can toggle between the two calls by pressing the hang-up, LINK or FLASH button If you choose not to answer the second call, that call will receive the no answer

    treatment currently assigned (e.g. it will forward to voice mail, forward to another

    number or keep ringing).

    Call Waiting service will not work when you establish a 3-way call.The caller will receive a busy

    signal or be routed to Voice Mail if you subscribe to it.

    How to suspend Call Waiting

    1. Press *70 before placing a call

    2. This will suspend Call Waiting during your next call (any incoming callers will hear a busy signal).3. Call Waiting will be restored once you have completed your call

    Visual Call WaitingVisual Call Waiting lets you to see the name and number of a waiting call, so that you will always

    know who is calling before you decide to interrupt your first call to connect to the second.

    Calls are signaled with a quiet short beep, and after the start of the second full ring, the

    name and number of the second caller will be displayed. To answer the second call use the

    same steps as regular call waiting. A telephone with a call display screen or a separate call

    display unit is required.

    Conference (5-way) CallingNeed to make plans with more than one friend at the same time? Want to stay in touch with a

    few family members or business colleagues in different locations? Its easy with Conference Calling.

    10 The callers name may not be available in certain geographic areas.

  • 7/27/2019 Primus Guide


    Calling Feature Options


    How to use Conference Calling

    1. Call the telephone number of the first person you wish to speak with

    2. To add the second person to the call, quickly press and release the hang-up, LINK or

    FLASH button (try each of these buttons to see which works best with your phone)

    3. Listen again for the dial tone (the original call has been put on hold)

    4. Call the phone number of the second person5. When the second person answers, press the hang-up, LINK or FLASH button to connect

    to both people

    If the second person youre trying to reach is busy, press and release the hang-up, LINK or

    FLASH button to disconnect them. You will automatically be reconnected with the first call.

    If any of the parties involved in a 5-way conference call drop off, the other parties will remain

    connected. If either of the destinations of the 5-way call is a long distance call, you will be

    responsible for any toll charges for the duration of the conferenced call.

    Do-Not-DisturbWhen activated, this feature allows you to re-direct all incoming calls to your voice mail.

    Your phone will not ring while this feature is in use.

    How to use Last Call Return

    1. Lift the handset

    2. Press *04

    3. Repeat to cancel

    When Do Not Disturb is enabled, you will hear Private... private after you have dialed *04 to

    let you know the feature is active

    You can activate or cancel Do-Not-Disturb via the Phone Control tab of My Home

    Phone portal.

  • 7/27/2019 Primus Guide


    Calling Feature Options


    Last Call ReturnLast call return allows you to retrieve the phone number of the last person who called. This

    feature can be used whether you answered the last call or it was missed.

    How to use Last Call Return

    1. Press *692. The telephone number of the last call received will be announced

    3. To return the call press 1

    If the last callers information was unknown or private, the Call Return will not work.

    Privacy Guard

    Privacy Guard forces the caller with masked or unavailable Caller ID to announce

    himself or enter a special 3-digit access number before you take this call.

    How to use Privacy Guard

    1. Press *11

    2. You will have an option to:

    Enable/Disable Privacy Guard

    Enter/change your Access Code (will apply to all callers)

    Hear the Access Code

    Add a number to the Selective Caller List

    Hear the Selective Caller List

    Remove a number from the Selective Caller ListCaller with unknown Caller ID will be forced to either enter an Access Code or record

    his/her name before you take the call

    Privacy Guard is dependant on subscription to Call Display feature.

  • 7/27/2019 Primus Guide


    Calling Feature Options


    After hearing who is calling, you will have an option to:

    Take the call

    Send the caller a message that you are unavailable The person you are calling is

    unavailable at this time. Please try again later.After this, the call is terminated

    Send the caller a message that you do not accept sales calls: "Attention! Please add this

    person's name and telephone number to your Do Not Call list.The person you are callingdoes not accept phone solicitations." After this, the call is terminated

    Forward the call to Voice Mail

    Speed DialCustomers can create up to 100 personal 2-digit speed dial codes. The Speed Dial menu

    provides step-by-step instructions.

    To program/modify a Speed Dial Code:

    Lift the handset and dial *75 Follow the voice prompts

    To use a Speed Dial Code:

    Lift the handset and dial *3

    Enter the desired 2-digit code

    Telemarketing Guard

    Telemarketing Guard is an easy to use feature that automatically identifies phone calls from

    frequent, mass telemarketers, and can block the call, send the call to voice mail, or allow the

    call to proceed depending on your preference.

    To turn Telemarketing Guard On or Off

    1. Lift the handset. Dial *46 on your phone. Wait for the prompts before proceeding

    2. Press 1 to turn the Telemarketing Guard system ON

    3. Press 2 to turn the Telemarketing Guard system OFF

    Note:Telemarketing Guard default setting is ON

  • 7/27/2019 Primus Guide


    Calling Feature Options


    To change the Telemarketing Guard call screening options

    1. Lift the handset. Dial *46 from your phone. Wait for the prompts before proceeding

    2. Press 3 to change your call treatment options.

    3. Press 1 to require all callers intercepted by the Telemarketing Guard to announce

    themselves to you after which you can accept to reject the call.

    4. Press 2 to require telemarketers to verify they arent a telemarketer in order toreach you without being announced.

    5. Press 3 to send all intercepted calls straight to voicemail.

    Add a phone number to your Allowed Friends & Family listNote: For these numbers the caller will not be screened by Telemarketing Guard. There is no need to list all your

    family members in the Allowed Friends & Family list. Only phone numbers improperly intercepted as a telemarketer

    will be required to be listed as an allowed friend or family member. Not all calls will be intercepted by

    Telemarketing Guard, only those deemed to be a frequent, mass telemarketer.

    1. Lift the handset. Dial *46 from your phone. Wait for the prompts before proceeding

    2. Press 6 to report a number as a friend or family and add to your Allowed Friends

    and Family list.

    3. Enter the 10 digit phone number

    4. Press 1 to confirm or,

    5. Press 2 to go back to re-enter the number.

    Add an inadvertently screened caller to the Allowed Friends & Family list

    1. Once you have completed your call to your friends or family member, hang up.

    List the handset. Dial *44 from your phone. Wait for the prompts before procceding.

    2. Press 2 if the caller was a friend or family member so they can bypass theTelemarketing Guard system next time they call.

    Add a phone number to your Denied Telemarketing list after receiving

    the unwanted call

    1. Hang up from the unwanted call. Lift the handset. Dial *44 from your phone.

    Wait for the prompts before proceeding.

    2. Press 1 to report the last caller as a telemarketer and block the number from

    calling you again.

  • 7/27/2019 Primus Guide


    Calling Feature Options


    Remove a phone number from your Allowed Friends & Family or

    Denied Telemarketing list.

    1. Lift the handset. Dial *46 from your home phone. Wait for the prompts before proceeding

    2. Press 5 to remove a phone number from corresponding list

    3. Enter the 10 digit phone number

    4. Press 1 to confirm or5. Press 2 to go back to re-enter the number

    Voice MailVoice Mail gives you more control over your phone service by providing a wide range of voice

    mail and call handling capabilities. Its like having your own personal answering service!

    Recording your greeting is quick and easy. Plus, there are no messy tapes to rewind or replace.

    Voice Mail ensures that your calls are not missed, even if youre on the phone. As soon as your

    line is free, a stutter dial tone lets you know theres a message waiting for you. If you have a phone

    with a Message Waiting Indicator, a light will flash to let you know you have a message waiting.

    Your voice mailbox gives you the ability to retrieve messages from any telephone. A password

    is used to ensure the privacy of all you messages. The Voice Mail service will also announce

    how many new and saved messages are currently in your mailbox.

    How to set up your voicemail

    1. Dial *98 from your home phone

    2. New messages will be played back immediately, if no new messages are present you will

    be greeted and taken into the main menu

    To request a password prompt upon entry of your voicemail box from your home phone

    please contact customer care.

    How to change your password

    1. Access your voice mail

    2. Press 7 from the main menu

    3. Follow the voice prompts

  • 7/27/2019 Primus Guide


    Calling Feature Options


    How to record a personal greeting

    4. Press 5 from the main menu

    5. There are three scenarios for which a message needs to be recorded No Answer,Busy

    and Do Not Disturb

    6. Select scenario and follow the prompts to begin recording

    7. Once you have recorded your greeting, press the # key to accept your greeting andreturn to the main menu

    8. Repeat 1-4 for each scenario

    How to retrieve messages from your home telephone

    1. Dial *98 (and enter your password if one is set up)

    2. New messages will be played immediately, if there are no new messages you will be notified

    and old messages will be played if there are no new messages you will be taken to the

    main menu

    Press # key to skip to the date and time of the call and the callers number

    Press 7 to delete messagesPress 9 to save messages

    Press * to end message play back and return to the previous menu3. To listen to saved messages press 3 from the main menu options

    How to retrieve messages from another telephone

    4. Dial you own telephone number

    5. Press * key when the voice mail greeting answers your call6. Enter your password followed by the # key

    7. Follow the voice prompts to retrieve your messages or to use one of the many

    other voice mail features available

    Voice Messaging Quick Keys

    Press 1 to hear a message

    Press 1 to go back eight seconds while message is playing

    Press 11 to go back to the start of the message

    Press 3 to fast forward eight seconds

  • 7/27/2019 Primus Guide


    Calling Feature Options


    Press 33 to end the message

    Press 5 for the date and time of the call and the callers number, if available

    Press 7 to delete the message

    Press 9 to save the message

    Press * to end message playback and return to previous menu

    Press # to skip messages

    Voice Mail Main Menu Options

    Press 1 to play inbox messages

    Press 2 to compose a message

    Press 3 to play saved messages

    Press 4 to play back your personal greeting

    Press 5 to record your personal greeting

    Press 6 to access your personal distribution list

    Press 7 to change your password

    Press * to exit the VM system

    You can also access your voice mail via the Voice Mail tab of My Home Phone

    portal. From there you can see if you have got a new voice mail, listen to it, delete

    or forward to an e-mail address.You can also setup new voice mail notification to

    be sent to your e-mail or pager.

    Anything connected to a phone line can affect the service or cause trouble when using other

    equipment on the same line. For example, a loose wire, the radio frequency of a cordless phone

    or a faulty extension cord can all lead to problems. Below are some of the most common

    troubles and troubleshooting steps to help you best address the problem you are experiencing.

  • 7/27/2019 Primus Guide


  • 7/27/2019 Primus Guide


    Troubleshooting Your Service

    Primus Local Home Phone Plu


    What is a network interface device (NID)?The NID defines the point where the customer becomes responsible for the telephone wiring

    operation and maintenance within the home and Primus is responsible for providing and

    maintaining service up to the point of the NID.

    The NID is important because it contains a demarcation jack that is accessible outside of thehome (for which the providing telephone company is responsible for.) This jack can be used by

    both telephone technician and home resident to test the telephone line when it is believed to

    be out of order.

    If you are experiencing troubles with the telephone lines inside the home, the demarcation jack

    provides a way for the line holder to test the service at the NID by plugging a phone into the

    demarcation jack. If dial tone is present, the trouble is not with Primus, as service is being

    delivered to the network interface device. The problem is with the inside wiring of the home

    and is customer responsibility.

    Locating the NID and Demarcation JackThe NID is a gray or tan box secured to an outside wall of a house and usually located near

    utility meters. When opened there are 2 parts; the Telco side which is locked and not accessible,

    and the customer side which is open for testing.

    If telephone wiring was installed in the home prior to 1988, and inside telephone wiring has

    not since been updated, there will be no network interface device outside the home. Instead

    of a NID there will be a black or grey box inside your home, again near inside utility panels,this is referred to as a protector. If you trace the lines leaving this protector the first connec-

    tion (within 1 meter) is your demarcation jack.

    For residents in an apartment or multi-.unit residence there will be no NID as the main

    telephone jack (location is usually first point of entry within the unit) serves as the demarcation

    jack. This main jack is usually clearly marked Demarcation or Verification.

  • 7/27/2019 Primus Guide


    Troubleshooting Your Service

    Primus Local Home Phone Plu


    Testing from the outside NIDAfter locating the outside NID you will need a basic corded phone to test from the customer

    access side of the device.

    1.Open the outside panel of the NID

    2.Locate the demarcation jack connection this will look like a wall jack connection

    with a wire plugged in.

    Note: For each separate phone line installed in the house there will be a demarcation jack inside the NID with a line plugged into it.

    3.remove the line from the demarcation jack this will disconnect service to the inside

    home wiring

    4.plug in the corded phone

    5.check for dial tone on the corded phone you have just plugged into the demarcation jack

    6.replace connection the way you found it once you have completed testing

    If dial tone is found when you have connected the corded phone to the NID, this means thatthe internal wiring is at fault in the home. You should call a Telephone Installation & Repair


    If you dont have dial tone when you have connected a corded phone to the NID, you must call

    Primus to report the trouble and have service repaired.

    Static or Noise on LineNotice static or noise on your line? Before reporting a trouble you will first want to ensure

    that a telephone set or inside wiring is not causing the troubles.

    Note: Cordless telephone sets even when not in use can pick up interference. If the trouble is

    not occurring on a regular corded telephone this is likely an equipment related trouble.

  • 7/27/2019 Primus Guide


    Troubleshooting Your Service

    Primus Local Home Phone Plu


    Check all telephones one at a time (as one phone set or faulty jack may cause problems

    for all the phones that are connected) to try and isolate where the trouble is originating from.

    Try a new or borrowed telephone (preferably not cordless)

    Inspect all telephone keypads; look for sticky buttons, damaged cords or damage to the units.

    Cordless phone specific troubleshooting suggestions:

    Remove power and connection to the jack. Re-plug and try scanning for a clearer

    channel. (see owners manual)

    When talking move closer to the base

    Move the phone set base antenna to the full upright position.

    Always talk with a fully charged handset

    If the problem persists remove this telephone from the line and continue to use your line

    without this telephone plugged in. If the problem remains this phone set was not the trouble

    If you have DSL internet check that filters are installed properly

    To internally test for a defective telephone jack take a good working corded phone and

    test the connection on all jacks inside the home. If the static is not found on all jacks

    when tested individually the problem is likely with the inside wiring

    You can also test at the NID to determine if the static and noise is inside wiring related or

    trouble with the outside lines. (See testing from the outside NID) If the trouble exists the

    problem needs to be reported to your phone carrier. If the trouble doesnt the inside wiring is

    at fault.

    Cant Receive Calls from Specific NumbersPrimus offers you 3 enhanced call filtering features. Telemarketing Guard, Call Screening and

    Privacy Guard all aid you in controlling unwanted calls in separate ways. One of these 3 features

    may have inadvertently blocked a specific number or while programming one of these features

    you may have mistakenly added a wrong number. You can check the call lists and make changes

    to any of these features by following the instructions to the feature found on the following

    pages, if the number is found you can remove it and allow the number to call through normally.

    If the problem persists please call 611 for further help.

    Telemarketing Guard instructions pg 13

    Call Screening instructions pg 8

    Privacy Guard instructions pg 12

  • 7/27/2019 Primus Guide


    Troubleshooting Your Service

    Primus Local Home Phone Plu


    Call DisplayWhether you are trying Call Display as a feature for the first time or service was interrupted

    after your switch there are a few things you can check before calling 611 for assistance with

    your feature trouble.

    Consult the phone set manual for Call Display settings of the telephone to ensure the

    feature does not need to be reset from within the phone menu Check to ensure DSL filters are installed correctly between the wall jack and phone set

    Try doubling-up the DSL filters on one phone by connecting 2 filters together then retest

    Incoming local calls will be displayed as 10 digits and 11 from long distance numbers. Some

    phone sets may have an option within their internal phone menus that have the ability to

    override this programming and only display 7. If you encounter this you will need to consult

    the phone manual for this telephone set as this is not something the phone company has

    control of. The Primus network passes information along as it is received and how your phone

    equipment processes the information is beyond our control.

    Call Waiting & Visual Call WaitingIt is also recommended before calling 611 for assistance with Call Waiting or Visual Call Waiting

    you confirm the following:

    Check to ensure DSL filters are installed correctly between the wall jack and phone set

    Try doubling-up the DSL filters on one phone by connecting 2 filters together then retest

    Cordless phone specific; if you experience a screeching tone instead of the regular Call Waitingbeep while using a cordless phone handset, this is normal. Specific to cordless phones the data

    burst that is received between the base and the handset may give off a distorted beep. This is

    equipment related and not specific to a carriers network.

  • 7/27/2019 Primus Guide


    Troubleshooting Your Service

    Primus Local Home Phone Plu

    Security AlarmsPrimus Home Phone service does support security alarms that use touch tone dialing. Many

    older models use pulse dialing only and may have both pulse and touch tone settings. If you

    experience trouble with your security alarm you should have the equipment verified by your

    security company and ensure the outbound dial signal is set to touch tone dialing for compatibility.

    If you have DSL internet service you will also want to verify that the security alarm is correctlyfiltered.

    Correct placement of DSL filtersThe DSL filter should be between the wall jacks and phone cord any other placement will not

    allow the DSL filter to do its job in filtering out the high frequency noise of the DSL service.

    Wall jack + DSL filter + Phone Cord

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