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  • PRESS KIT June 2015

  • PRESS KIT March 2015

    1 BATEC MOBILITY - [email protected]


    Pau Bach was studying industrial design when an accident left him with a serious spinal injury and in a wheelchair. He was 18 years old and wanted to design motorcycles.

    Frustrated with the mobility solutions available, he decided to make his own by applying technology used for bicycles and electric vehicles. His inventions gave Pau a new sort of mobility that allowed him to do sport, travel and get around autonomously, and this let him get back to the normal life of a twenty-seven year old.

    In 2006, at twenty-seven, he decided to set up BATEC MOBILITY in order to share his products with others who have physical disabilities.

    After 9 years, Batec Mobility is now a consolidated company that:

    has reached more than 2000 people with physical disabilities with its mobility solutions.

    employs 24 people, half of which have physical disabilities.

    and collaborates actively with the most noteworthy organisations promoting adapted sports and leisure activities.

  • PRESS KIT March 2015

    2 BATEC MOBILITY - [email protected]


    The mission of BATEC MOBILITY is to radically improve the mobility of people with disabilities in order to allow them to enjoy a lifestyle on par with that of people without disabilities. We do this by creating and marketing innovative products, designed by and for people with disabilities.


    Here at BATEC MOBILITY we detect mobility problems among people with physical disabilities and develop comprehensive, versatile solutions to put users mobility on par with that of people without disabilities. We achieve this through first-hand knowledge of the people they are designed for and intense, on-going R&D&i.

  • PRESS KIT March 2015

    3 BATEC MOBILITY - [email protected]


    BATEC MOBILITY offers manual and electric devices that users can attach to their wheelchair without help in just seconds, making it into a tricycle that allows them to go places and do activities that are impossible with the chair alone. All of our models have options for users with more severe disabilities (quadriplegics and other people with mobility problems affecting their upper limbs).


    Over our nine-year history (2006 2015), weve become leaders in the sector in terms of innovation, establishing commercial ties with the national orthopaedics network, steady sales growth, and have created 24 jobs, 50% of which are held by people with disabilities, always prioritising major disabilities.

    All of this translates into one figure, which for us is the most important: with our mobility solution, weve reached more than 2000 users.

    Behind this number there are real people, with names and faces, who have gained:

    a significant improvement in their mobility: they can do more things and go more places in better conditions.

    a better relationship with themselves by achieving a more satisfactory lifestyle and better self-esteem.

    a better relationship with others: from those closest to them (family) to those further away (society).

  • PRESS KIT March 2015

    4 BATEC MOBILITY - [email protected]

  • PRESS KIT March 2015

    5 BATEC MOBILITY - [email protected]



    My life changed from one day to the next. Thanks to Batec, my city is accessible.


    I feel free with Batec. I can feel the wind in my face again.


    Thanks to Batec, I can get back to nature.

  • PRESS KIT March 2015

    6 BATEC MOBILITY - [email protected]


    2014: Finalist 2013 Young Entrepreneur of Catalonia Aijec (Independent Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Catalonia)

    2012: Social entrepreneurship selected (from among 97 candidates) to participate in the Momentum Project 2012.

    2011: Chamber Award 2011 in Corporate Social Responsibility category Terrassa Chamber of Commerce

    2011: Finalist for Sant Cugat City Award

    2010: Award for company with greatest social business responsibility 11th Awards for best business initiative of the Barcelona Regional Council

    2010: Finalist for best company and most innovative company 11th Awards for best business initiative of the Barcelona Regional Council


    19 February 2015 17 May 2015: Exhibition Museu del Diseny: Design for life: 99 projects for the real world. Barcelona. More information:

    21 July 2014 10 January 2015: 300th anniversary exhibition: Ahir, avui, dem: Catalunya Emprn (Yesterday, today, tomorrow: Catalonia entrepreneurs). Barcelona (Jardinets de Grcia), Tarragona (Refugio 1), Lleida (Public Library) and Girona (Regional Council Casa de la Cultura). Video available at:


    BATEC MOBILITY collaborates with the main institutions involved in promoting adapted sports and leisure activities, such as Aspaym Catalunya (, Dakar Solidario Fundacin Repsol YPF (, Fundacin de Ciclistas de Castilla La Mancha (, Fundacin Tambin Fundacin Sanitas ( and Team Espada ( EspadaConUnPar).

  • PRESS KIT March 2015

    7 BATEC MOBILITY - [email protected]


    Interview with Pau Bach and David Mra, ESDi School of Design Television Channel, 19 February 2015. Available at:

    Interview with Pau Bach, Ahir, avui i dem. Catalunya Emprn. (Yesterday, today and tomorrow. Catalonia Entrepreneurs) Espai Tricentenari 1714-2014. 21 July 2014. Available at:

    Interview with Pau Bach, Tot s comdia (Cadena SER), 21 October 2014.

    Interview with Pau Bach, Connexi Barcelona (BTV), 20 June 2014.

    Interview with three finalists for Award Jove Empresari de Catalunya (Young Entrepreneur of Catalonia) (Pau Bach, Carlota Pi i Horacio Martos), 8 al Dia, 8TV, 28 May 2014.

    Interview with scar Nieva (Batec Mobility partner), Divendres (TV3), 27 May 2014. Available at:

    Interview with Pau Bach, Per Tots (Rdio Intereconomia), 27 May 2014.

    Interview with Pau Bach, Club 21 (Rdio 4), 25 May 2014.

    Pau Bach i Albert Llovera, Ms all de mi lmite (Beyond my limits), Conexin Samanta (Cuatro), 5 March 2014. Available at:

    Interview with scar Nieva (Batec Mobility partner), Espejo Pblico (Antena 3), 24 September 2013. Available at:

    Interview with Pau Bach, De Far a Far (Rdio Illa), 5 June 2013.

    Interview with Carlos Aguado (sales rep, central zone), Bungalow 103 (Radio Canarias), 16 May 2013.

    Interview with Pau Bach, Emprende (Canal 24 horas de TVE), recorded on 24 January 2013. Broadcast expected: April 2013. Available at:

    Interview with Pau Bach, Els Matins (TV3), 22 January 2013. Available at:

    Interview with Pau Bach, Protagonistas Mallorca (ltima Hora ABC Radio), 3 January 2013.

    Interview with Pau Bach, LOracle (Catalunya Rdio), 28 December 2012. Available at:

    Vivendo al filo con, La 2 (TVE), season 2012-2013. Series produced by Al filo de lo imposible (Nearly impossible) and broadcast weekly from 16 December 2012. The host, Antxon Arza, is a Batec Mobility user and appears on the program with his BATEC ELECTRIC.

    Stamos Okupa2, TVE, 30 November 2012. A Batec S1 chair and Batec E-handbike appeared in episode 12 of the show (minute 42). Available at:

  • PRESS KIT March 2015

    8 BATEC MOBILITY - [email protected]

    Pau Bach: La gent ens explica que els canviem significativament la vida (People tell us that we significantly change their lives), La Tarda (Xarxa Rdio), 04 December 2012. Interview with Pau Bach. Available at:

    Batec Mobility, Momentum Project, 31 October 2012. Video introducing Batec Mobility produced through the Momentum Project to support entrepreneurship (Esade BBVA). Available at:

    Momentum Project 2012 celebra el Social Investment Day (Momentum Project 2012 holds Social Investment Day), Momentum Project, 31 October 2012. Video summarising the presentations to investors as part of the Momentum Project (Esade BBVA). Available at:

    Luna, el misterio de Calenda, Antena 3, season 2011-2012. A Batec S1 chair was used by one of the regular characters on the show.

    Hospital Central, Tele 5, season 2011-2012. A Colours Razorblade was used by one of the characters.

    Ciutat demprenedors: Atbach1" (City of Entrepreneurs: Atbach), / Cugat TV, 27 March 2012.

    Fuga de cerebros 2, feature film directed by Carlos Theron and premiered on 24 November 2011. Two characters appear using two chairs (a Batec S1 and a Colours Razorblade).

    Amb una handbike tu tamb pots anar amb bicicleta! (With a handbike you can ride too!), BarcelonaVisi, 22 July 2011. Available in the BarcelonaVisi archive:

    Respira: Laccident (Breathe: The accident), BTV, 28 November 2011. Available at: http://ow