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  • Triathlete, student,

    always growing.

    Alberto Casillas Garca


  • -Badajoz 25-10-89

    -Student of double Major

    Degree of Forestry andEnviromental Sciences.

    -Living in Madrid.

    - I represent Lithuaniainternationally and I defend

    CT IMD Segovia in Spain andTD Rimini in Italy.

    -Triathlete from 12 years old,enjoying all sport and in lovewith mountains and active

    lifestyle plus great coffee andbetter food.

    Who I am?

  • - 1 Valka (Estonia) ETU Baltic TriathlonChampionship

    - 32 Wollongong (Australia) OTU

    Triathlon Continental Cup

    - 40 Miyazaki (Japan) World Triathlon


    - 60 Tongyeong (Korea) World Triathlon


    - 60 Mooloolaba (Australia) World

    Triathlon Cup

    - 60 New Plymouth (New Zealand)

    World Triathlon Cup

    - 11 Agadir (Morocoo) ATU Triathlon

    Continental Cup

    - 26 Altafulla (Spain) ETU Triathlon

    Continental Cup

    - 47 Madrid (Spain) ETU Triathlon

    Continental Cup

    - 18 Larache (Morocco) ATU Triathlon

    Continental Cup

    International races

    ITU 2016

  • -6 Baltic Championship (Kupiskis-Lithuania)

    -9 Burabay (Kazakstan) ASTC

    Sprint Triathlon Continental Cup

    - 17 Agadir (Marruecos) ATUTriathlon Continental Cup

    - 18 Larache (Marruecos) ATU

    Sprint Triathlon Continental Cup

    - 47 Melilla (Spain) ETU TriathlonContinental Cup

    - 47 Riga (Latvia) ETU SprintTriathlon Continental Cup

    - 50 Madrid (Spain) ETU TriathlonContinental Cup

    - European Triathlon ChampionshipGeneva (Switzerland)

    -Mooloolaba (Australia) WorldTriathlon Cup

    International races

    ITU 2015

  • 3 times winner


    Long triathlon Sierra



    Winner on 2013 y 2014


    1 Triatln de Cuenca

    2 Riga Triathlon

    2 Triathlon di Cesentico

    2 Triatln de Aranda de



    Triathlon La Bola del


    6 team Copa del Rey de



    champion 2016

  • -Ancaster




    -Bikila Granada

    -Bicicletas Panorama


    -Lithuanian triathlon


    Colaborations 2016

    Triathlon Duathlon Rimini

    Club Triatln IMD Segovia

  • From the image point of

    view I offer:





    -Hard worker


    -Positive mind

    I believe those values,

    earned mostly from

    experiences, and from the

    teaching of my parents,

    sometimes are much

    more important than the

    sport result by itself.

    Image value

    To do at the same major

    studies and high

    performance sport around

    the world (two courses

    done abroad and already

    two years competing

    around the whole world),

    and self managing all

    those things just by myself,

    gives me a big

    experience and wide

    point of view.

    In my day by day I try to be happy with each small

    thing that happen, and it is something I try to teach

  • +34639568854

    Twitter: @alcasber

    Instagram: @alcasber



    Thank you