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  • 1.CIM 302 Projects & Risk Management
    Team 14
    Wheelie Good! Project
    (Prabhakaran Athikesavalu)
    Jai Grygoruk

2. Project overview
Aims :
Provide aneasy and consistent method for people to plan their travel routes through our website or a mobile device that shows appropriate routes for people on wheelchairsor buggies.
Objectives :
Provide wheelchair friendly routes and directions to places that have facilities or amenities to assist people with mobility problems who are confined to a wheelchair.
2000 user accounts created within 6 months of launch
15,00 fund generated from advertising within the 6 month of launch
1000 route searches within 12 month of launch
Initially provide routes within Central London

  • Expand routes to include greater London(within M25) within 12 month of project start

3. Mobile application should be developed within 12 months of project start