Presentation on Cost Effective Use of Social Media by MSMEs

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This Presentation is about the cost effective use of social media by MSMEs. And how internet has changed the meaning of marketing, How and Why Conventional marketing is been replaced by Online marketing? How Small and Medium enterprises can make benefits out of this.

Transcript of Presentation on Cost Effective Use of Social Media by MSMEs

  • Cost-eective use of Social Media by MSMEs for Marketing Products and Services SOLUTIONS FOR SMALL AND MEDIUM ENTERPRISES dex consulting MSME Workshop Hanoi, Vietnam, August 6, 2014
  • 40% Export Part 2nd Largest Employment Provider 40 % Manufacturing Output Essentials ISEs generate employment and contribute signicantly to GDP and helps in downstream development Constraints Due to various constraints ISEs nd hard to achieve substantial growth where internet technologies provides them a level playing eld MSMEs are growth drivers for many economies and contribute majorly to GDP The Growth Drivers 2 dex consulting
  • Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Basic Communication Fixed Lines/Mobile Phones Fax Basic Information Technology PC equipped with basic Software and Hardware PC with proprietary or Open Source Software Advance Communication Email, Internet browsing, Video Conferencing and Intranet File Sharing, Creating Websites, VoIP Advance Information Technology Advanced software such as Databases Management and ERP Inventory Management, E- Commerce and E Procurement Empowerment Levels of MSMEs 3 dex consulting
  • Hindrances in Adoption of ICT 4 dex consulting Lack of nancial and legal infrastructure INFRASTRUCTURE Lack of credible sources of information and guidance CREDIBILITY Limited ICT literacy of SME owners hinders their ability to choose the appropriate tools LITERACY Lack of nancing options limits SME ability to purchase ICT FINANCE Demand Side Poor Communications infrastructure results in limited access and higher cost Most advanced ICT products are designed for larger Firms and not MSMEs. Supply Side
  • Internet in Businesses Change in Ways of Doing Business: Sourcing Globalization More Outsourcing Now marketing remains a biggest challenge for MSMEs in terms of Competition, Reach and Growth 20 Turning Points 5 dex consulting Direct Buying and Selling
  • Trends With advent of technology and internet, the ways that businesses do marketing have changed a lot Advertising Exhibitions Campaigns using Print and other Media Branding Door-to-door Marketing ConventionalMarketing Search Display Email Web Portal Social Media DigitalMarketing Marketing Options for MSMEs 6 dex consulting
  • Social Media has emerged as latest marketing tool, providing cost eective and more personalized and customer centric marketing option to businesses to promote their products and services 100 Million Mobile Users 2 Billion Views per Day 106 Million Users 43% Users Business Related Queries As per recent data, Facebook has over 400 million users worldwide who generate almost 1 billion likes on daily basis for businesses and posts giving businesses a single platform with so large audience Emergence of Social Media 7 dex consulting
  • Create Community Helps in Engaging Relevant Customers Retaining Converting Expand Reach Cater Worldwide Audience Deliver Extended Message Keep marketing costs in Control Promoting products and services in a more personal way. Uploading images and videos of product demos that can bring SME oerings to life in a way that words alone cannot Maximize ROI on Marketing Monitor for mentions of brands, products and services, Promptly engage audience in active conversations Helps in reducing negative commentary Uncover unmet customer needs. Managing Brand Reputation Social Media has emerged as latest marketing tool, providing cost eective and more personalized and customer centric marketing option to businesses to promote their products and services Engaging Social Media 8 dex consulting Understand Sentiment Track customer input on products, services and oerings Improve customer segmentation, provide targeted oers and increase sale opportunities
  • Easily track number of visitors through your social media marketing and track conversion matrix for them. Number of fans and followers let you know your popularity and engagements of social proles strengthen your brand value Social Media marketing is supported with unmatched analytical data, helping businesses in getting a clear picture about the returns they get on their investments Analyzing Social Media 9 dex consulting Conversation participation metrics can be a measure of how people are reacting to social media campaigns and can easily measured by likes, comments and interactions Conversation Participation Measure social performance by analyzing sharing, re-tweeting or writing a blog post about its social media campaign Social Reach Performance
  • Business Overview 110% Brain Master saw a whooping increase of 110% in new inquiries and customers after they launched their rst Facebook Campaign Service Oerings Brain Master is into Abacus Training and Vedic Mathematics Training to help small children harness their potential in Mathematics and complex calculations Better Customer Engagements Brain Master saw around 89% better customer engagement after they started interacting with audience on social pages 10 Case StudyMaths and Abacus eciently embraced social media marketing early in its growth and has grown to a franchise business of over 100 branches across India dex consulting
  • Dex Consulting is a leading business solution provider helping small and medium enterprises in strategizing, developing and managing their technology and marketing needs. We have been helping business in dening their technical and marketing strategies, helping them develop relevant and cost eective solutions and managing them for better performance and productivity We have been successful in earning the trust of small and medium enterprises and continue to assist businesses worldwide in harnessing the power of technology and marketing to enhance their business processes and improve overall protability. ABOUT USSolutions for Small and Medium Enterprises 11 dex consulting
  • 1.Successfully completed over 200 internet marketing campaignsand web development projects 2.Experience of developing over 200 websites and web applications including mobile applications for iPhone and Android 3.Capability of handling multilingual campaigns in Italian, German, French, Swedish, Romanian and other major European languages 4.Delivered over 10 million incremental trac and $15 million in incremental revenue last year across various campaigns 5.Strong methodology and project management practices ensuring credibility and consistency in results and solutions Highlights 12 dex consulting
  • Clientele Search Value has become an integral part of our organization We started on a small marketing project and now Search Value handles our complete inbound marketing. We have seen a tremendous increase in leads since they took over and overall brand enhancement has been terric Ishan Amin, VP, Product Development and Marketing, Summitsoft Corporation, US 13 dex consulting
  • Inbound Marketing Comprehensive inbound marketing services to enhance your visibility, reach new customers and generate more leads along with frequencies of repeat visits. Web Solutions Complete web solutions for businesses to automate their processes and improve overall productivity through online web solutions OUR OFFERINGS Mobile Solutions Leverage on our experience to give your customers an unmatched mobile experience through mobile apps and mobile websites and improve engagement 14 dex consulting
  • Contact Us Arizona Buckinghamshire India India A- 89, 2nd Floor, Sector 63, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India +91-120-422-6110 15 UnitedStates 5235 South 39th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85040 +1-646-929-3959 United Kingdom 14, Langport Cresent, Oakhill Milton Keynes (MK5 6LZ), Buckinghamshire, UK +44-783-514-7255