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Transcript of Presentation of Smarties, Marita Holst

  • 1. Trans-national NordicSmart City Living Lab Pilot


  • Increase the knowledge of Living lab key characteristics and their indicators
  • Innovate on technical energy solutions that are tested in real life settings
  • Create higher visibility and innovation capacity among Nordic Living Lab actors and their partners and stakeholders by cross-border collaboration, shared Living Lab knowledga and development of joint Living Lab resources.

Objectives 3.

  • Bring together main Nordic Living lab actors as national team-leaders and their research partners in the area of Smart City Living Lab RDI processes together with their co-partners from industy and public authorities.

Strategy 4. Expected Results

  • A Nordic citizen innovator userpole for Smart City evolution
  • Indicator-framework for Living Lab operations showing proof of concept of theLiving Lab approach
  • A best-practice transnational Smart City Living Lab Pilot based upon evidence based methods and approachres for Livng Lab activites.

5. Beneficiaries

  • Cities
  • Nordic and European Living Labs communities
  • Policy makers at local, regional, national and European levels who are developing strategies to explore user driven innovation for the benefit of social, environmental and economic development.
  • Industiral actors within the field of smart city solutions

6. Partners Sweden Iceland Denmark Norway Lithuania 7. Financial Partners

  • NordForsk
    • Vinnova (SWE)
    • DCSR (DEN)
    • RANNIS (ICE)
    • LMT (LIT)
    • RCN (NOR)