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2. OUR STORIES1. LONDON 2012 OLYMPICS: young people prepare and get active ready to kick off the LONDON OLYMPICS!! Young people are EXPLORERS.2. TOWER HAMLETS COMMUNITY: positive about how young people like to seek and learn new skills everyday.3. INSPIRIATIONAL ARTISTS: shows young people being as explorers and creative.4. WESTFEILD STRATFORD CITY: young people are aspires. Keeping themselves look presentable is very important to make set a good impression of themselves. 3. PSYCHOGRAPHICS:OUR AUDIENCE FALL IN THE BELOW TWOCATERGORIESASPIRES- Seek status, materialistic and fashion.EXPLORERS- Seeks discovery, full of energy,excitement and motivated to always try somethingfirst.DEMOGRAPHICS:My audience falls on the category E;UnemployedorPart time and Students 4. The Preliminary Task