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A small presentation about crowdfunding for the English classes

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  • 1. Research environment
  • 2. GOP RACE
  • 3. GOP RACE Ron Paul Crowdfunding-based approach Mitt RomneyTraditional campaign
  • 4. Evidence for crowdfunding
  • 5. Mitt Romney Ron Paul Source:
  • 6. Crowdfunding in reality Moneybombs Limited time period > "a one-day fundraising frenzy Recent phenomenon > Since Ron Paul
  • 7. Need for TransparencyWe take the trust our donors place in us very seriously and are deeply commited totransparancy and accuracy in our reporting. (Jesse Benton; RP Campaign Manager)
  • 8. Importance of openness Clear communication Democracy benefits Report every expenditure >$200 PAC (Political Action Comittee)
  • 9. Access:
  • 10. Expenditure comparison Romney has more than twice Pauls budget Romney spends 15% more on advertising
  • 11. Further on Ron paul has 10% more (Campaign direct mail) Ron paul spends less on (moneybomb approach) Romney spends more on
  • 12. Internet popularity
  • 13. Conclusion Crowdfunding is not a decisive element yet Probably decisive in future younger generation Positive side effects Its as promoting your investment Constant Cashflow