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Transcript of Presentation at MANSAG Conference 2013 at Holiday Inn, Elstree

  • 1. Health Management Hospital Outcome Monitoring Parameters Aesculapius Healthcare Consultants (AHC)
  • 2. About Us What We Offer What We Have Done Only Patient Safety firm in Nigeria Hospital Reengineering and Outsourced Management Healthcare Quality Management Hospital Process Improvement Advisory Healthcare Business Development Hospital Quality Management Advisory Care Coordination Trainings Health Insurance Advisory Patient Safety Trainings Health Insurance Advisory
  • 3. Evolution 2009- Aesculapius VNProject Management Firm part time 2010- Project Management and Lean Six Sigma Training and Advisory full time 2014:TargetsHQI Web Portal uptake across different Application platforms 2013 Lagos State Patient Safety and Food Safety Consultants The AGPMPN Quality Program Beta testing for HQI Patient Satisfaction Module-Q4,2013 2011- Started developing HQI part time 2012 AVN Consulting Aesculapius Healthcare Consultants (AHC), TeamSTEPPS Master Trainer at Duke Health System, Durham
  • 4. Monitoring Hospital Outcomes Patient Focused Care
  • 5. Nigerian Experience Assessment conducted by HMOs for Provider Hospitals No National Assessment tool like JHACO, COHSASA, NIAZ No Tool for Patient to Assess Hospitals
  • 6. Analysing Hospital Outcomes Numerous Inputs into the Healthcare System: Funds, People, Equipment Difficulty in assessing Output Lack of International Standard Evaluation Tool to assess Output Lack of defined Quality Management Standards for Hospitals Benchmark Outputs and Processes against International Healthcare Standards Develop Tools to optimize Results and improve Quality from present Funding Develop Tools that Empower Patients regarding their care
  • 7. Clinical Performance Standards in Nigeria Developmental Partners USAID, Maternal and Child Health Integrated Program (MCHIP), JHPIEGO, access Performance Standards for Emergency Obstetric and Newborn Care (EmONC) in Kano, Katsina and Zamfara States Performance Standards for Malaria in Pregnancy (MIP) Program in Akwa Ibom State Performance Standards for Family Planning in Nigeria
  • 8. Quality Framework for Monitoring Outcomes (Donabeldian) Glickman S W et al. Int J Qual Health Care 2007;19:341-348
  • 9. Hospital Outcome Monitoring Parameters Input Indicators Outcome Indicators: Process Indicators Clinical Outcomes Hospital Performance Indicators
  • 10. Thinking Solutions Crowdsourcing- to improve Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety Transforming Generation Y/ Internet savvy Patients into Change Agents by providing Tools to participate in Healthcare Outcomes Process of getting work done by a crowd of People, usually online
  • 11. Hospital Quality Index (HQI) Support Standardization and Accreditation Independent Quality Assurance Tool for Healthcare Stakeholders Rate Healthcare Facilities based on Patient Perceptions Performance-based Healthcare Standards with clear Outcomes . Healthcare Standards delivered in an Innovative Web-based solution. Rating creates Friendly Competition
  • 12. Assessment Tool HQI Portal Patient Assessment Hospital Self-Assessment with Performance Scores Hospital Rating Hospital Outcomes Improvement
  • 13. Hospital Self Assessment Resource Management People Management Risk and Patient Safety Management Leadership & Hospital Management Strategic Planning Management Outcomes Care Process Management Quality Management
  • 14. Improve Performance by establishing Optimal Achievement Goals Healthcare gains of Health Policies and Funding can be objectively determined Initiate Friendly Competition amongst Hospitals Benefits of HQI Standardize Healthcare Service Delivery Healthcare Costs Reduction with increased Service Efficiency and Effectiveness Showcase Good Hospitals Strengthen the publics confidence in quality of Comparative Rating of healthcare Hospitals. Improvement of Healthcare Service Delivery Objective Assessment of Hospitals
  • 15. Hospitals Demonstrate Continuous Learning Patient Safety Leadership Commitment HQI Patient Satisfaction Good Working Environment Commitment to Quality of Care
  • 16. Why Us? Because We Can, Passion & Interest Independence Stability Such Tools should be consistently assessed and updated in a timely way, hence ?Government Conflict Third-party assessment like HQI gives better guarantee of Continuity and Independence. Public Trust Major Users like Corporate Organizations and the Public will trust Independent Assessments more.
  • 17. Through policy decisions such as recognition Providing leverage, e.g. by giving preference to highscoring facilities, such as in recognition and patronage Government Can Help Use PERFORMANCE as a criterion in its own funding decisions, e.g. in capital and recurrent expenditure. Provide financial support for continuing development of HQI
  • 18. Aiding Uptake of HQI Intuitive Web Portal Appropriate Technology- Smartphones and Tablets Visible Effort at Rating Industry Stakeholders- HMOs, Governments, Patient Groups etc.
  • 19. Sustaining HQI Freely available online. Blackberry, Android, Windows and Apple Applications Options for Sustainability Challenge Users pay for Applications? Hospital pay for Evaluation Reports?
  • 20. Timeline Web Portal Development 2014 MANSAG-AGC Beta Testing Progress Report Applications Development
  • 21. Engage Us @AesHealthCon +234-805206437 | +234-8023277559 | +234-8177791051
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  • 23. Dr Olufemi Aina