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Cortland Womens Ice Hockey

Cortland Womens Ice HockeyJoin the team!

For this slide, I used The Main Event presentation style. I used the reveal transition, along with the float in animation for the main title and the fade animation for the subtitle. For the Cortland logo, I removed the background and tilted it to the side slightly to match the title and subtitle.1

About the team

Varsity Division IIIPlayoff contenders24 girls1 goal: Be better than the day before

For the picture, I used a border and tight reflection, 4 pt off set. The title has a Fade animation, as well as the other text. The slide has the fade transition and all of these effects are meant to appear after previous.2

statisticsR e c o r d sC o n f e r e n c eN o n - C o n f e r e n c eO v e r a l lTotal:7-10-14-3-011-13-1Home:6-3-13-1-09-4-1Away:1-7-01-2-02-9-0Neutral:0-0-00-0-00-0-0

For this slide, I used the reveal transition. The title and the table has the zoom animation. I added a shadow to the table to give it some depth.3


Deanna MeunierKelly FarinellaVictoria GibsonDefense

Charlie Calamari, Ashley Terry, Stephanie Heresniak, Madison Fischl, Richelle Skarbowski, Nadine de Nijs, Samantha Pippin, katy kennedyForwards

Laura Drew, Niamh OConnor, Kiki gutenmann, Corey temple, Katie gili, Peggie Corbett, Sydney Carlucci, josie fletcher, Katie ryan, Jackie Richards, lauryn gillis, taylor arenz, Emily busta, eva kristoff

For this slide, I used the uncover transition. The title has the underline animation for emphasis. The picture of the goalie and forward have borders and were cropped to fit in the box. Sine the original picture of the defensemen was too dark, I used the corrections effect to brighten it. It is set to sharpen (0%), and Brightness and Contrast (0%) which gave the picture normal settings.4

CultureKey traits:RespectPerseveranceDisciplineCommitmentresolve

This slide uses the fade transition and lasts around 8 seconds. The title appears with the wipe animation, then the picture appears with the fade animation, and lastly the text shows up with the fade animation as well. The picture has the center rectangle shadow effect.5

The slide has a fade transition. For this animation, I made two lines, bolded at 14 pt, for the hockey stick. I used the can shape and made a puck and I grabbed an image from the web of the net. I created a motion line from the stick so the puck would look like it is shooting up into the net.6

If interested in joining the team, please contact us! LIKE US!


This slide has the reveal transition and lasts for 6 seconds. Each of the social media icons have the perspective diagonal upper left shadow effect.7