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inspiratie Wednesday 11 January 12 Wk

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Benieuwd naar de middelen content en de juiste mediamix om je als reisorganisatie te onderscheiden van concurrenten, loyaliteit te creëren en een relatie op te bouwen met je klant?Check deze presentatie of neem contact op met [email protected]

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  • 1.inspiratieWednesday 11 January 12 Wk

2. vandaagWednesday 11 January 12 Wk 3. the importanceof a relevant storyWednesday 11 January 12 Wk 4. meWednesday 11 January 12 Wk 5. I want to seethe worldWednesday 11 January 12 Wk 6. Wednesday 11 January 12 Wk 7. Thecla Thielemans LBi Branded Content @Thecla020 LBi The NetherlandsWednesday 11 January 12 Wk 8. A global marketing and technology agency, blending insight, creativity andtechnology to create business value.Wednesday 11 January 12 Wk 9. 26 oces in 16 countriesWednesday 11 January 12 Wk 10. We built one companyWednesday 11 January 12 Wk 11. LBi Branded Content AMSTERDAM - LONDON - NEW YORKWednesday 11 January 12 Wk 12. what happened?Wednesday 11 January 12 Wk 13. Wednesday 11 January 12 Wk 14. B ought B ought B oughtCampaign CampaignCampaignWednesday 11 January 12 Wk 15. EarnedE arnedE arned Bo ughtB oughtB ought Campaign Campaign CampaignWednesday 11 January 12 Wk 16. ou ghtE arned BOwnedCampaign Campaign CampaignWednesday 11 January 12 Wk 17. Whats your story?Wednesday 11 January 12 Wk 18. Do I like you?Wednesday 11 January 12 Wk 19. Nederland Youtube 6.161.500 Facebook4.979.000 Hyves 4.854.500 LinkedIn2.962.500 Twitter 2.489.000 Bron: NewcomWednesday 11 January 12 Wk 20. NederlandZon 44% van deFacebook gebruikersgebruikt het sociale netwerk elke dag. Bron: NewcomWednesday 11 January 12 Wk 21. 72% van alle socialnetwork gebruikersraadpleegt dagelijks meerdere social mediaaccounts terwijl ze op reis zijn Bron: TriplWednesday 11 January 12 Wk 22. Its not just young people using social networking anymore Its everyone Bron: comScore Media MetrixWednesday 11 January 12 Wk 23. Bron: Focus.comWednesday 11 January 12 Wk 24. Gemiddeld besteden fans 78 dollar meer dan niet fans.Bij fans is de kans op een vervolgaankoop 28% hoger.Bij fans is de kans op hetaanraden van een product aanvrienden 48% hoger.Bron: Focus.comWednesday 11 January 12 Wk 25. designed by [email protected] RussiaThe Netherlands26.06m6.30m 56%45% 62%42% 46%Canada18% 11.72mUK PolandJapan 54% 12.03m19.27m 13.66m 43% 48%44%16% 26% 46%40%16%28%26% 8% Germany China155.29m 18.81m47%USA47%114.55m 53% 38%34%South Korea51%32% 10.93m51% 23%20% Italy 33%France12.66m 15.92m 38%11% 57%49%Hong Kong 45%36% 2.56m 28%39% Philippines56%14.43m MexicoSpain33% 10.10m India 60% 12.80m 35.08m73% 47% 52%50% 46% 45% 63%64% 37% 36%Malaysia49%11.50mIndonesia 18.93m Brazil 54% 57% 33.49m 63% 66% 54%41% 52% 51% 34% Singapore1.96mAustralia48% 7.05m57% Global Map of Social Networking 201150%32%48%27% About the MapGlobal Social Network Penetration This shows the universe size of active social networkers for each market and80% then segments users into three behaviour types: Messagers, Groupers and Content Sharers. This behavioural data is based70% on a number of detailed questions we conduct into the way that consumers use% Active Online Users60% social networks. Because social networking is now so big and touches50% every aspect of our internet experience, this detail is essential for the effectiveBehaviour Types: planningandimplementationof40% marketing activity acrosssocial active social networkers (millions)The most detailed study on the consumer adoption of the networks. This data reveals that users 30% internet ever compiled: across the world are very different in howmessagers and mailers they utilise their network, with more focusPC /// Mobile /// Tablets /// TV sets /// Gaming on messaging and less on content 20% 100K+ surveys a year /// 3 waves a year /// 36 markets sharing in established markets like the content sharers US and UK but more focus on content and groups in fast growing markets like10%Find out more /// joiners and creators of groups mail /// [email protected] Indonesia and China.0% do sM siaiang ia ut anyaPo en th UK ain M dng co ds G nce ng ve A Ca e daAu a lia lyRu iliaaz neor repainlang l A US Ita ssd ysralan Ho exi Ko nane ra Sp Ch In Ko ap Brpi So rma Jaala stFrilip er e h InPh Si Neba loGWednesday 11 January 12 Wk 26. Mensen bestedenmeer dan de helft van hun tijd online met content. Bron: GotContent.nlWednesday 11 January 12 Wk 27. Bron: GotContent.nlWednesday 11 January 12 Wk 28. 2011 was de doorbraak voorvideo op de mobiel. Met meer smart phones en tablets danooit serveert alleen YouTube al400 miljoen videos op mobiledevices per dag (bijna 15% vanhet totaal).Wednesday 11 January 12 Wk 29. Wednesday 11 January 12 Wk 30. LBi Global Content OeringWednesday 11 January 12 Wk 31. onze aanpakWednesday 11 January 12 Wk 32. Engage people with storytelling, by using a smart media mix, and by making eorts add upin a continuous processWednesday 11 January 12 Wk 33. Omroep WNL Broadcast content & brandingWednesday 11 January 12 Wk 34. Heineken Trophy Hunt Global Location Based campaignWednesday 11 January 12 Wk 35. BMX 24/7 with Endemol Global BMX content platformWednesday 11 January 12 Wk 36. US: Honest Tea Conversation & brand storyWednesday 11 January 12 Wk 37. Italy/US: MeltinPot Jeans Social roadtrip & brand storyWednesday 11 January 12 Wk 38. aan de slag...Wednesday 11 January 12 Wk 39. Wednesday 11 January 12 Wk 40. Customer journey: voor, tijdens & naWednesday 11 January 12 Wk 41. Authentic and relevantEmotional stickinessDialogue and sharingWednesday 11 January 12 Wk 42. Build on user insightIntegrated and optimizedValue in owned mediaWednesday 11 January 12 Wk 43. Orchestrated communicationPerformance optimizationGrowth of customer valueWednesday 11 January 12 Wk 44. ChecklistPitfalls Storytelling Advertisement 1. Authentic and relevant1. Supercial tricks and jokes 2.Emotional stickiness 2.Empty messages 3.Dialogue and sharing 3.One way talk and promises Media mixMedia preoccupation 4.Build on user insight4.Interrupts what you try to do 5.Use media that people use5.Fragmented and/or absent 6.Collect data via owned media 6.Low ROI bought media Continuous Hit and run 7.Orchestrated communication 7.Silence after the campaign 8.Performance optimization 8.Performance left to sentiment 9.Return value to the customer 9.Customer not taken seriouslyWednesday 11 January 12 Wk 45. Thank you! [email protected] @Thecla020 LBi The Netherlands WWW.LBI.NLWednesday 11 January 12 Wk