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  • 1. A project from:Renske Bouten, Anouk Heirbaut, Hannah Maddens enLieve Mees
  • 2. Content presentation1. Concept Speedart2. KunstTour3. Project description4. Budget5. SWOT-analysis6. Speedart 2.0
  • 3. 1. Concept Speedart Speeddating with art With SpeedArt we want to give professional artists the chance to present themselves trough a more informal approach to an attentively audience. Professional artists Giving a chance Informal approach Attentively audience
  • 4. 2. KunstTourPartner: Kunsttour 25 till 28 of may 2012 in Maastricht An annual and Euregional multi-day art event in Maastricht Visual art, sound art, design and new media More than 200 artists 4 walking routes en 1bike route along open ateliers, hatching spots, art institutions and museums
  • 5. 2. KunstTour Participants: - Artists KunstTour artists region Maastricht - Art faculties Maastricht, Hasselt, Aken, Leuven, Antwerpen, Gent, Brussel, ... - Other interested artists
  • 6. 2. KunstTourKunsttour and Speedart Cooperation with Bert F. Lemmens, organisator of the Kunsttour Location:former porcelain factory Royal Mosa hotspot Timmerfabriek
  • 7. 3. Project description Scenery Dark room Art divided in the room Artist chose how long art will be exposed Artist and audience Informal way dating Reward Hidden curator Audience award
  • 8. 3. Project description
  • 9. 4. Budget Budget:EXPENSEPublications in the journal of Kunsttour 550 euroLocation 0 euroMaterials 0 euroParticipating artists 0 euroUnforeseen costs 100 euroTotal expense 650 euroINCOMEExpected project grants 550 euroBenefit 100 euroTotal income 650 euro
  • 10. 6. SWOT-analysisStrenghts Weaknesses- Informal approach - Artists as a part of an act- Original - Main location off-centre- Stepping stone for the winning artist-Contact with the cultural field ofMaastricht- Extra dimension program ofKunstTourOpportunities Threatments- Cooperation with Kunsttour - Kunsttour wants to change themaybe continuation concept- Location SpeedArt big audience - Budget- Cross-border cooperation - One way communication
  • 11. 7. Speedart 2.0 Other art disciplines provoke more interaction Examples trailer, demo-version, shortstory, Bigger and more diverse audience Afterwards: DJ + dating + selling More accessible location possibilities MSI, 30cc, Werf, park,
  • 12. Thank you for listening !