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2. One thing that we shoul be proud about mexico is about our culture and history many years ago I considered one of the most beautiful histories in the world although is really interesting know about it 3. MEXICO ALSO HAVE A RELLY REALLY NICE FEATURES LIKE OLD COUNTRIES, BEACHES, LAKES AND ALSO A NICE WEATHER THIS MAKES THAT MEXICO HAVE A LOT OF TOURIST COME HERE TO MEXICO JUST TO HAVE A NICE AND A CONFOTABLE VACATIONS WITH FRIENDS OR FAMILY 4. The Mexican flag is considered of the most beatiful of the worl although its has a nice eagle standing up of a nopal and at the same time the eagle is eating a snake this give place that a long time ago the Aztecs saw that and they decided in that place was going to be the city of Mexico The flag and the national song of mexico 5. And the last and my favorite thing in Mexico is the food, the food is really delicious for almost the people who have tried it, and as mexican food we have a los of things that are tipic like tacos, enchiladas, chilaquiles, pozole, and from this things there are a lot of kind of preparations that makes different the food in every estate 6. Mediante la disposicin en capas de los diversos objetos sobre un fondo diferente, se pueden crear diseos dinmicos 7. Se pueden lograr efectos espectaculares mediante la disposicin en capas de un objeto sobre la misma imagen con efectos artsticos 8. Los nuevos diseos aportan creatividad en la presentacin Flor mecnica Instantneas 9. Pelcula de diapositivas 10. Esquinas de la foto 11. MODERNO DINMICOPROFESIONAL ABSTRACTO SOFISTICADO CREATIVO 12. Dividir Imagen Use transiciones para agregar algo especial al lbum de fotos 13. Dividir Imagen