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2. PRESENT PERFECT SIMPLEFORM: have / has + past participleUSES:1. LIFE EXPERIENCESIve been to ChinaShes ridden a horse 3. PRESENT PERFECT SIMPLE2. ALREADY, JUST & YETTheyve just leftShes already called her friendThey havent finished yet 4. PRESENT PERFECT SIMPLESUPERLATIVES & THE FIRST, SECOND,LAST TIME, ETCIts the best meal Ive ever hadIts the first time hes given a speech 5. PRESENT PERFECT SIMPLE3. CONNECTION PAST & PRESENTIve sprained my ankle, as you can seeHes lost his keys 6. PRESENT PERFECT SIMPLE4. HOW LONG / FOR/ SINCE (NON-ACTION VERBS:be, have, know, like, etc)Ive known Maria for 10 yearsTheyve had that car since 2007 7. PRESENT PERFECT SIMPLE5. HOW MUCH / HOW MANYHow many books have you written?Ive spent too much money 8. PRESENT PERFECT CONTINUOUSFORM: HAVE / HAS + BEEN + VERB + INGUSES:1. HOW LONG / FOR / SINCE WITH ACTIONVERBS (action started in past & continues now)How long have you been feeling like this?Shes been travelling by bus for 5 years 9. PRESENT PERFECTCONTINUOUS2. REPEATED ACTIONS, ESPECIALLY WITHTIME EXPRESSIONS LIKE ALL DAY, RECENTLY,ETCI have been arguing with my husbandlately.The phone has been ringing all day. 10. PRESENT PERFECT CONTINUOUS3. CONTINUOUS ACTIONS THAT HAVE JUSTFINISHED (WITH RESULT IN THE PRESENT)Hes been running all day. Hes dead!A: Look at your hands! Theyre so filthy!B: I know. Ive been painting the living room 11. SIMPLE OR CONTINUOUS?With How long?, For & Since we canuse both. However, we prefer thecontinuous for shorter, temporaryactions.Weve lived in London since 1980Weve been living in London since 1980Weve been staying in a hotel for the lastmonth 12. SIMPLE OR CONTINUOUS?PRESENT PERFECT SIMPLE:Emphasis on the RESULT of the actionIve painted my living roomPRESENT PERFECT CONTINUOUS:Emphasis on the DURATION of theactionIve been painting my living room