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  • Emis school breaks He is Emi our colleague.We tried to spy him for a day. Let's see how it behaves in a day of school.

  • As you can see now,He is siting on chair and he is playing on his mobile phone his favorite game Pou.

  • Then he is siting down and starts talking to his friend Vlad. Emi has a habit of talking with his colleague in the back every time.

  • Coming next break. Razvan C. and Emi fight every break for various reasons. Now they are fighting for who is better at soccer.

  • Emi and Razvan T. are fighting for the same reason (who is better at soccer).

  • Now our dear friend Emi is eating chips from his friend Marius.He enjoy his meal.

  • Mugur and Razvan T are making a picture and Emi destroy it.

  • Now arrives math, and he is thinking how to resolve his homework.

  • Finally,Emi finds how to solve his problem, and he start writing.

  • Finally,Emi glads cause he finish his school day who ended well and his taking a picture with his friend Mihai!