Pre-O 2014: San Jacinto

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Pre-trip information for Pre-O participants about the San Jacinto Backing outing!

Transcript of Pre-O 2014: San Jacinto

  • 1. Welcome to the Mount San Jacinto Pre-O Adventure! Can you believe that in a few short weeks you will be backpacking in the beautiful San Jacinto Mountains! You will have an opportunity to experience life away from civilization. This will be an amazing opportunity to meet new friends and make lasting connections while in the backcountry! In order to ensure you are best prepared for our upcoming adventure we have included important information in a short presentation. After reviewing, please dont hesitate to contact us with any questions.

2. Questions Answered What can I look forward to? What is the schedule? What will I eat? Where will I sleep? What will the weather be like? What do I need to bring? What skills and experience do I need? What are Outdoor Adventures policies? What are the risks? 3. Naturalist John Muir wrote of San Jacinto Peak, "The view from San Jacinto is the most sublime spectacle to be found anywhere on this earth! -10,834 ft -6th Most Prominent Peak in Lower 48 -Views of Coachella Valley, San Gorgonio Mountain, & Salton Sea -San Jacinto Peak @ sunrise!!!!! -Big rocks! -Physical activity! -Trees!! -Cool people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Great food!!!!! 4. Idyllwild 5. Itinerary Day 1: Sunday, August 24th Check in at the Outdoor Adventures office at 9:00am before early move-in. Meet your small group and familiarize yourself with USDs campus. Review clothing and make final preparations before departure. Day 2 Travel to Palm Sprigs where we will board the Aerial Tram to Mountain Station, where out backpacking trip begins. From here we will backpack a couple of miles to our first campsite. Day 3 Wake up to the warm sun and day hike the Pacific Crest trail and explore a few alpine meadows as we get to know our group better. Enjoy some time to relax before dinner. Day 4 Today is our day to make a summit attempt of San Jacinto peak. Stargazing and a celebratory dinner will end another amazing day in the mountains. Day 5: Thursday, August 28th We are hiking out of the mountains today. We will get picked up at the trailhead and return to San Diego by 5 p.m. 6. What about food? All meals Sunday through Thursday will be provided. Food will be delicious!! If you have any dietary preferences or restrictions, please let us know so that we can accommodate. 7. Where will I sleep? We will provide 3 person tents and sleeping bags/pads to those who need them. We will be camping at various campsites throughout the mountains. No toilets, running water, or showers are available at the campground or on trails 8. What do I need to bring? Please refer to the detailed packing list that outlines what to bring. Some equipment will be provided by OA if needed: Backpack Head lamp Sleeping bag/pad Raingear 9. What is the weather like? During August, the average temperatures range from high 90s during the day to the low 60s at night. We are hoping for perfect conditions, but must prepare for much less than perfect! Please be sure to pack for a variety of cold and warm weather conditions. Layers will allow you to adjust throughout the day as conditions change. Temperature will change as our elevation changes. Bring a wind layer! Proper footwear is essential! Make sure that hiking boots have been broken in well before your trip. To break in your boots, wear them around the house for a little bit each day, increasing the amount of time spent in them. 10. What skills do I need? No previous experience is necessary. We will make the most of our time and some days will be more challenging than others. Be prepared to hike between 4 and 8 miles during our day hikes over established, with a total elevation gain of up to 4000 ft 11. Participants Expectations Active group participants. Help out with tasks: setting up camp, cooking, cleaning, packing, minimizing environmental impacts, assisting other participants, and travelling as one group. Create an inclusive atmosphere. Listening to the guides instructions (especially when there is risk involved). 12. Leave No Trace On every Outdoor Adventure trip, we abide by the principles of Leave No Trace. They are an integral part of our program and we ask each participant to do their best to follow the seven principles: 1. Plan Ahead and Prepare 2. Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces 3. Dispose of Waste Properly 4. Leave What You Find 5. Minimize Campfire Impacts 6. Respect Wildlife 7. Be Considerate of Other Visitors 13. Risks and Hazards Although San Jacinto is not far from the nearest hospital, we will be hiking in remote areas on our day hikes and need to plan accordingly. There are a variety of risks and hazards associated with outdoor recreation. Specifically, slips, falls, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, sun burn, dehydration, animal encounters, and blisters are some of the risks to prepare for. Weather is something we will be constantly evaluating and adjusting for. High elevation and rocky terrain add risk. Trip members must make conscious effort to stay safe. 14. What about drugs and alcohol? Illegal drugs and alcohol are never allowed on trips, nor being under the influence. Prescription medications are required. Please make sure you bring them in the original bottle with the physicians name on it. 15. Craving More Pics? Here are some pictures from our past trips: doutdooradventures/sets/72157 644419593626/ Here are some from the CA Department of Parks and Recreation Area website: allery/?page_id=636 16. Questions or Concerns? Please dont hesitate to call or email us: 619-260-4709 17. We look forward to exploring the San Jacinto Mountains with you!