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  • Pre-Hiring Phase

    NOAA Overall Hiring Guide | 9

    Pre-Hiring Activities


  • Pre-Hiring Phase

    Pre-hiring activities are key to achieving an effective, efficient hiring process, which will result in hiring the right person, for the right job, in a timely manner. Once you determine a need to fill a position, whether it is new or existing, contact your HRBA to discuss the position itself, recruitment strategies, and any current or potential issues which could impact the hiring process. After that, you can begin to develop your recruitment package.

    Pre-Hiring ActivitiesPre-Hiring

    Key Activities

    Conduct a Strategic Conversation with HRBA

    Review Timeline Agreement

    Develop Recruitment Plan and Submit to RADS

    Obtain budgetary approval (Staffing Plan, PFAR, other)

    Use/Classify valid and classified PD and Job Code

    Key Players Key Technologies

    Staffing Specialist

    HR Liaison


    Hiring Manager (you) ACS



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  • Pre-Hiring Phase

    Tip To see a complete list of LO/SO HRBAs and contact information visit: Also, see pages 74, for a complete list of HR

    Business Partners (HRBPs).

    Pre-Conversation Considerations with your HRBA

    What questions do I have about the hiring process? How can I utilize hiring flexibilities to fill this position? What previous hiring challenges have I faced? Are the duties of the position expected to change

    significantly over the next few years? What are the implications of hiring someone

    competitively versus non-competitively?

    How to Start the Conversation with your HRBA Think through your answers to the pre-conversation

    questions above.

    Call or email your HRBA to schedule your Strategic Hiring conversation.

    During the Strategic Conversation, ask for additional material on the hiring process, if needed. The Timeline Guide (see page 12) is a great place to start.

    What is the Strategic Conversation? You can gain consultative hiring and recruiting advice from your Human Resource Business Advisor (HRBA) during the Strategic Hiring Conversation. Equipped with years of HR experience, your HRBA can answer hiring-related questions, discuss strategies to address historical recruiting challenges, including diversity representation, and guide you through other HR processes. When you identify a hiring need, you should contact your HRBA to have a strategic conversation and determine the plan to meet your recruiting need.

    Confused about what to talk to your HRBA about? Don’t worry, your HRBA will be equipped with hiring and recruiting specific questions that they will use to guide the conversation. As a Hiring Manager (or Proxy), you just need to be prepared to talk about your Line or Staff Office (LO/SO) and the position you are attempting to fill. You can use the questions below to prepare for the conversation with your HRBA.

    Pre-Hiring ActivitiesPre-Recruitment Strategic Conversation

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  • Pre-Hiring Phase

    Organization:Date:Vacancy Position Title, Series, Grade(s):Hiring Manager (HM) or Proxy’s Name:Human Resources Business Partner or Advisor (HRBP/BA):

    Item Action Owner Hiring Guide ReferenceTimeline

    Goals Target Date

    Pre-Hiring Activities

    ABegin strategic conversation with HRBA.Validate the hiring need against the Workforce, Staffing, and Recruiting Plans.

    HMSee “Pre-

    Recruitment Strategic


    Accomplish these Pre-

    Hiring Activities to

    launch into the Hiring Process


    Submit funding request to Budget Analyst,CFO, or LO/SO Director for approval per LO/SO policy, if needed.

    (Refer to LO/SO approval policy.)

    HMSee “Obtaining

    Budgetary Approval”


    Select and review the Position Description (PD). Use current and standard PD, if possible.

    Classify PD and request Job Code, if needed.

    HM See sections

    on PDs and Job Code Requests


    Develop and submit Recruitment Package to RADS, including:

    • Signed SF-52• Classified PD(s)• Signed CD-516• Other Necessary Supporting


    Review for accuracy.



    See sections on submitting and initiating recruitment packages in



    Discuss JOA elements and RADS Hiring Plan.

    The 80-day Hiring Model begins.

    HM and Staffing


    See “The Job Analysis”

    The Following Section Aligns to the RADS Hiring Plan.

    PHASE 1: Develop and Post Job Opportunity Announcement (JOA)


    Create JOA, including:• Crediting Plan• Job Analysis• Specialized Experiences/Duties

    Utilize a SME review, if needed

    Staffing Specialist

    SME See “Preparing the JOA”

    2-4 days

    1B Review and Approve JOA HM 2 days

    1C Post JOA to hiring platform and notify HM of next steps. Staffing

    Specialist 1-2 days

    Pre-Hiring Activities Hiring Timeline Guide

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  • Pre-Hiring Phase

    Item Action Owner Hiring Guide ReferenceTimeline

    Goals Target Date

    PHASE 2: Applicant Period

    2A Assess applicant pool before JOA closes to determine if JOA extension is needed or if certificate can be issued early based on cut-off date.

    Staffing Specialist and


    See “While you Wait”

    7-10 days

    PHASE 3: Applicant Evaluation

    3A Evaluate applications for qualifications and eligibility (Staffing Specialist will notify hiring manager of timeframe for receipt of certificate list).Utilize a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for review, if needed.

    Staffing Specialist

    SME, if needed

    See “Understanding the Certificate of Eligibles”

    8-10 days

    3B Issue certificate of eligibles and updateMonster status of candidate.

    Staffing Specialist

    See “The Certificate Timeline”

    1 day

    PHASE 4: Candidate Selection

    4A Review applications and schedule/conduct interviews. Check references, make selection, and return certificate. Utilize a SME for review, if needed.


    SME, if needed

    See entire section on Candidate Selection

    15 days

    4B Quality check certificate. HRBA N/A 1 day

    4C Quality check TJO. StaffingSpecialist

    N/A 2-3 days

    4D Prepare and extend Tentative Job Offer to the selected candidate. Negotiate incentives, if needed.

    Staffing Specialist (with input from HM

    / HRBA)

    See “Extending the TJO”

    4E Indicate selection in RADS and enter security and suitability phase by sending instructions and documents to candidate.

    Staffing Specialist

    N/A 1-2 days

    Security and Suitability

    A Email tentative offer letter and specific instructions and links for completion of security and suitability information. Begin collection of pre-employment information and initiate security check by referringdocuments to OSY.

    Staffing Specialist

    See “Security Process”

    30 days

    B Refer selectee documents to OSY to initiate suitability clearance and/or investigation, have selectee fingerprinted and invited into e-QIP as deemed necessary.

    Staffing Specialist

    C WFMO obtains security/suitabilitynotification/confirmation memo from OSY.

    Staffing Specialist

    D Make official job offer and issue confirmation letter.

    Staffing Specialist

    E EOD Candidate. HM See “EOD”

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  • Pre-Hiring Phase

    Pre-Hiring ActivitiesSpecial Hiring AuthoritiesThese appointing authorities enable NOAA to hire individuals non-competitively and can be used at your own discretion.

    Military Spouse AppointmentThis authority allows NOAA to non-competitively appoint eligible candidates to a competitive service position. It is separate from the Military Spouse Preference Program, which entitles the spouses of service members to appointment over other candidates.

    Candidate profile: A service member’s spouse, when the service member meets one of the following descriptions:• Has received Permanent Change of Station move; • Has a 100% disability rating; or • Died while on active duty

    Appointment term: Varies based on type:• Temporary - Not more than 1 year• Term - 1 to 4 years• Permanent - Indefinite

    Schedule A AppointmentSchedule A is an appointment in the excepted service. You can use it to fill special jobs for which it is impractical to use standard qualification requirements and traditional competitive procedures. At NOAA, however, you will mainly use it for appointing persons with disabilities. Eligible individuals may apply non-competitively to a merit promotion announcement.

    Candidate profile: Most often, a person with an intellectual disability, a severe physical disability, or a psychiatric disability.

    Appointment term: 2 year trial period, after which employees may be non-competitively converted to a permanent appointment in the competitive service.

    Veterans’ Recruitment Appointment (VRA)This special hiring authority empowers NOAA to appoint an eligible veteran without competition. You can use it to fill GS-11 positions or below that are otherwise in the competitive service.

    Candidate profile: A veteran who meets one of the following descriptions:• Has received a campaign badge for service during

    a war or in a campaign or expedition; • Is a disabled veteran; • Has received an Armed Forces Service Medal for

    participation in a military operation; or • Is a recently separated veteran (within the last 3

    years) and separated under honorable conditions (i.e., honorable or general discharge)

    Appointment term: 2 year trial period, after which employees may be non-competitively converted to a permanent appointment in the competitive service.

    30% of More Disabled Veterans AppointmentThis special hiring authority enables you to non-competitively appoint eligible candidates to any competitive service position. You can use it to make permanent, temporary, or term appointments. Unlike the VRA, there is no grade-level limitation.

    Candidate profile: A person who served in the Armed Forces at any time, was separated from active duty under honorable conditions, and who has established the present existence of a service-connected disability or is receiving compensation, disability retirement benefits, or pension because of a public statute administered by the Department of Veterans Affairs or a military department.

    Appointment term: Varies based on type:• Temporary - not more than 1 year• Term - 1 to 4 years• Permanent - At least 60 days, after which

    employees are converted at manager’s discretion

    Tip Contact your Human Resources Business Advisor (HRBA) for more information on how to use Special Hiring Authorities.

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  • Pre-Hiring Phase

    How do I fill a vacancy using a RON? RON’s are initiated in RADS as a reassignment action (please note in the description that it is a RON notice). Prior to initiating a RON in RADS, you should work with your HRBA to draft the RON announcement based on the specifications of the position. Follow your LO/SO procedure to obtain budgetary approval for this action. Once the RON is drafted, submit the following documents in RADS to begin the recruitment process:

    Draft of the RON Draft of the RON Broadcast Email Completed and signed CD-516 with HRConnect job code Signed SF-52 Classified/validated PD (if there is no classified/validated PD, complete the classification

    process by submitting a job code request in HRConnect) IT approval memo (only for IT positions) Once a selection has been made, attach the Qualifications Documents (selectee’s redacted

    resume; current redacted SF-50; transcripts, as necessary; etc.)

    Pre-Hiring ActivitiesReassignments Reassignments are another option for non-competitive placement of employees and can be executed using Reassignment Opportunity Notices (RONs).

    NOAA Overall Hiring Guide | 15

    What is a RON? RONs supplement the competitive hiring process as an alternative to posting a Merit Promotion or Delegated Examining Unit Announcement, allowing you to fill a vacancy with an eligible and qualified internal candidate at their current grade or band level.

    When should I fill a vacancy using a RON? RONs are one strategy among many that can be used to fill NOAA vacancy and should not be the only option considered. Please work with your HRBA at the beginning of the hiring process to determined if using a RON is the most effective way to fill your vacancy. RONs are generally best used when you believe that there is an internal candidate with the necessary skillset and band requirements already at NOAA.

    Pros and Cons of Utilizing RONs

    Pros Cons

    • May be faster to fill a position than the competitive hiring process

    • Provides a new career opportunity to an current NOAA employee

    • Leverages existing expertise at NOAA

    • Does not increase the net number or diversity profile of the NOAA workforce

    • May limit consideration of employees eligible for non-competitive assignments

    • Does not provide the opportunity to promote applicants to a higher grade

  • Pre-Hiring Phase

    Pre-Hiring ActivitiesPathways ProgramsThe selective Pathways Programs channel students and recent graduates into the Federal workforce. Use them to create a pipeline of educated and skilled employees into growth and leadership positions. After successfully completing the initial excepted service appointment, Pathways participants can be noncompetitively converted to permanent or term positions.

    Internship ProgramThe Internship Program provides paid opportunities to students who are enrolled (or accepted for enrollment) in a variety of qualifying educational institutions. Participants work either part- or full-time, filling staffing gaps in your office while exploring Federal careers within their fields of study. Long-term Interns take on substantial projects related to their academic interests, while temporary Interns Not-to-Exceed (NTE) fill traditional summer jobs, or take on projects that don’t require subject matter expertise. You will need to post a vacancy on USAJOBS to hire an Intern or Intern NTE.

    Candidate profile Current students (high school through graduate level)

    Appointment term Indefinite for Interns, up to 1 year for Interns NTE

    Recent Graduates ProgramThe Recent Graduates Program promotes careers in the civil service to individuals who have graduated from qualifying programs or educational institutions within the past 2 years. (Veterans have up to 6 years if they could not apply on time due to their military service) Participants in this developmentalprogram receive specialized training and professional development, complete an Individual Development Plan, and are assigned a mentor. You will need to post a vacancy on USAJOBS to hire a Recent Graduate.

    Candidate profile Recent higher education program graduates

    Appointment term 1 year

    Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) ProgramThe PMF Program is the Federal Government’s premier leadership development program. It targets highly qualified advanced degree recipients who have an interest in and commitment to public service, demonstrate academic excellence, and possess management and leadership potential. The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) recruits, assesses, and selects PMF Finalists. You will need to publicize your PMF position on the PMF Talent Management System.

    Candidate profile Recent professional or masters’ degree graduates certified by OPM as PMF Finalists

    Appointment term 2 years

    Tip Use the Pathways Programs to get talent in the door, then retain the participants through non-competitive conversion. Ask your Human Resources Business Advisor (HRBA) for details.

    NOAA Overall Hiring Guide | 16

  • Pre-Hiring Phase

    Pre-Hiring ActivitiesPreparing Your Recruitment PlanAgencies need a focused and targeted recruiting strategy to fill positions with highly qualified applicants. It is essential that you use relevant tools available to ensure a sufficient pool of qualified and diverse applicants.

    Develop A Recruitment Strategy.As career opportunities and interests throughout the job market in America and abroad evolve, approaches to recruitment must also change and adapt. Efficient recruitment requires the development and delivery of customized messages. It also requires a good understanding of how different recruitment strategies can produce a high quality, diverse applicant pool. Choosing the wrong strategy may produce too many or too few applications. Focus should be placed on ready audiences that are likely to include talented individuals who possess the competencies, skills, and experience required for the position being recruited.

    Tip Remember, recruitment is an on-going process. Continue to operate with a mindset towards recruitment, even during the times when you are not "actively" seeking to fill a job.

    NOAA Overall Hiring Guide | 17

    Why Focus on Recruiting?The purpose of effective recruiting is to attract strong applicants prepared to perform successfully on the job. Passive recruitment strategies have proven ineffective in attracting the best qualified and most diverse pool of candidates. Agencies with a proactive recruitment model focused on building and cultivating talent pipelines, maintaining partnerships, monitoring recruiting activities, and sharing accountability secure more top talent.

  • Pre-Hiring Phase

    Pre-Hiring ActivitiesRecruitment Tools There are a variety of recruiting tools that are available to you. Make sure to talk with your HRBA about which options are best for your specific hiring needs.

    NOAA Overall Hiring Guide | 18

    Build partnerships to broaden your network…• Colleges and universities with strong undergraduate/graduate programs in

    relevant areas• Career development offices• Academic departments• Professional organizations• Advertisements in professional association publications• Professional gatherings (luncheons, conferences, etc.)• Minority and women organizations

    Discuss potential monetary incentives with your HRBA…• Recruitment bonuses (5 CFR Part 575) • Referral bonuses (5 CFR Part 451) • Relocation bonuses (5 CFR Part 575)• Retention allowances (5 CFR 575) • Advance payment for new hires (5 CFR Part 550)• Pay-setting for current or former Federal employees (5 CFR Part 531) • Special salary rates (5 CFR Part 530) • Student loan repayment (5 CFR Part 537)

    Explore options for broader outreach…• Paid advertising • Job fairs at schools and community events• Special internet-based recruiting web sites • Contracted recruiting support from other Federal agencies or commercial

    firms (5 CFR Part 300)

    Leverage your own personal/professional networks…• Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or other social media sites• Stakeholder group listservs or message boards• Colleagues personal/professional networks

  • Pre-Hiring Phase

    Pre-Hiring ActivitiesObtain Approval for Position Funding

    Before you begin assembling your recruitment package, you must follow your LO/SO’s steps to obtain approval to fund the position and any recruitment incentives. This may be accomplished using an internal LO/SO procedure. Some LO/SOs use the approved annual Staffing Plan to satisfy this requirement. The following section outlines general information and guidance on position funding and recruitment incentives.

    NOAA Overall Hiring Guide | 19

  • Pre-Hiring Phase

    Leave Enhancement Traditionally, new employees earn four hours of annual leave per pay period upon entry to Federal service regardless of their past private sector experience. You can offer credit for years of experience based on a candidate’s past experience in order for them to accrue leave hours at a higher rate; however, this is not an entitlement and applicants should not expect this in their offer.

    Recruitment or Relocation BonusA recruitment bonus is offered to highly qualified and specialized candidates and is, at most, 25% of that candidate’s annual salary. This may have significant budgetary considerations and used to attract highly skilled candidates. Relocation incentives are offered when a candidate with the necessary and required qualifications has a mission-specific skillset that cannot be easily found in other candidates. A candidate may also receive this incentive because the position has been difficult to fill (e.g. location).

    Pay Setting Flexibility You have the flexibility to set pay for CAPS positions anywhere on the band. The typical pay increase offered to candidates hiring through the CAPS program is 6% and 3% for reassignments. Although there is flexibility in these pay increase percentages, you should try to stick to this recommended pay increase, only offering more in the negotiation process.

    Superior Qualifications Superior qualifications appointments involve setting pay at rates above step one of the GS grade to which new employees are appointed. The candidate’s skills, competencies, experience, and education must be relevant to the requirements of the position to be able to incentivize an applicant with this offer.

    Student Loan RepaymentThe student loan repayment incentive offers to repay candidates student-loan debt up to $60,000. For every year a candidate works for the federal government $10,000 of their loan can be repaid. It should be noted that it is required that a candidate commit to the position in federal service for three years if offered this incentive.

    Tip Recruitment incentives must be considered up front and cannot be added to a recruitment package after a candidate’s Entrance on Duty.

    Pre-Hiring ActivitiesConsiderations: Recruitment IncentivesWhat are Recruitment Incentives? Recruitment incentives allow you to attract candidates to positions that are likely difficult to fill. There are a number of incentives that you can utilize to make a position more attractive to candidates; however, it is important to remember that these are not entitlements and should not be used for every position or candidate.

    How do I offer a Recruitment Incentive? Your HRBA is your resource for determining which incentives, if any, you are able to offer. The five incentives described below are examples that you may wish to discuss with your HRBA at the onset of a recruitment action. You can then keep certain incentives in mind and offer them during negotiations with candidates on an as needed basis. If you wish to offer an incentive during negations, approval from WFMO and your budget office is required. More details on negotiation requirements are found on page 61.

    NOAA Overall Hiring Guide | 20

  • Pre-Hiring Phase

    You must first show evidence that a hiring action has available funding allocated for it before initiating a hiring action request. This may be accomplished in several ways, including sharing 1.) a copy of your LO/SO annual Staffing Plan, 2.) a “legacy” PFAR document with CFO and HR approval, or 3.) an internal budget form used by the LO/SO to satisfy this requirement.

    Although uncommon, if you need to request funding for an ad hoc vacancy that wasn’t already approved in the Staffing Plan or elsewhere, you can use the PFAR to request funding from your LO/SO CFO or budget office.

    What information is required on my PFAR?

    Organization Code Billet Number Target Grade (for positions with promotion

    potential) Initial Grade Pay Plan and Series Salary, Benefits, and Total Compensation

    You can find fillable copies of the PFAR form and other useful hiring documents in this guide’s Appendix.

    Pre-Hiring ActivitiesObtaining Budgetary Approval

    LO/SO Fiscal Year Staffing Plans

    An approved LO/SO Fiscal Year Staffing Plan can represent your budgetary approval for a hiring action. LO/SO leadership create the Staffing Plan around the beginning of the Fiscal Year, determining hiring needs and approving funding for a designated number of positions. Not all LO/SO have a formal Staffing Plan. Any positions not on the Staffing Plan may require your Office Director’s approval, which can be obtained through an internal budget request process or the Position Funding Action Request (PFAR).

    NOAA Overall Hiring Guide | 21

  • Pre-Hiring Phase

    Pre-Hiring ActivitiesSelecting and Classifying a PD

    You must obtain a classified Position Description (PD) for your recruitment action prior to initiating a hiring action in RADS. To do this, you should understand common terms used in the classification process, the differences between CAPS and GS PDs, when to reuse an existing PD, and how to establish and submit a job code request in HRConnect.

    NOAA Overall Hiring Guide | 22

  • Pre-Hiring Phase

    Pre-Hiring ActivitiesPosition Description, Job Code, Position Number, and Billet Number

    The PD contains the title, pay plan, occupational series, grade or pay band, and documents the duties of a position(s), along with key position information critical to employment such as Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) designation, physical requirements, and risk/sensitivity level.

    Position Description


    These terms are commonly used in the classification process.

    NOAA Overall Hiring Guide | 23

    A job code is a numerical six-digit code associated with a PD in HRConnect. You can search for an existing Job Code in HRConnect if you know the job code or submit a job code request (JCR) in order to obtain a new job code number. The most recent job codes will have a LO/SO specific letters at the beginning, while older job codes begin with leading zeros.

    Job Code

    An individual position number is an eight-digit number (used for position management), which demotes an individual employee or vacancy. There can be multiple position numbers associated with one job code, but only one position number per employee or vacancy.

    Position Number

    A billet number is a five-digit number used for budgetary purposes and included on the SF-52 and CD-516. Depending on when the billet number was generated, it may or may not include the last five digits of the position number. Similar to the position number, there can be multiple billets associated with one job code, but only one billet per employee or vacancy.

    Billet Number

    Position Description Job Code Position Number Billet Number







  • Pre-Hiring Phase

    Definition The classification system covered by Title 5 that includes a range of levels of difficulty and responsibility for positions in grades GS-1 to GS-15.

    Governing Body Office of Personnel Management (OPM)

    Career Paths Professional, administrative, technical, clerical, and other

    System for PD DevelopmentMicrosoft Word

    Classification Authority A Classifier in the WFMO CSD Operations team sign page 1 and page 2, block 30 of the CD-516.


    Pre-Hiring ActivitiesThe Difference Between GS and CAPS PDsThe majority of NOAA’s positions are classified under the General Schedule (GS) or the Commerce Alternative Pay Schedule (CAPS). The differences between the two are described below. Regardless of the position type, you’re responsible for maintaining up-to-date PDs based on current position duties and responsibilities.

    Definition The classification system that allows managers to create PDs by choosing from approved career paths, pay bands, titles, specialties, etc.

    Governing Body CAPS Board Career Paths Scientific and engineering (ZP), scientific and engineering technician (ZT), administrative (ZA), and support (ZS).

    System for PD DevelopmentAutomated Classification System (ACS).

    Classification Authority You, the Hiring Manager, sign page 1 of the CD-516, a Classifier in the WFMO CSD Operations team signs page 2, block 30 of the CD-516.

    Tip If you are hiring for a GS position, the Department of Commerce (DOC) PD Library contains pre-approved PD’s for your use.

    NOAA Overall Hiring Guide | 24

  • Pre-Hiring Phase

    Did you know?Each unique PD is referred to as a “Job Code” in HRConnect. A position must have an associated Job Code in order to be considered classified. Consult with your HRBA to determine if a valid Job Code exists for your position before submitting a new Job Code Request.

    Tip In most instances, you will be able to use an existing PD for your recruitment action. This will save a lot of time in the hiring process. Please contact your HRBA if you are unsure

    whether or not you have a valid, classified PD.

    Pre-Hiring ActivitiesUsing a Standard vs Classifying a New PDIn many instances, there is already a classified position description (PD) and signed PD Coversheet (CD-516) that you may use for the position you are recruiting for. Please review the criteria below to determine if you can use a standard PD or if you need to create a new one.

    NOAA Overall Hiring Guide | 25

    You have hired for this position within the past five years and already have a classified PD, Classifier signed CD-516, and job code.

    When should I use a standard/existing PD?

    The existing PD you have is over five years old.


    You are hiring for a brand new position that is different from all other positions in NOAA/DOC.


    You are making substantial changes to an existing PD.


    When should I classify a new PD?


    You are backfilling a position, the duties of the position are not significantly changing, and there is a classified PD that is less than five years old for this position.


    The duties and requirements of this position are similar to those of a position that already exists in the DOC PD Libraryand of which has a classified PD and signed CD-516.

    You do not have a Classifiers signature on the CD-516 associated with your PD.

  • Pre-Hiring Phase

    Pre-Hiring ActivitiesLocating Job Codes in HRConnect Confirm if a valid job code exists in HRConnect before initiating a new job code request.

    NOAA Overall Hiring Guide | 26

    How to Search for a Job CodeYou can locate a job code in HRConnect by searching by a “Position Description #” (commonly referred to as Job Code), if you know it. If you do not know the PD#, but want to limit your search to PDs within you LO/SO, you can enter the first two letters of the Job Code based on the listing below:

    Tip You can easily tell if a PD in HRConnect is classified and valid. Classified PDs are those records that have the “Major Duties and Responsibilities” section populated.

    Locate the Job Code Search Function in HRConnect 2. The “Search PD Library” page will appear. DO NOT select any criteria, just select “Search”.

    1. To search for a job code in HRConnect go to the landing page and select “Establish New Position”

    Unable to locate a Valid Job Code? If your search in HRConnect does not result in a valid (classified) PD for the position you wish to fill, you will need to establish a new Job Code in HRConnect. This is done by submitting a Job Code Request (JCR) to the Classification Team. Your HRBA can provide you with detailed instructions to follow this process.

    Did you know?If your PD# does not start with one of the prefixes in this list, it needs to be updated with a new PD# and validated in HRConnect.

    • Acquisition and Grants (AG)• Office of Education (OE) • General Counsel (GC) • NMFS (FS) • OAR (OA) • NOS (OS)• OMAO (MA)

    • Chief Financial Officer (OF) • Chief Information Officer (CI) • Chief Administrative Officer (AO) • NWS (WS) • NESDIS (NE)• WFMO (WF) • Under Secretary (US)

  • Pre-Hiring Phase

    Initiate the Job Code Request.Initiate a Job Code Request by submitting a Job Code Request Package to the Classification Team via HR Connect. A complete Job Code Request Package consists of the following documents:

    Submit the Job Code Request Package in HRConnect. After you prepare the Job Code Request Package, you will then submit the package to Classification Team via HRConnect. Contact your HRBA for detailed step-by-step instructions on how to submit a Job Code Request Package.

    Position Description (PD) with all relevant information completed including Title, Pay Plan, Occupational Series, and major duties and responsibilities.

    PD Coversheet (CD-516) with all relevant information completed on page 1. The classification team will fill out page 2 and the classifier will sign the document after all documentation is submitted and validated.

    Organizational Chart outlining where the new (or changing) position will fit in your organization.

    Pre-Hiring ActivitiesEstablishing a Job Code RequestIf you are hiring for a new position and do not have a classified PD and signed CD-516, or are changing the duties of an existing position, you must submit a request in HRConnect to classify the position. In HRConnect, this is referred to as “establishing a Job Code Request”. Information on this process is highlighted below:

    NOAA Overall Hiring Guide | 27

    Tip To request access to HRConnect call 1(888) 361-2885 or email [email protected]

    mailto:[email protected]

  • Pre-Hiring Phase

    Pre-Hiring ActivitiesSubmitting a Recruitment Package to RADS

    To initiate your recruitment action and be assigned a Staffing Specialist, you must upload all requirement documents into the RADS system. Once the Staffing Specialist receives all completed documents, the 80-day hiring model timeline begins.

    NOAA Overall Hiring Guide | 28

  • Pre-Hiring Phase

    1. Step One. Log on to the RADS system at: .

    2. Step Two. Go to the menu bar at the top of your control panel.

    3. Step Three. Click the “Cases” menu item. A drop-down list opens. Click “New Case” to open a new case.

    4. Step Four. A new screen will open with the option to select one of three actions. To begin a competitive recruitment or non-competitive action, select “Create a New Action.”

    Did you know?Some non-competitive hiring actions, such as the examples below, should be submitted in HRConnect, NOT RADS:

    • Reassignments as a result of a re-description or position review

    • Career ladder promotions • Accretion of duties

    *If you are unsure how or where to submit your non-competitive hiring action, please speak with your HRBA or Staffing Specialist to clarify.

    Step 4

    (continued on the next page)

    Pre-Hiring ActivitiesInitiating a Recruitment Package in RADSThe steps below outline the process for initiating a recruitment package in the RADS system:

    NOAA Overall Hiring Guide | 29

  • Pre-Hiring Phase

    5. Step Five. Fill in the required fields on the “Create Case” screen and click the “Create Case” button.

    Tip If you have any questions about how to access RADS, reach out to [email protected]

    Pre-Hiring ActivitiesInitiating a Recruitment Package in RADS

    Step 5

    Step 6

    7. Step Seven. Your recruitment package will be received by a Staffing Specialist who will reach out to you to schedule an initial consultation. The Staffing Specialist will continue to communicate with you on an ongoing basis about the status of your recruitment action.

    8. Step Eight. This is the end of the Initiating a Recruitment Package in RADS process.

    6. Step Six. A new screen will open with your case information. Click on the “Docs” box on this page and then on “Add New Documents” and upload the required documents for your recruitment action. Information on required documents is found on the following page.

    NOAA Overall Hiring Guide | 30

    mailto:[email protected]

  • Pre-Hiring Phase

    Documents for Competitive Hiring Actions

    (i.e. Recruitment)

    Documents for Non-Competitive Hiring Actions

    (i.e. Special Appointments and Non-Competitive Reassignments)

    Pre-Hiring ActivitiesRequired Recruitment Package DocumentsTo initiate a hiring action, you must submit a recruitment package, special appointment, or reassignment in RADS. Your hiring action will be assigned to a Staffing Specialist once you submit the recruitment package. The 80-Day Hiring Model begins once your completed package is assigned to a Staffing Specialist. The documents required for submission on RADS are outlined below:


    • If this position is filling a recent vacancy, make sure to include the full name of the individual who last vacated the position in Part D, Remarks by Requesting Office section of the SF-52: “VICE Last Name, First Name”

    Classified Position Description

    PD Coversheet signed by the Classifier

    Optional Documents: Sample Job Opportunity Announcement (JOA) if reusing or modeling previous JOA, draft of Position Overview, Job Analysis forms, Assessment Questions, and authorization of Recruitment Incentives (if applicable)


    • Provide a copy of the SF-52 with the basic information for the position you are trying to fill

    • Include the type of non-competitive action being requested (e.g., Schedule A, VRA, RON Notice, 30% Hire)

    • If this position is filling a recent vacancy, make sure to include the full name of the individual who last vacated the position in Part D, Remarks by Requesting Office section of the SF-52: “VICE Last Name, First Name”

    Candidate’s Resume

    Supporting Documentation (e.g., DD 214, VA Letter, Schedule A Letter, SF50, Transcripts)

    Classified Position Description

    PD Coversheet signed by the Classifier

    Draft Reassignment Opportunity Notice (if applicable)

    Draft RON broadcast email (if applicable)

    NOAA Overall Hiring Guide | 31

    Slide Number 1Slide Number 2Slide Number 3Introduction to the Hiring Guide Slide Number 5Overview of the Hiring Process�Recruitment vs HiringSlide Number 7Overview of the Hiring Process�Key Roles and ResponsibilitiesOverview of the Hiring Process�Enabling Systems and TechnologySlide Number 10Slide Number 11Slide Number 12Slide Number 13Slide Number 14Pre-Hiring Activities�Special Hiring AuthoritiesPre-Hiring Activities�Reassignments Pre-Hiring Activities�Pathways ProgramsSlide Number 18Slide Number 19Slide Number 20Slide Number 21Slide Number 22Slide Number 23Slide Number 24Slide Number 25Slide Number 26Slide Number 27Slide Number 28Slide Number 29Slide Number 30Slide Number 31Slide Number 32Slide Number 33Slide Number 34Slide Number 35Slide Number 36Slide Number 37Slide Number 38Slide Number 39Slide Number 40Slide Number 41Slide Number 42Slide Number 43Slide Number 44Slide Number 45Slide Number 46Slide Number 47Slide Number 48Slide Number 49Slide Number 50Slide Number 51Slide Number 52Slide Number 53Slide Number 54Slide Number 55Slide Number 56Slide Number 57Slide Number 58Slide Number 59Slide Number 60Slide Number 61Slide Number 62Slide Number 63Slide Number 64Slide Number 65Slide Number 66Slide Number 67Slide Number 68Slide Number 69Slide Number 70Slide Number 71Slide Number 72Slide Number 73Slide Number 74Slide Number 75Slide Number 76Slide Number 77Slide Number 78Hiring Guide _ Appendix_ Files Merged_Updated.pdfSlide Number 1Slide Number 2Slide Number 3Introduction to the Hiring Guide Overview of the Hiring Process�Recruitment vs HiringSlide Number 6Overview of the Hiring Process�Key Roles and ResponsibilitiesOverview of the Hiring Process�Enabling Systems and TechnologySlide Number 9Slide Number 10Slide Number 11Slide Number 12Pre-Recruitment Activities�Special Hiring AuthoritiesPre-Recruitment Activities�Pathways ProgramsSlide Number 15Slide Number 16Slide Number 17Slide Number 18Slide Number 19Slide Number 20Slide Number 21Slide Number 22Slide Number 23Slide Number 24Slide Number 25Slide Number 26Slide Number 27Slide Number 28Slide Number 29Slide Number 30Slide Number 31Slide Number 32Slide Number 33Slide Number 34Slide Number 35Slide Number 36Slide Number 37Slide Number 38Slide Number 39Slide Number 40Slide Number 41Slide Number 42Slide Number 43Slide Number 44Slide Number 45Slide Number 46Slide Number 47Slide Number 48Slide Number 49Slide Number 50Slide Number 51Slide Number 52Slide Number 53Slide Number 54Slide Number 55Slide Number 56Slide Number 57Slide Number 58Slide Number 59Slide Number 60Slide Number 61Slide Number 62Slide Number 63Slide Number 64Slide Number 65Slide Number 66Slide Number 67PARform.pdfLine Office Chief Financial OfficerLine Office Deputy Assistant Administrator

    Position Overview Worksheet.pdfMajor Duties and Specialized Experience Statements InstructionExample: