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Three best practices for new graduates

Transcript of PR Week Presentation- Melissa Monk

  • 1. Communicating is both science and art Networking is critical for your futuresuccess Working with Non Profits providesmutually beneficial outcomes

2. Ive noticed twothings about menwho get big There is a science tosalaries. They arealmost invariably communicationmen who, inconversation or inconference, are There is an art toadaptable. Theyquickly get the communicationother fellows view.They are moreeager to do this There are commonthan to express theirown ideas. Also,misperceptions aboutthey state their ownpoint of vieweffectiveconvincingly. communicationJohn Hallock, earlymember of theHouse ofRepresentatives 3. Remember there is always a customer for yourcommunication Understand the customers needs and wantsbefore you deliver your request or directive Always assume positive intent Simple is clear; clarity enables understanding andaction Be present, open and connected 4. Speaking Listening Going Last Going First Telling Asking Simplicity Complexity Science ArtLearning to effectively communicate will enable higher performance 5. I like to definenetworking ascultivating mutuallybeneficial, give- Social Networkingand-take, win-winrelationships Theend result may be Business Networkingto develop a largeand diverse groupof people who willgladly and Principles of Networkingcontinually refer alot of business to us,while we do thesame for them. Bob Burg, NationalBest Selling Author 6. 845 Million Active Users Average User has 130 friends Average Facebook visit lasts 23 minutes 46% of Facebook users are over 45 57% of Facebook users are Female 57% of Facebook users report having some college 47% of Facebook users report making between$50k - $99k annuallyFB and data companies can now assess your strength as a socialnetworker rating your sphere and ability to influence othersSource: Infographic 2012 Google 7. Know your privacy settings, and apply them wisely Share detailed information only with friends andpotentially networks Understand the brand image that your Facebookpage is creating Dont hesitate to un-friend people who dontadhere to best practices Dont give anyone your login or password 8. LinkedIn has 147MM members Standard user is: Male 57.9% Between 25 and 54 years old 67.7% North America and Europe represent 65.7% 44% of LinkedIn users work at Companies with more than 10,000 employees 39% of members have influence at their company Average income per member is $182k 66% of all companies exclusively use LinkedIn forrecruitingSource: amodiovalerie verde, Google 9. Keep your information up to date and refresh often When in job search mode, pay for the premiumversion its worth it Leverage all of the available tools like:recommendations, experience cataloging, requestan introduction Pay attention to who is viewing your file, follow upwith those companies in which you have interest 10. Make plenty of deposits, before you ask for awithdrawal Make exchanges of equal value Be authentic about who you are and what youneed or what you can offer Always follow up on your commitments, even ifyou cant deliver on them 11. Find people of influence with whom you arecurrently acquainted Join professional organizations that arerelevant to your career, skills or passions Join and support community organizations Join and support social organizations 12. Find a non profit that isFew will have thegreatness to bendtied to a personalhistory itself; buteach of us can passionwork to change asmall portion ofevents, and in the Leverage your skills andtotal of all thoseacts will be written competenciesthe history of thisgeneration.- Robert F. Kennedy Gain experience and add value to your community 13. Public relations skills Communication skills Process Management Education, Competencies, Project managementSkills & Experience Life skills Energy Personal PassionUnderstand that many skills are transferable and transcend industry 14. Image Overhaul Mission Awareness Development Marketing & AdvertisingNon Profit Organizational Process Improvement Needs Project Management Life SkillsLeverage tools to identify needs: interviews, Google, websites, staffers 15. Education, Competencies,Non Profit Organizational Skills & Experience NeedsLeadership Opportunities and Value Creation for your Community 16. Passionate about feeding thehungry Special concern for at riskpopulations Multi-domain experience:Education, Competencies,leadership development, Skills & Experiencestrategy, marketing, analytics,operations, process andproject management, businessdevelopment and technology. Know and understand your passionate purpose 17. Passionate about feeding thehungry Special concern for at riskpopulations FeedMore, Inc. Need to improve operationalMeals on Wheelsefficiency Central Virginia Foodbank Need to raise more donations Community Kitchenin light of macro economicconditions Need to transform theirleadership team Interviewed community leaders, researched organizations on Connect Richmond, articulated my personal stand 18. Passionate about feeding the Passionate about feeding the hungryhungry Special concern for at risk Special concern for at risk populations populations Multi-domain experience: Need to improve operational leadership development, efficiency strategy, marketing, analytics, Need to raise more donations operations, process and in light of macro economic project management, businessconditions development and technology. Need to transform their leadership teamLeadership Development, Web Strategy and Development, Createlarge Donor Program, Volunteer at Kids Caf, improve through put ofmeals 19. Education, Competencies,Non Profit Organizational Skills & Experience NeedsLeadership Opportunities and Value Creation for your Community 20. Melissa M. Monk Thank You!