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Skin Care nvolves protection from SunRays
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  • 1. With Benefits of Ayurvedic Herbs Aloe Vera (Kumari Juice) Daru Haldi Heart Wood Amba Haldi Wheat Germ Oil

2. Nourish EpitheliaAloe Vera Immune Minerals SystemMg ,Ca , MnAntisepticFe ,K ,Na ,Zn CrVitamins Anti-D,A,C,EInflammatory 3. DaruHaldi Heart Wood Antiseptic Anti- inflammatory Anti AllergicExtra Protection from Infection& Allergents 4. Anti-OxidantRemovesUnwanted Spots &PimplesAmba Haldi 5. Wheat GermOilAntioxidant Vitamin EPrevents Prevents Darkening Sun BurnSoft & MoisturizesSupple SkinReducesstretch Marks 6. 20 min before stepping outApply on clean face and otherexposed partsAt least 2 min before you makeup 7. Suitable ForAll Skin TypesEven Most Sensitive!