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2. school In 2010 +I will study a lot xI wont talk in class ?I may be the best in the class? ?I might have a bad marks be top of the class 3. family +I will be happy with them xI wont discuss with my parents ?I may[ mei ]help in the house ? ?I might[ mait ]kill them help my parents 4. health+I will lose weight =D xI wont eat sweets ?I may[ mei ]do sports ? ?I might[ mait ]be the best give up junk food 5. friends +I will help my friends xI wont hit them ?I may make more friends ? ?I might discuss with them make new friends 6. money +I will make more money xI wont spend a lot ?I may[ mei ]buy more videogames ? ?I might[ mait ]buy a boat spend less money on clothes 7. TV +I will watch less TV xI wont turn off the TV ?I may watch football? ?I might whatch cooking programs watchless TV 8. environment +I will turn off the lights xI wont spend so much water ?I may[ mei ]recycle ? ?I might[ mait ]save the forest switch off electricmachines at night 9. hobbies +I will play rugby xI wont play cricket ?I may[ mei ]play tennis ? ?I might[ mait ]reading a book practise a sport 10. english +I will speak more English xI wont shout in english class ?I may study more ? ?I might have a bad marksspeak more in class 11. Group work Interview aclassmate