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How to do business with China

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  • 1. Doing business in china: Meeting & GreetingDos Shaking hands Slight nod of the head Body language Be calm, collected and controlled Body posture Be formal & attentive self-control, worthy of respectDonts Be overly vigorous when shaking hands Physical contact

2. Doing business in china: Meeting & GreetingBusiness cards Initial introduction One side translated into Chinese In both hands Chinese side facing the recipient Examine the business card 3. Doing business in China - Giving gift etiquette Giving a gift = positive Good reasen Ask what you would like Always reciprocated Refuse 3 times Gift is offered using both hands Do not open it 4. Doing business in China - Giving gift etiquette 5. Doing Business in China - Meetings and Negotiations Punctuality is vital Late arrivals seen as an insult Avoid politics Do not use index finger but open palm No large hand movements 6. Doing Business in China - Business Clothing EtiquetteMen Conservative, dark coloured suits With tiesWomen Conservative business suits With ties and skirts Flat shoes with low heels 7. Thank you for listening!