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  • 1. Womens Studies 420
    Introduction of myself and the women of Sudan
    By: Jessica C

2. This Is Me
I am the 2nd youngest of 5
I am 22 years old
My birthday is September 28
I grew up on a farm
I have 2 nieces and 2 nephews
I am a speech language hearing science major at MSUM
3. More Info
I like to paint
I enjoy reading a good book
I love to shop
I can never have too many shoes
I like to travel
4. My Favorites
Michigan State is my favorite college basketball team
My favorite color is pink
My favorite music is hip hop, rap, and R&B
Christmas if my favorite holiday
My favorite kid of food is fruit
5. Sudan
A country in northeastern Africa
The largest country in Africa
Official languages are Arabic and English
Population 42,272,000
6. Exports
7. Women of Sudan
They are responsible for taking care of the old, the sick, and the mentally ill
They stay in the house and are segregated from festivities
They do not eat until after the men of the house have eaten
Even if a Sudanese woman has a job and/or education she is still below the man in a household
8. Sudan Women Continued
A common practice in Sudan is female circumcision
A lot of pressure is put onto a twelve year old or younger girl to observe the ceremonies and practices of female circumcision
This pressure is also put on older women and their families as well
Female circumcision can lead to physical and psychological problems
9. Women of South Sudan
They have more freedoms then women of North Sudan
They are still under the men, but have more freedoms
Female circumcision is not practiced
Husbands of South Sudan will consult their wives of different things
10. Sources