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2. PLACES VISITEDThe Pink HouseCongressThe May SquareThe CathedralColnTheatreRecoleta Cemantary 3. THE PINK HOUSEThe Pink House (La CasaRosada) is the executive mansion and office of thePresident of Argentina. The characteristic color of the Casa Rosada is baby pink,and is considered one of themost emblematic buildings in Buenos Aires. The CasaRosada also has a museum, which contains objects relating to formerpresidents of Argentina. The Casa Rosada has beendeclared a National HistoricMonument of Argentina. 4. CONGRESS The Congress of theArgentine Nation (CongresoNacional de Argentina) is the legislative branch of thegovernment of Argentina. The Congress building is located in Buenos Aires, at the western end of Avenidade Mayo (at the other end ofwhich is located the CasaRosada). The Kilometre Zerofor all Argentine National Highways is marked on a milestone at theCongressional Plaza, next tothe building. 5. THE MAY SQUARE The May Square (Plaza de Mayo) is the main square inthe Monserrat barrio of central Buenos Aires,Argentina. It is flanked by Hiplito Irigoyen, Balcarce, Rivadavia and Bolvarstreets. Since being the scene of The25 May 1810 revolution that led to independence, theplaza has been a hub ofpolitical life in Argentina. 6. THE CATHEDRAL The Buenos Aires Cathedral(Catedral de Buenos Aires) is the main Catholic church inBuenos Aires, Argentina. It is located in the city center, overlooking Plaza de Mayo, on the corner of San Martinand Rivadavia streets, in the San Nicolas neighborhood. It is the mother church ofthe Archdiocese of BuenosAires. The Cathedral of BuenosAires was rebuilt several times since its humbleorigins in the 16th century. 7. COLON THEATREThe Colon Theatre (Teatro Colon) is the main operahouse in Buenos Aires,Argentina, acousticallyconsidered to be amongstthe five concert venues in the world. The present Colon replaced an original theatre which opened in1857.The Colon Theatre wasvisited by the foremost singers and operacompanies of the time. 8. RECOLETA CEMENTERYThe Recoleta Cementery(Cementerio de Recoleta) is a cementery located in theRecoleta neighbourhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Itcontains the graves of notable people, includingEva Pern, presidents of theArgentina Navy and agranddaughter of Napolen.The cementery is built around their convent and achurch, Our Lady of Pilar (Iglesia de Nuestra Seoradel Pilar). 9. FIN!