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  • SwitzerlandBy Aurora McLellan

  • The AlpsThe Swiss Alps is a main attraction in Switzerland.People come to ski and snow shoe and take pictures.

  • ChocolateSwiss chocolate is very famous.Its a Christmas specialty in Switzerland and is kept in glass bowl on tables in many homes.

  • Swiss CheeseSwiss cheese was originated in Switzerland and they have been the best at making it for centuries.

  • Swiss HousingIn Switzerland the houses are very European.The resemble Dutch and British cottages.About 70% of Swiss people rent their housing.

  • Swiss MissSwiss Miss was invented by Anthony R. Sanna.Anthony came to America from Switzerland in 1918.

  • SkiingAlmost half the population in Switzerland skiis regularly.Kids usually learn how to ski at ages 2 to 4.

  • Saint Gothard Road TunnelIts 10.5 miles long.Its the 3rd longest in the world.It was opened September 5, 1980.

  • The Swiss ArmyEvery able bodied man is required to go into the swiss Army.

  • SoccerIn switzerland Soccer is a national passtime.They have their own national team.

  • HolidaysOn the 3rd Monday of April, the Swiss chase away winter by burning a symbolic snowman.

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