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How to save Earth from Air pollution by growing plants?

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To Fight Pollution

Stomata of the leaf absorb air pollutants Move towards soil

Soil Microbes destroy the pollutants and become nutrients for the plants.

by Transpiration

Transport of toxins to the root zoneTOXINS

Convection Air Current is set up.

Plants are Air Cleaning Agents

Plants clean air during the Day

Proper balance of air quality is maintained In the Atmosphere


& Bromeliads open their Stomata in the night

Formaldehyde fumesCause Allergic Dermatitis

Grow Philodendrons

& Spider Plant to Absorb Formaldehyde from the Air

Benzene fumesCause Anemia

Grow Gerbera Daisy

& Chrysanthemums to absorb Benzene from the Air

Trichloro Ethylene present in Varnishes, AdhesivesCause Liver Cancer.

Grow Peace Lily to absorb Trichloro Ethylene

Grow Areca Palm

Grow Bamboo Palm

Grow Rubber Plant to absorb Carbon di oxide gas

Carbon Mono oxide present in Cigarette smokeCause Head ache

Grow Mother in laws Tongue to absorb carbon Mono oxide gas

Grow Neem tree to keep away disease causing germs

Grow trees to nurture birds

Grow Plants to nurture Insects

Grow trees to cool the Environment